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  1. Oh yes, DE FLEC TOR WOOOOOOOAH *head bangs* This makes my inner retro spirit animal happy.
  2. Airy is definitely a good way to describe this piece. Light-hearted, too - but less mellow and more energetic. Kirby's dashing through flowery fields, instead of just rolling along. Seems so short to my ears though!
  3. Hmm, a good song - mournful and hopeful in equal parts. It doesn't sink into dirge-territory, but keeps marching on. It was...an interesting election!
  4. Reminds of the Pictionary remix. Def light, smooth and sweet.
  5. Looking forward to hearing those HKF collab's. Nice work, hiya!
  6. I think my hearing is going. Or my attention is wandering more quickly than it used to. Or both. Not a fan...kind of like a vaporwave interlude (and I like that, when in the mood). But...interesting!
  7. I'm hearing echoes of Mazedude's 7th guest remixes. Nice n' spoopy for the season.
  8. A light hearted dance through a spring meadow, that's what this is.
  9. Kind of short! But as with most mixes of this nature, I like it. Mellow, synth-heavy, chillaxing.
  10. A nice little interlude. Good to enjoy one's morning coffee or an afternoon stroll with, yes.
  11. Always puts me in a wintry-cozy mood of mind to hear this come up : ) For all the hand-wringing over standards and such, this is one early offering I'm glad never was purged from the site.
  12. Dance, robots, dance! Pan flute solo gets me so jazzed.
  13. Wish you luck in finding some gaming pals! I feel similarly, not in that I can't find friends to play with (I've played on my own more or less), but that lately my interest level in gaming has declined considerably - nothing seems to hold my attention! I got into Stardew Valley most recently, dropped that at the beginning of the summer, and before that, The Witcher 3.
  14. A nicely moderated level of funk.
  15. Great jam. Got me listening to Zawinul this morning, which is always a great start to a day.