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  1. Oh, for some reason I thought that this had already entered the voting round so I stopped working on a track! I'll see if I can get something in.
  2. I came onto the site to check my messages. Then suddenly I appeared to be remixing this source. Not sure how that happened. Only had 2 hours spare so it's really rough, apologies for that.
  3. Helloooooooo everybody! A long overdue MINOR UPDATE inbound! First of all, the management would like to apologise for the lengthy radio silence with regards to this project. Odai and I keep getting side-tracked by that pesky 'real life' stuff and it's been taking it's toll on the deadlines and whatnot. We're going to do our best to keep on top of stuff as much as humanly possible going forwards, so we'll be sending out deadline messages in the near future to ask how you're getting on. We currently have 4 sources available for pickup if anyone want's to grab an extra track, or if there's any new producers wanting to join the project. Drop me a PM if you're interested! Beruga Freedom Castle Call at a Port As ever if you have any concerns or enquiries please don't hesitate to drop us a message. Peace out mother-truckers!
  4. Seconded! Those guys both know their stuff and would make excellent directors/assistant directors/etc.
  5. Hey hey HEY everyone! We are rushing headlong into the final update of 2016! And oh MY is it a big one. No less than 13 updates are due on December 1st; some of which may well be the final products for a few tracks. Exciting! Myself and @Odai cannot thank everyone one of you enough for all the hard work that's been put in so far; this album is shaping up to be a right stonker (as we say in England. To those of you outside of the UK: that means it's shaping up rather nicely). We're hoping to go into 2017 with a strong collection of WIPs and WAVs under our belts and with your help I see no reason why this isn't 100% possible. Keep it up! As ever; peace out mother-truckers!
  6. October Update Hello all! A small update for you on this spookiest of months; Odai is temporarily out of action due to some minor health issues. The silly bugger has worked himself into the ground and has burnt himself out. As such he's been knocked on his arse by an extended flu/cold-type thing and has asked me to take helm of the good ship Paths Less Travelled Volume 1 and steer her in for a damned good docking at our next checkpoint. Speaking of which... The next deadline is November 1st! Less that 2 weeks away! I'll be IM-ing those people who's tracks are due on this date individually just to remind you, though I have every confidence that everyone is beavering away nicely. Our list of completed tracks is looking awesome (I really must get Odai to update the track listing on the first post when he's better to reflect this) and I always look forward to seeing what awesomeness you guys come up with on these deadlines. Remember that you're all a bunch of amazing people and if anyone tells you otherwise I'll kick 'em in the goolies. Peace out mother-truckers!
  7. Heeeeey everyone! 1 week to go before the next deadline! Personally I'm super excited; the standard of the WIP's and concepts that have been submitted is already really high and it keeps getting better every time. If you're unsure as to when your deadline date is or you have any other worries/questions/deepest darkest secrets to divulge please drop me a PM and I'll sort you out.
  8. Could I possibly request 1 extra day please, @Bundeslang? I won't be able to finish my track but I will hopefully get a workable WIP submitted. *EDIT* Actually never mind, I hadn't seen that there were 2 votable mixes submitted already. Ignore me
  9. Doesn't this round have to be Hallowe'en themed as well?
  10. Well fuck. Not only can I not get a track in on time but I can't seem to vote either! Tried twice on 2 PC's and neither vote stuck! FML....
  11. Jeez these deadlines keep creeping up on me! I may have an unfinished WIP to submit...
  12. Had to get mine in as bonus entry as I started working on something for this round then completely forgot about it right up until the deadline. Phooey!
  13. Crap, didn't realise there was so little time left!
  14. Oh cool, that's a good ideaaaaaaaaWAITAMINUTE