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Super Mario Galaxy


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Did you guys see some of the new levels for Galaxy 2?


Go to 1:36 and watch. That's some interesting shit happening right there.

Too bad my Galaxy disc got a nice floor-wipe from the nephew the christmas I got it. He wanted to play something else, and promptly placed it shiny-side down, and pushed it away. Damn 4-year olds...

I can't get past 26 stars, because when the game tries to load, the scratched part is where it reads, and the fails.

Maybe Galaxy 2 will be spared this fate.

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I have found that most of the haters of SMG didn't play well past the first couple of galaxies.

Yeah, they're boring and pbad. But after that the game opens up to a world of tremendously awesome platforming the likes of which hadn't been seen since Mario 64.

Sunshine was shit.

I played through more than half the game (had over 70 stars), and did play at least two levels in almost every galaxy. The only reason I stopped playing was because the game didn't get any better than the early levels. I actually found a lot of the levels actually got worse rather than better.

I agree with the sentiment that Sunshine was shit though. If the repetitive levels weren't bad enough, the shitty water pack mechanics were the cherry on top of the shit sundae.

And Bleck, Sunshine and Galaxy aren't better than plenty of games I can think of. In fact, I hated Sunshine so much I gave it to my sister so I never have to look at it again. There are very few games I can say I did that with (the others were pretty much all first party Gamecube games too though).

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Personally, I loved Galaxy. Everything was spot on except it was a bit too easy for most of the game. Other than that, I have no problems with the it; it was a superb 3D platformer.

As for Sunshine, I can't really say. I think I spent the majority of my time in that game playing with the different water packs under modified gravity with Action Replay. :lol:

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Whoa! SMG hate! Who'da thunk it? In my opinion, it's the second/third best Mario game ever made, and it did a great job of replacing the bitter taste of FLUDD (at least, I hope that's FLUDD) from Super Mario Sunshine. Galaxy threw platforming on its head - it offers the same 'impossible last few stars' that Super Mario 64 did, which gives it replay value, and the physics I found worked out. The music was also Godly - most importantly, Galaxy feels right. It's a natural successor to SM64 - pretty, interesting, and revolutionary.

At least, that's what I think.

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