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  1. Always puts me in a wintry-cozy mood of mind to hear this come up : ) For all the hand-wringing over standards and such, this is one early offering I'm glad never was purged from the site.
  2. Dance, robots, dance! Pan flute solo gets me so jazzed.
  3. Wish you luck in finding some gaming pals! I feel similarly, not in that I can't find friends to play with (I've played on my own more or less), but that lately my interest level in gaming has declined considerably - nothing seems to hold my attention! I got into Stardew Valley most recently, dropped that at the beginning of the summer, and before that, The Witcher 3.
  4. A nicely moderated level of funk.
  5. Great jam. Got me listening to Zawinul this morning, which is always a great start to a day.
  6. Reminds muchly of Dirty Mix, from way back in '02. Somehow I found that more listen-able than this, but it's no knock on its quality.
  7. Great folksy-country charm, nice little piece!
  8. The source tunes already have a jammy 60's feel to their titles, this is a nice interpretation.
  9. Glad to hear an old remixer come back, though not my personal cup of cake
  10. Spoofy blurbles, meng.
  11. Reminds of WillRock - energetic, uplifting, slightly nostalgia-tinged of yesteryear (80's). Fun and boppy.
  12. I think I might've missed just how this works- but I can't seem to "click" on a tag to be taken to a list of remixes tagged with that term. How does it work?
  13. I love how this mix moves between mellow and energetic, such a happy vibe - you can see it "walking off into the sunset", happily saxing away.
  14. Dracula's secretaries sound hot, but that's ok, there's no need to schedule me a meeting, really... "I'm sorry, but Dracula's too busy to kill you right now. Please take a number and have a seat in the adjacent waiting room." <music plays>
  15. Great writeup for a great mix. I'm only now coming to appreciate how much knowing the context of a song's submission really adds to its enjoyment, especially as in cases like this, where it represents a gestalt fusion of nostalgia, sentiment, and passion. Funky, fresh, satisfyingly slick but also still 'grainy' (dat lo-fi goodness).