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  1. Soaring, clean, warm and uplifting. Move from the roots to the heavens, with sunlight filtering betwixt those great boughs, and bird calls in the distance, beneath a brightening sky.
  2. OCR03649 - Secret of Mana "Footsteps to Destiny"

    Amazing - has epic final boss battle scenes dancing behind my ears, my head nodding, my toes tapping. Great work.
  3. OCR03652 - Secret of Mana "Whispers"

    Would've liked this much more but for those vocals. I can see if it was artist intent to convey a certain sort of noir/nostalgia cheesiness (like a really bad love scene montage from an 80's flick or something) but played seriously, it really grates.
  4. Dunno how I missed this gem when it was first released, but I'm glad to have found it. Great piece, dazzling musicianship all around, and of course Wise's sax is delicious to listen to.
  5. Gave it a few listens, this is an easy mix to have on repeat. I especially like the bird song at the end. Definitely has a lovely, loungey vibe - you can see yourself relaxing on a warm beach somewhere, enjoying a cocktail at sunset to this.
  6. OCR01551 - Parasite Eve 'Beauty's Abomination'

    Reuben's mixes are absolutely dense with thick emotion - the stuff you hear in your head when you're close to tears in the rain. But his songs also dispel the grey clouds and let beams of warm, bright light in by their end.
  7. OCR03616 - Quest for Glory IV "Space Garden"

    Oh man, I downloaded this before I even listened. It's Mazedude, and the soundtrack to THE game I grew up playing most. A+ stuff. So glad to see MD is still going strong. Years ago I put in a request for a QfG remix on the forums..glad to see it come up all these years later. That's pretty much exactly just what it sounds like, yes. Since it's Erana, she probably created like a trippy-hippie under-ground healing cavern beneath the little pool for a a relaxing soak after battling Chernovy cult members or something.
  8. OCR03217 - Super Mario Kart 'happy breakfast'

    Happy breakfast indeed. This feels like the best of those synth-vaporwave mellow mixes (not in tone or sound, just how it takes itself seriously about evincing a certain ambient mood).
  9. OCR01936 - Aquaria 'Minibadass'

    Great game, great OST. This really makes you feel like you're frantically spinning and swimming around trying to blast the baddie-boss before it eats you. Frenetic, energetic, desperate.
  10. It needs looping to fully appreciate, but I couldn't appreciate it enough to want to loop it. A bold and off-beat take for the source tho'
  11. Normally anything 80s enough is enough to get a pass from me, but this felt brief and unmemorable. Eh!
  12. OCR02127 - Animal Crossing 'Camrade'

    I dig dis, I diggi dis diggi mix diggi did.
  13. This is a great Xeno Fighter mix. Or even a Street Blade one. Love the Cammy theme underpinning it in parts.
  14. OCR03596 - Comix Zone "Comix Bubbles"

    Any MD mix is an insta-download. This one's no exception - chippy happy fun.