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Suggestion: FLAC remixes?

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Interestingly, there are apparently some findings which indicate youth today actually preferred the compressed sound of MP3s to lossless/CD.

As far as sound is concerned you mean? Or just for the fact that having a music library in FLAC or other lossless file types takes a huge amount of hard drive space in comparison to mp3's.

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It's the same reason some people say that analog recording is "better" than digital recording. It has nothing to do with an accurate replication of the sound, but more to do with being used to the imperfections added by an imperfect replication method.

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I suppose people can have that preference if they want. Too each there own and all that, but it sounds like naiveté to me.

Sounds no different to me than people claiming that FLAC is better than mp3 in all shapes and forms.

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Like I said, it's hard if even possible to tell the difference unless you have really nice equipment. If you do it becomes a lot more transparent.

I would never attempt to have my entire music library in FLAC, definitely not worth the trouble. But having a few of your favorite songs and remixes in lossess is kinda fun.

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