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Chrono Cross & Kingdom Hearts ReMix WIP


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That's right, I'm taking two games and making an orchestral mix out of them. So far I plan on using the "other world" theme from Chrono Cross as my main upbeat theme, and the title screen theme from Kingdom Hearts/KH2 as the slow theme of this song. I have already begun to quote from both games in this wip, however, I've only finished the introduction- it's about 40 seconds long.

It's named terra.mp3 because I originally planned to make a terra mix. Well I hope you like it! And if not, CRITIQUE PLX.




Latest: http://blizihizake.googlepages.com/terra4.mp3

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This is fantastic. It sounds so real, and it's obvious you're a proffesional.

I don't have much knowledge when it comes to orchestral music, and no technical knowledge, so I don't feel that I am qualified to comment on this. However, i feel there are a couple of piano notes from 0:55 to 0:57 that doesn't fit in? Nothing wrong with the notes per say, but I feel it doesn't fit in with the rest of the arrangement and soundscape so far. It could just be me...

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really neat blake. can't wait to hear the finished product. only thing that stood out to me was the ?D natural? played (correct me if I'm wrong) at 0:53-0:54. maybe just edit the velocity on it, cuz it cut through the warm scoundscape you had building there. up to you though, if it was your intention to do that =P

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Yup, good jorb Blake, keep it up.

Lol Joorrrrrb!!! Good ole homestarrunner >_>

Yeah this is definitely pro. The piano is mm mm sexy and the EQ is good (as far as my newb ears can tell), I find it a bit mundane to be honest, but that's just me, orchestrations tend to burn out after a while...unless it's Sephire's remix of Rising Falls or something like that. Over all this is damn good, keep it man.

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