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Thanks by the way can u post a picture of ur desktop if u dont mind i just want to see how good it really is also i remember a while ago there was a thread that had pictures of peoples desktop in it i would really appreciate it if someone can post a link to that thread.

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I've seen that a ton of times and I still have no clue how the heck you do all that.

For one thing I keep screwing up when I wanna put links like that on my desktop. It always puts an annoying white box around them that I don't like so yeah.

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Actually it's more of a customization thread, as opposed to just a post your desktop thread.

Anyway, I know what you're doing, atmuh. You've added some web item to your desktop that has the links in it, right?

Check this out. It's a version of my desktop html file. You're supposed to set the HTML file itself as your background. Make the background of the HTML document whatever you want your background image to be.


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Edit: Good work Atmuh, but here's a more detailed guide.

First of all, I use XPize (link), which does three things: it cracks the uxtheme.dll (which will allow you to use custom themes... more on that later), it changes your boot and logon screens (along with some other stuff), and it gives you a clone of the Windows Media Center edition theme, which looks nice but it's not really necessary. While you're installing it, just make sure you uncheck "TaskSwitch XP" in the Extras section ---it's useless.

Okay, next you need a nice wallpaper. DeviantArt's wallpaper section (link) has some great stuff, if you dig for it. Make sure you click the "categories" button and select the type of wallpaper you want. If you like the one I'm using, you can get it (here).

Okay, so now you have some nice boot and logon screens, and a new wallpaper, but an ugly old taskbar and windows. DeviantArt has themes too, which you can get (here). The download link for the theme is always just to the left of the picture (which is a preview of how the theme will look). Find one you like, download it, and extract it to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

Now, right-click on your desktop and click "properties". Click on the Appearance tab, open up the Windows and Buttons list, and see if your theme is there. If it is, select it and whatever color scheme or font you wish. If it ISN'T there, and you only see Windows Classic and Windows XP style (maybe the Royale theme that XPize installs), open My Computer and browse to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes, look at the folder or files of the theme you downloaded and look for a readme file. That should tell you how to get it working right.

BTW, here's the theme I'm currently using (link).

There, that should get you a nice pimped-out desktop and interface. If you have any questions or problems, post here or shoot me a PM and I'll help you out.

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A little bit of modification goes a long way.

I did this by trying to get the most out of what I already had. I moved the start menu, hid my desktop icons. I'm using AveDesk for the fancy icon display, but I'm using default windows icons (I actually looked for similar icons for network drives and portable drives too...but couldn't find any).

Samurize does my MP3 script on the bottom through WMP on the top. Rainlendar is still <3 as ever, and that's about it. I use a Dock that's hidden because I'm so used to my Mac now. Same with with a Windows Exposé thingy, butttt yet. This is the cleanest deskmodding I've done in awhile.

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i don't know if anyone here visits this, but lifehacker generally has a 'featured desktop' article occasionally. search the tags. they always tell how to do it. there's some really awesome ones, and they're invariablely all done using free programs like rainlendar, rainmeter 2, speedfan, and cd art display.

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