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  • Biography David W. Lloyd is a software engineer, musician, producer, and graphic designer from the Metro/DC area of the United States of America.

    Mr. Lloyd is the president and founder of OverClocked ReMix, an organization dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of video game music. He has popularized unofficial arrangements of this music by encouraging fans to submit mixes to the website he developed and maintains at He has composed and produced numerous such arrangements himself, under the name of "djpretzel", in addition to original compositions available on his personal website at He has appeared alongside industry professionals like Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall at game music events, and has been interviewed by Salon, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and others for his work with the site. He runs an associated record label, Overclocked Records, to help promote the original and arranged music of artists involved in gaming and computer culture.

    Mr. Lloyd is also an accomplished software engineer with ten years of experience in web-related technologies. His skills include experience in .NET, Java, and PHP software development, relational database design and administration, graphic design and web development using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and extensive familiarity with Documentum-based software solutions, web services, and XML/XSLT.
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  • Software - Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Bitwig Studio
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  • Software - Preferred Plugins/Libraries [Plugins]: Kontakt, Omnisphere, Trilian, Battery, Reaktor, Sylenth1, Zebra2, Hive, Alchemy [Libraries]: Spitfire Albion & BML Series, Heavyocity, Impact Soundworks
  • Composition & Production Skills Arrangement & Orchestration
    Drum Programming
    Mixing & Mastering
    Recording Facilities
    Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Instrumental & Vocal Skills (List) Vocals: Male

    @Mirby Dealt with - many thanks for reporting
  2. SEGA Steam Hub

    Yup, had to buy it. Too many memories!
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  5. RIP Prince

    It seems to me that leveling the charge of bandwagon mourning is just as bandwagon as bandwagon mourning itself; when it comes to something like this, I think it's MUCH better to give people the benefit of the doubt... if you're wrong about someone else's grief or sense of loss, you're the douche of the decade, whereas if they're expressing disproportionate, uninformed, or insincere sadness, they're just being transiently emotional... Unless you're psychic, maybe just either empathize or be quietly skeptical?
  6. RIP Prince

    Huge loss; just a singular, once-in-a-lifetime type of talent & musical mind.

    User has been reported as spammer & deleted. We've also made some adjustments to permissions regarding private messaging, and will be attempting to implement a system that requires some level of activity/time/validation before using the private messaging system. Thanks for reporting this!
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  9. Lolz... @Liontamer needs more sleepz thanks for reporting, should be fixed now.
  10. @halc & @zykO would be great additions to. And yes... I don't know if it WILL happen, but Assembled doing the all master's rap NEEDS to happen... so hopefully it DOES
  11. I feel like a Parappa EP *would* be awesome; strange coincidence, but I was actually thinking this to myself 2-3 days ago... However, that being said, it absolutely, positively MUST have the talents of @Damashii!! & OverClocked Assembled - @DiGi Valentine, @SuperiorX, @BrothaDom, @José the Bronx Rican, @metaphist - or else I feel that it just won't happen the way it needs to. How often do I weigh in on album proposals and suggest that if certain artists aren't involved, the concept isn't gonna take off? Never. I never do that. I'm doing it here because this is something I'd love to see happen, something I myself saw OverClocked Assembled doing back when they first emerged, and something that would be unique for OCR. If the crew ain't down, I'm not saying there's NO way this concept could work, but it'd be..... much, much harder... If they are, it's more a question of who would play what roles... @Cole Train, as you say, you're new round these parts, but if the artists above feel like they can work with you, and they're interested, this could be magical. I guess what I'm really saying here is... you gotta believe.
  12. *NO* Bruce Lee '(no title)'

    @Liontamer Check it out, a ReMixer from 2002! Mix is fun but repeats a bit, also not sure on arrangement & % sampling going on... - djp Bruce Lee - first game I ever completed (C64). Not a whole lot of music to remix, but more a 'feel' thing. Heavy sampling from the Enter the Dragon OST by Lalo Schifrin. (I completed it on the Atari 800XL which had no music - a lot of this is how I imagined it sounded, but didn't shy from John A. Fitzpatrick's bleeping melody) Your ReMixer name Fuzz Your real name Rik Nicol Your email address Your website Your userid (number, not name) on ourforums, found by viewing your forum profile 4489 ?
  13. Remixer name: Cogglefirth Real name: Josh Hendricks Email address: UserID:32947 Arrangement Name: Aqueous Realms Games Arranged: Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Fusion Songs Arranged:'Brinstar - Red Soil Wetland Area' (Super Metroid),'Maridia - Rocky Underground Water Area' (Super Metroid),'Crashed Ship Frigate Orpheon' (Metroid Prime), 'Underwater Depths' (Metroid Fusion) Metroid Fusion information: Action-adventure,Developed by Nintendo R&D1 Published 2002 by Nintendo for Game Boy Advance Soundtrack composed by Minako Hamano and Akira Fujiwara Link to full Metroid Fusion soundtrack: The first video game systems I owned were a GameCube and a Game Boy Advance, so Metroid Prime and Fusion were the first games in the series that I played. I was immediately hooked, thanks in no small part to the series' mind-blowing music. In fact, I latched onto the Super Metroid soundtrack before I ever actually got around to playing the game itself. As seems to be the case with many video game soundtracks, some of the most hauntingly beautiful music came from water-based areas. This soggy remix is my love letter to the composers of the Metroid music that has been so dear to my heart since I was a wee lad. I started fiddling with this remix about 2 years ago, before I had any appreciable music production skills. It wasn't until a few months ago that I really dedicated myself to self-educating on music production and (hopefully) graduated from fiddling around to decent proficiency at producing music in FL Studio. Any comments and constructive criticism are sincerely welcomed.
  14. Good stuff; love to see some Shinobi, too. Need vetting of arrangement, and we may need a new mix title. - djp Remixer Name: Videogame OrchestraUserID:32297Website:www.videogameorchestra.comName of game arranged:Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterName of arrangement: "Japonesque (VGO & Girlz Melon Escapade mix)"Name of individual song arranged:Japonesque (Round 1-1) Info: A collaborative track with the video game metal guitarist Girlz Melon cheers!
  15. Suffers from repetition, but has some good energy. - djp tsr fredrik askebris tsr - top gear (snes) top gear - las vegas (tsr remix) las vegas barry leitch, hiroyuki masuno When we work on set, we usually hum this song during rigging of lights. So now finally a remix is here to maybe listen to instead of terrible humming. mp3 is attached Over´n out!