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  1. Happy breakfast indeed. This feels like the best of those synth-vaporwave mellow mixes (not in tone or sound, just how it takes itself seriously about evincing a certain ambient mood).
  2. Great game, great OST. This really makes you feel like you're frantically spinning and swimming around trying to blast the baddie-boss before it eats you. Frenetic, energetic, desperate.
  3. It needs looping to fully appreciate, but I couldn't appreciate it enough to want to loop it. A bold and off-beat take for the source tho'
  4. Normally anything 80s enough is enough to get a pass from me, but this felt brief and unmemorable. Eh!
  5. I dig dis, I diggi dis diggi mix diggi did.
  6. This is a great Xeno Fighter mix. Or even a Street Blade one. Love the Cammy theme underpinning it in parts.
  7. Any MD mix is an insta-download. This one's no exception - chippy happy fun.
  8. Proggy, funky, upbeat. It sweeps and soars but doesn't get too ethereal or so spacey that it loses its inherent jamminess.
  9. Whatever's being used to emulate Sonic's iconic "spindash" ramp up, great stuff. Fun song!
  10. Calming, enfolding, serene, peaceful. Watch schools of neon fish swim around and through the coral.
  11. Bright and resonant: that first minute is tight, clear and confident, although it's a little harder to listen with the same level of engagement towards the middle-end, but the song rolls along smoothly and enjoyably through-out.
  12. Joe Z can sure do a whole lot, and well. That guitar was real nice tho I barely noticed the organ for better or worse.