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  1. OCR03710 - Super Paper Mario "Memory: Night"

    Quiet, laid-back. Except for how it began in the first few seconds (slight undertones of surreal, though disturbing is perhaps too strong a descriptor), I liked how it ran its course.
  2. OCR03704 - Lunar Pool "Looser Tool"

    Thoroughly enjoyable as upbeat Sim'ish-esque BGM to your life.
  3. Tropical house? Interesting. A bit too fast to be just bop-able, but it's isn't quite dance-able either. The theme gets a bit lost for me, so not one of my more favorite tracks from Rozo. Always glad to see Monkey Island get attention tho'
  4. OCR00089 - Phantasy Star IV "Millennial"

    Yep, space, fuzzy, and funky are all great ways to describe this early, crunchy pretzel-piece.
  5. Gotta give this another listen when those daytime summer thunderstorms roll around...a good song, it embodies "wind" to me.
  6. This starts out catchy and energetic, and then pans back a bit and remains comfortably on cruise control. I'd probably let this sit on repeat once or twice before wanting something with a bit more progression and change-up throughout.
  7. To me it's a little too much peppering with those lyrical snippets. More restraint would've produced a better result. I can't recall the exact title but there have been previous Zelda remixes that made good use of Link's "charge-forward" yell in a similar manner.
  8. OCR01382 - Human Race "Bando alle Seghe"

    This is eminently listen-able. I'm a softie for nostalgia-tinged pieces of-course, but it creates a nice, buzzy "mindspace".
  9. OCR03655 - Secret of Mana "The Still Night Stirs"

    This is lovely. Tripp seems to be doing a great job of embodying something like a real-life Erana! She's got a really quaint, nostalgic and fun website too. Great piece...it really does make you feel calmer and happier after listening!
  10. OCR03657 - Secret of Mana "Under Cover of Night"

    This has a Simon Belmont slaying baddies on Halloween feel to it. I like it! Get a bit of that old geckoYamori vibe.
  11. A soft and somewhat bittersweet tune! Ganon should retire and setup a nice Stardew-esque Valley farm for hisself, instead of all this world-conquering brewha. Then he wouldn't need to feel wistful over this!
  12. So relaxing. Makes me look forward to spring and return of green and birdsongs.
  13. Soaring, clean, warm and uplifting. Move from the roots to the heavens, with sunlight filtering betwixt those great boughs, and bird calls in the distance, beneath a brightening sky.
  14. OCR03649 - Secret of Mana "Footsteps to Destiny"

    Amazing - has epic final boss battle scenes dancing behind my ears, my head nodding, my toes tapping. Great work.
  15. OCR03652 - Secret of Mana "Whispers"

    Would've liked this much more but for those vocals. I can see if it was artist intent to convey a certain sort of noir/nostalgia cheesiness (like a really bad love scene montage from an 80's flick or something) but played seriously, it really grates.