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  • Biography David W. Lloyd is a software engineer, musician, producer, and graphic designer from the Metro/DC area of the United States of America.

    Mr. Lloyd is the president and founder of OverClocked ReMix, an organization dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of video game music. He has popularized unofficial arrangements of this music by encouraging fans to submit mixes to the website he developed and maintains at He has composed and produced numerous such arrangements himself, under the name of "djpretzel", in addition to original compositions available on his personal website at He has appeared alongside industry professionals like Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall at game music events, and has been interviewed by Salon, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and others for his work with the site. He runs an associated record label, Overclocked Records, to help promote the original and arranged music of artists involved in gaming and computer culture.

    Mr. Lloyd is also an accomplished software engineer with ten years of experience in web-related technologies. His skills include experience in .NET, Java, and PHP software development, relational database design and administration, graphic design and web development using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and extensive familiarity with Documentum-based software solutions, web services, and XML/XSLT.
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  1. OCR03360 - *YES* Sonic Adventure 2 'Chao Cave Rave'

    Very similar in structure/relationship to source as some of the SCB mixes, yes. I can see why the panel had issues with this, but I ultimately agree that it's a nice embellishment of a minimal source out into something that breathes & develops a bit more. YES
  2. @JK FlipFlop, @Slimy Option has been added!
  3. This is where I'm losing you - OCR staff are in complete control of what the OCR name gets affixed to, and I have ultimate veto power, at the end of the day. Do I often veto the opinions of staff, or go off and do something entirely on my own without talking it over with them first? No. But in your hypothetical above... you do realize we have a judges panel that decides what gets posted on the site, right? The OCR name gets affixed precisely & solely to that which we believe it should be affixed to. Most of the time the suggestions are coming from the community, or staff, but sometimes it's my idea... the accountability lies with me, so when you talk about an individual using the OCR name without our review & consent, how is that relevant? It's a name, a website, and a community that WE work on, for hours on end. We're doing the administration, the moderation, coordination, the promotion, and it's a ton of work. Put frankly, if we're not in a position to make certain types of decisions, then not only are we unable to do our jobs efficiently, but the whole thing kinda falls apart... Your follow-up post is a little bit clearer, and that clarification was requested and is appreciated, but it still seems a little unreasonable to me. Your definition of what constitutes a "community" effort is very black-and-white, when I think things are more nuanced than that. To me, as long as members of the community worked on it, and the site gets behind it, and we associate the OCR name with it, that's all it takes... there are degrees of community involvement, in other words; it's not an all-or-nothing proposition... I think you might have a tendency to create these binary distinctions and get all huffy when simply accepting the spectrum of possibilities would be more accurate & reasonable? Perhaps, 5-10 years from now, when the OCR name is being applied to undergarments & flamethrowers & corn dogs & pharmaceuticals, we'll look back on the prophetic words of @Brandon Strader and acknowledge his foresight and wisdom in predicting the commercial dilution of the site's mission... but I wouldn't bet on it. At any rate, if you want to continue discussion, please message myself & zircon.
  4. Just following up on this... it's the default IPS4 theme CSS, not something we did, so we aren't necessarily fans either. SO far we haven't really tinkered much with the IPS4 theme, but that will certainly change, and as we make modifications, I'll look into this.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion - we'll add it soon!
  6. OCR02320 - Deflektor 'Cover Your Light'

    I still listen to it & dig it immensely... some production issues, sure, but THAT ENERGY Super-catchy lyrics/chorus; I think it stands up well.
  7. Yes, and also... yes. We don't use direct game names, but for many of the Genesis sounds specifically, you can easily guess based on preset euphemisms/references. Recreating most types of SNES/Genesis sounds is entirely doable, and with the other systems, all the core waveforms are there. It's pretty darn flexible and has pretty wide coverage. So let me get this straight... any time the staff & founder of OCR want to put OCR's name on something, we need "clearance" from "hundreds" of people? Have you noticed that you're the only one expressing this perspective? That's why I asked others who might agree to chime in - it's so bizarre and out of left field that I'm genuinely curious if anyone else feels the same, or similarly. If as the founder/president of OverClocked ReMix, LLC I have to get "clearance" from "hundreds" of other people before doing something like this, I'd quit. So would you, if you were in my shoes. There ARE decisions that involve/require community feedback, namely when we do anything that affects the submissions process or content policy. We didn't get "clearance" from "hundreds" to run our FF6 kickstarter, or for that matter to release Random Encounter, which YOU directed. I'm not going to throw insults at *you* personally, but your *position* on this matter *appears* to be hypocritical & inconsistent... it's a VGM-related sample library, worked on by many OCR regulars/veterans, conceptualized by the founder of OCR & a former-judge and current ReMixer who's organized some amazing OCR albums. Again, the connectivity & relevance seem blatantly obvious to me, and appear intuitive enough to others. FWIW, I do appreciate the role of "watchdog" and I don't mind decisions like this being questioned, but you're going beyond questioning and just making bad faith assumptions that don't seem to be grounded in reason. There's a cutoff point where it stops being "useful questioning of authority that prompts warranted reflection" and starts being paranoid accusation, incomplete appreciation of reality, or repetition of unreasonable & inconsistent claim... If you cannot explain the above inconsistency more clearly, perhaps refrain from further contributing to the thread until your position is more fully-formed?
  8. But OC ReMIx never stood for "Don't endorse super-cool commercial projects that are completely relevant to the site mission of promoting VGM"... that was never a restriction, at any level. We are, first and foremost, a community of fans creatively expressing our appreciation for some amazing music. But the site's mission & principles have always included promoting VGM, and that includes commercial offerings if they are relevant. This is relevant. A portion of each sale will go towards supporting OCR, by the way. If anyone else agrees with Brandon's concerns, please chime in; to me, it seems like most people get the connectivity & understand why this is something we have been part of & will be a part of. Some amazing music will be made with this library, guaranteed! Some of that music will end up on the site, some of it will end up in games... sure feels like a win-win, to me. Heck, when you see who's putting together some of the demos for SAC... if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting.
  9. CineSamples - Yes or No?

    That's a pretty big budget I'd hodgepodge it. Don't go with one vendor... CineSamples does brass well, so maybe use them for that, but branch out from there.
  10. CineSamples - Yes or No?

    CineStrings just feels a little meh next to the likes of Spitfire Mural or Sable or even the Albion patches, or (from demos I've heard) Berlin Strings, Hollywood Strings, etc. With CineWinds, I really dislike the articulation artifacts in legato transitions. To me they stand out too much & end up making the instruments too foreground/close.
  11. CineSamples - Yes or No?

    My quick two cents: CineBrass is pretty damn good. CinePerc is pretty damn good. I don't particularly like CineWinds or CineStrings.
  12. Production doesn't bother me much; to me it just channels that whole DDR vibe of over-the-top, anthem-style EDM... which often has piano sequenced this way, and "lush" reverb that sorta bathes everything... The copypasta is the larger issue.... there are too many blocks that are repeated verbatim, where something additive/subtractive at least would have helped differentiate things. This seems like not only an easy fix, but one the artist *should* actually have fun implementing. Dig the open-seas, epic/inspiring EDM anthem vibe, just needs a bit more polish still, and the repeated sections need to vary meaningfully/noticeably... too much retreading, at the moment. NO (resubmit)
  13. *NO* Chrono Trigger 'Masamune'

    In theory, we're supposed to judge every ReMix in a vacuum and completely ignore any knowledge about the artist, what he/she is capable of, etc. That's a great goal, and we strive towards it, but it is sometimes difficult. Case in point: this submission. We know Brandon is capable of great things, but something is very wrong here... even if this had been submitted under a pseudonym, with zero biases involved, I can safely say that the criticisms would have been the same. The production here is muddy, details get lost, and while the arrangement is *nice*, it's not inventive enough (nor would ANY arrangement potentially be) to turn a blind eye to the whole thing teetering on the brink of incoherence. I dig the idea of an orchestral rock arrangement of this theme, but somewhere on the road to that dream, things got compressed/mastered to hell, with none of the individual parts playing nice with one another. It's a hard genre to mix because of the twin terrors of getting the rock/metal mastering down and THEN getting the orchestral bits down and THEN making sure they complement one another, but it NEEDS to be done well. I've heard Brandon do it well, too. I wouldn't approve this mix if it were from an unfamiliar artist, and thus I won't approve it from Brandon, either. NO
  14. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  15. Topic has been locked and links removed; @SnappleMan wrote the rationale/reasoning perfectly, so I don't have to. The seriousness of the content in question and the acts that it depicts trump decorum and tact, in my mind, but I actually think many responses were quite calm & reasonable, including the one I quoted above. I appreciate your appeal to principle, art, and policy. On the third point, I disagree with you that our standing policy surrounding pornography does not apply. On principle & art... I'm a passionate defender of free speech and I'm opposed to censorship, but my choosing for OCR to be a place devoid of content that in any way exploits sexual abuse & rape is a form of speech too. This is me speaking: I'm not okay with this site and this community providing a resource that aids in the creation of content of this nature.