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  1. I've been making beadsprites for awhile but I decided to try making videos involving the process. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post videos here though, especially since it has my own music attached. I have also done this with the Lavos final form from Chrono Trigger (pictured above) and planning to make the grown up baby Metroid from Super Metroid. Let me know what you think!
  2. psycosulu

    Extra Credits new show Extra Remix

    I'm rather curious about who Extra Credits will pick next, they've made solid choices so far.
  3. Hello, I actually created an account back in 2002 but as you can see, I've only made 9 posts (most likely more than 10 years ago). I really have no skills in music other than collecting video game music and running the gamemusic subreddit on Reddit. I mainly just wanted to say hello and I like to talk video game music with anyone and everyone. Here's to happy listening!
  4. I would have followed him on facebook regardless of this contest if I knew he had a page. I would like to be a part of the contest though.
  5. psycosulu

    Song Meanings

    I've added pixietricks to the site if anyone is interested. I'll be updating her songs' lyrics every so often. It's taking me awhile because I can only update one song until they approve it. Also, I'll be updating other VG artists that have lyrics in their songs as well.
  6. psycosulu

    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    I just added myself if anyone is interested. I have no friends so far
  7. psycosulu

    Firsts in video games

    Evo: Search for Eden... First game to include evolution as a plot device?
  8. Really captures the feeling of the game, beautiful and easy to listen to.
  9. A multiplayer Starfox game where you join squadrons on either Fox's side or Andross's side. You could upgrade your Arwings (and whatever Andross's side would have) by completing missions or by being the top fragger in massive space battle against your counterparts. Just a thought....
  10. I've been downloading from this site since around 2001/2002 so I'm not really a newb But I finally decided to try and make some of the music in my head into real songs and I would like to know what would be considered the best software for making songs that range from classical to techno. Money is not an option;)