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  1. Did a quick speed paint of Enzo after a night working on the comic. Couple hours I think. I call this "Nervous Wave"
  2. New character concepts and an Ivan redesign for his upcoming saga in the comic. Mr. Malone concept Ivan Berling sketch for 2017
  3. More new stuff
  4. Some upcoming thumbnail sketches for new pages of the comic
  5. I lost my cat Helix over the holiday season due to a tragic disease. He died in my arms on Christmas Eve. This was surprisingly more emotionally difficult to do than technically. Helix will live on as Theo in my graphic novel. I will miss him. Video: Story: http://fxscreamer.deviantart.com/journal/Holiday-Greetings-and-a-bit-of-sorrow-653228972 Note: Helix always loved popcorn.
  6. Since I'm drawing these characters more in the upcoming pages of my graphic novel, I took another crack at them. This is Theo and Nelly. They're also based on my real pet cats.
  7. DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN?.....I mean.....snowcat...I mean, it's snowing. Tried getting into the winter festive spirit. ANIMATED VERSION AT http://cashmeresky.com
  8. Arlo and Archer drawings.
  9. I promise I'm still alive. Haven't posted here in awhile cause I've been cranking on the graphic novel for months. I'm about to finish up the first 20 pages, but am not releasing until I have around 40. Hopefully it'll officially start around end of February 2017. Anyway, here's some sketches and a sneak preview of the graphic novel (text removed). Enzo eating cereal Collage of sketches from the graphic novel Page 01 Shot from the graphic novel Another shot from the novel
  10. Thank you! Up next here's a slight redesign of one of my characters, Lily Graham Bell..portrait style.
  11. Haha thanks. You caught me at a weird time doing people studies. I've been doing cartoon cats for years at this point. lol Here's my attempt at a Scarlett Johansson study. It's not perfect by any means, but I had to try.
  12. All these portraits and no humans. Ok, here's an Audrey Hepburn reference study I did.
  13. Enzo on the run!.....from something?
  14. Hi and thanks! The designs and characters are original, but inspired by many 90's styles and artists like Glen Keane, Tom Bancroft, etc. I'm currently making a graphic novel with these characters at http://cashmeresky.com I hope to have many pages launched for the public to read by early next year. In the meantime, here's an Archer Portrait sketch I did.
  15. Daphne in Harry Potter cosplay.