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Red Alert 2 theme mix

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Alright, so Frank Klepacki is a god among men... his work in the Red Alert series has inspired me so many times that it isn't even funny. So, I've decided to remix probably his most famous song, the "Hell March" from RA2.


So, this song is about as done as I think it can be... the final version is up! This version has been compressed to be under 6mb, so there's some nice sound loss there.. :(

I fixed that weird master issue that Nutritious pointed out and finished mastering it. It's about as loud as I can get it without clipping...unless there's some secret trick that I don't know about. :)

The question is... is it ready for submission? I think I'll pm a judge about the possibility of passing; I'd hate to waste forever and a day only to find out that it's not quite "ready" yet. So, what do you all think?

v FINAL (not streaming): http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/xzow/thebattlecontinuesvFINAL2--master-

v3: http://media.putfile.com/RedAlert2Mix-v3

v2: http://media.putfile.com/RedAlert-2-Intro-Mix-v2

v1: http://media.putfile.com/RedAlert2-intro-wip

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I think it's great so far.

At first I thought it was going to be a slow starter and it wasn't reminding me of RA2 at all what with the bell and the eery atmosphere. But then the melody started. Sounds like sort of a cross between RA2 and Generals.

You said you wanted to add counterpoint, percussion, and a climax. It kind of hard to judge without those. After the beat and the melody started I waited to see what kind of sound it would develop... but it just kind of kept doing the same thing - like it was still building up to the main part of it. But I guess that's just due to that stuff you mentioned being missing.

What's there so far sounds awesome. This sounds like the background music I'd want if there were an RA2 mod for Generals.

Please finish it!

PS: I'm sorry I can't describe my impression more articulately. I'm not a musician, just a game remix fan ;)

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Ah, this is an excellent start. I haven't played any C&C games in years, but I can somewhat remember the OST.

First of all, I noticed what sounds like quite a bit of clipping on beats one and three starting about a third of the way through the song. As a start, you need to make sure your master level never exceeds 0dB, otherwise you start getting distortion. Bring down some of your levels to get below this point. If it's getting too quiet, you can add some light compression to some of the individual parts to bring them out.

I'm not sure if the intro really prepares the listener for the epic-sounding orchestra that comes in later.

As you mentioned above, this does need more variation and melodic content, but it's sounding really nice so far.

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Ok, new version is up. This one goes all the way to the end, lemme know what you think.

v2: http://media.putfile.com/RedAlert-2-Intro-Mix-v2

I'm pretty sure I fixed a bunch of mastering problems - lowered the overall volume, made the drums have more kick, checked out the clipping.

I added a TON more tracks. Maybe it's not as obvious as I'd like, but the song now doesn't just repeat the whole time. (Ususally) There's a nifty little break down - then it speeds up to the climax.

Questions: Does it end too abruptly?

Is it too repetitive?

Is it still clipping? Or just too loud overall?

Most importantly, does it GO somewhere? I mean, is the climax fulfilling? (not a dirty joke) There's nothing worse than 5 min that goes nowhere.... :)

Thanks for your replies, I think I'm going to actually submit this one...RA2 needs some lovin'!

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Good job, sounds like you have the clipping under control - as far as I can hear at least. It sounds like the general level of the song might be a little low now, though. I'm having trouble comparing the level of this song with other orchestral pieces on this site, though, because this is on a stream - so I can't tell you for sure.

The beginning tubular bell sounds a little too close to the foreground, I think. Percussion is usually in the back of the orchestra, so I think it could be pushed back a bit in the mix.

I think, generally, the song could benefit from more dynamics. Mainly back off a little on some of the softer, sweeping sections.

I actually do like the ending how it is, except I'm not sure I like the bell hit at the end. It is out there alone and seems to stand out too much. I'd say either take it out or put it to play right at the end of the fortissimo at the end so it feeds off of the energy of the rest of the instruments. This may be more a matter of opinion though.

I think my main point of advice would be not to become impatient with submitting this to the site. You could benefit here from remixers with a lot more experience and knowledge of orchestral pieces than I have.

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Woot! v3 is up!

Subtle things have been changed: The overall volume has been increased, the big percussion beats have been lowered (they were obnoxiously loud), and I've added a guitar to the ending. (It's more for color than a solo or anything)

Lowered the volume in the softer parts, kicked the strings up a notch as well as the brass. Worked some more on the mastering.

So, tell me what you think!

I've really hit a brick wall on what to do... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

v3: http://media.putfile.com/RedAlert2Mix-v3

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Man, this sounds great, I don't really have anything more to add to help.

One thing I noticed, though, was around 3/5ths of the way into the song, on a transition from a loud section to a build-up section, the volume suddenly drops. It almost sounds like the master fader was taking down suddently just for that transition.

Other than that, good job :)

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Well...here it is! The final version is up, compressed, and ready to roll! Fixed several issues this round and added a new and improved bridge section.

Also removed that god awful annoying bell toll at the end. Now the chord just rings...:)

So, tell me what you think! Is it ready?

v FINAL: http://media.putfile.com/Redalert2Mix-vFINAL

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Sounds good. The samples used sounded synthetic - but in a darn good way. It made me want to hear the strings break down to an omenous voice of the NOD computers or whatever, foretelling of the destruction and so forth. Would have been an incredible touch to add.

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I like it. but it's loud the whole time.

I understand it's a red alert remix, but I would personally see more depth from you the remixer in the song if you found a way to start out quieter and bring it up to it's max level. I think as a listener it would be much more epic and personally as a listener i'd be able to feel the full force of 'red alert' that you try to portray in the loudness of the song.

But i think it could pass regardless. Good luck.

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I'm not familiar with the original soundtrack for Red Alert 2.

I do however, distinctly recognize short theme from Lord of the Rings in there at 1:07. The piece where the Elves are marching into Helm's Deep, about 19 seconds of it. It fits in very nicely, and I doubt 19 seconds of non-game material in a 6:02 mix would kill it, but you might want to mention that in your submission if it was intentional.

This is really good stuff.

Keep mixing!

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Haha, I was wondering if anyone would notice that theme... yes, it was intentional, but wow, you get a cookie for catching it. It's my personal favorite theme in the LOTR trilogy - so I just had to use it. :)

Nice to see another Howard Shore fan out there...

...and to stay on topic, I'm trying to think of a name - any ideas? I don't want to submit "Red Alert 2 Intro Theme Mix"

So far I've been thinking:

The Red March

A Red Sun Rises (my fav)

Combustible Colors (lame)

Hell's Deep (haha lotr)

The Red Scourge

...and that's it. I'm not feeling very creative. Oh well... post any names/ideas that you think would go well with the song. Please.

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I can't hear it. My PC is gay when it comes to streaming audio. Can you post it as a download link? That'd be grand. Seeing as I'm a C & C nut.

So you did Hell March 2? Huh. I like that tune, it's neat and such. As for the name, "This is Not A Drill" sounds good to me, although I haven't listened yet(as aforementioned) seeing as it's Red Alert and all. =P

Or you could go with "Yuri's Party House". XP

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Alright, I've been away from the mix for awhile and now I've come back...and I realized it had to be louder.

I know, I know, but it was too soft compared to some of the other songs on here, so I just bumped up the volume knob a bit.

I kept everything else the same, except it's now fully compressed and ready to be submitted. Please tell me if it's clipping now (as for some strange reason, my speakers don't register non-extreme clipping.)

So, this is it...is it ready?

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