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  1. sartorial confusion aside, I am hot for april yeah yeah
  2. A bit late with well-deserved praise. One envisions a Live-Action Bollywood reboot with gratuitous backup dancing scenes
  3. Breezy and perfect or coasting around. A bit and with a rather bland ending, but good spring fodder.
  4. Suitable for summer saunterin' on swelterin' sidewalks.
  5. It's a calm piece that recalls some of the ambient Metroid mixes on OCR - a starry expanse of potential to explore.
  6. Still grooving. Did you know there are sometimes comments in the tagged attribute fields under the details tab of OCR files? The one for Jazzer Soul reads,
  7. The sweeeeeeeeeetest ear candy. Like a magical gumball for your eardrums. Makes my brain feel pleasantly plasticine.
  8. I thought I was familiar with all the early 'mixes, but somehow I missed this one. Liking the groove muchly.
  9. Sounds fresh again, never went stale. "I speak as a victim of America's so-called democracy. You and I have never seen democracy - all we've seen is hypocrisy"
  10. What a vast space those organ carve for themselves. Beautiful balance between soaring, crunchy guitars, and winding its way quietly between those tall cliffs, the serene river of the piano at the bottom, floating and flowing!
  11. Definitely bop-able. This sort of stuff is infinitely more listenable in warmer weather. More so if you can time travel a decade or so back.
  12. 3. completed

    I must be getting old. Or my attention's going. Or both. The most lasting opinion I can form of most mixes I listen to nowadays is that they're too short, and not memorable (even with repeated listenings). EDIT: Gave it another, third listen. I like how it starts - reminds me a little of the Sims. Happy and light stuff, good background tuneage.
  13. A chiptune lullaby. A chippity-by. Short and sweet, although I wish it more memorable.
  14. Oh yes, DE FLEC TOR WOOOOOOOAH *head bangs* This makes my inner retro spirit animal happy.
  15. Airy is definitely a good way to describe this piece. Light-hearted, too - but less mellow and more energetic. Kirby's dashing through flowery fields, instead of just rolling along. Seems so short to my ears though!