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OCR01665 - Wizards & Warriors "Wizards in My Armor (Warrior in My Long Johns)"

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Interesting intro mate. E. Guitar is new to the Trenthian sound. The performance is a little loose, but it's not bad. The drums come in the and the energy picks up and I'm grooving. Then the VOX. Now I'm very particular about my vox, so when I say that they sound pretty good, understand that that means a lot! The harmonies are simple, but they have a great pop sound to them. The doubling of your voice was a very good choice. It's a very common technique that a lot of people don't pick up on and it helps more than most people realize. The break down section with the more breakbeat drums really sounds cool. I like the flute lead with the chiptune counter. The bass finds that pocket and boy does it groove. The Santana style guitar sounds a lot better. The performance is much better here than the beginning. This track really gives a great "live" vibe. The VOX comes back in with the brass and playing the same thing. SOUNDS GREAT! This is simply fantastic! It reminds me of a track that I remember from the Miss Congeniality soundtrack. The outro is pretty cool with the harpsichord. Very cool concept all the way through.

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