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  1. Always glad these old mixes are still up. Might sound simplistic to our ears, but they still have their place, both as markers of how actually good they were (for the time), and how contributions have come since then.
  2. OCR03297 - Mega Man 3 'The Jazzassin'

    True Jazz Ass Playing.      
  3. Didn't think it possible to relax to this kind of shreddage, but it turns out - you can, and it is blissful.
  4. Suspenseful, dramatic, and dripping with flair. A musical interlude for a tense courtroom showdown!
  5. OCR03281 - Aquaria 'Prayer for the Azure Waters'

    Definitely makes me want to return to this great game. I remember playing it and going, 'wow, indie games are awesome'. What a sense of exploration and wonder Aquaria's music evoked. Great story too - really wish they'd come out with a sequel! This remix really captures and enhances on the feel of the original.
  6. OCR03280 - Guild Wars 2 'One Wintersday Night'

    Great energy, it almost threatens to disrupt the 'seasonality' of the track, but enhances instead of distracts from it, ultimately. Would've loved to hear some holiday bells as a great accompaniment to the crunchy licks. Nice!
  7. OCR02221 - Sonic the Hedgehog 'Bubble Junkie'

    happy day feels, right here.
  8. OCR02758 - Baldur's Gate 'Hero of the Heartlands'

    Wow. Amazing track - makes me really want to replay BG.
  9. OCR03190 - Metroid 'Back to Zebes'

    Definitely getting the wrestling-intro vibe. Samus would perform the 'wrecking ball' and do some crazy Japanese-Mexican acrobatic thing, steamrolling ftw.
  10. OCR03091 - Shadowrun 'Reborn'

    Shadowrun: The Series!
  11. Breezy, upbeat with enough depth to stay engaging.
  12. OCR03144 - Gunbird 2 'Signs of Lust'

    Definitely concur on the 'opening to an anime' theme.   I can almost see the character montage, and a hokey voice-over "through the power of team-RocK!"