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  1. MnP 86: Super Paper Mario - Woah Zone

    I'm lucky enough to have access to a pretty extensive Kontakt library, in this case it was the Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass along with Superior Drummer 2.0 I liked your entry, by the way! Very dark and moody, an excellent take on the source. And @Silverpool; I liked the 16-bit take on the tune, though the opening was a bit busy with the bitcrushed cymbals overriding a lot of the soundscape. The track did suffer a little from repetition as there weren't many variations between the different 'sections' of the song. A cool bonus entry though.
  2. So last year I submitted this track to the tender mercies of The Judges and it was summarily rejected (sob, wail etc). I've finally decided to revisit the track and would appreciate any help and suggestions on how to improve it. Source:
  3. MnP 86: Super Paper Mario - Woah Zone

  4. PRC354 - In The Battle Area (Zelda 2)

    Good lord this brings back some memories! I remember playing Zelda II before I had even learned to read! In retrospect that might explain why I never got very far into the game, it being an RPG and all...
  5. Not making excuses (ok maybe a little) but my track is literally the product of a few hours work that had intended to go back to and then forgot about, uh, I mean ran out of time on
  6. I have a scratch track but not much time to work on it. I'll get something submitted regardless.
  7. Wow, what an interesting choice! Will certainly look into doing something with this.
  8. I'm not a hip-hop/rap fan, however this track is pure awesome. The flow of the track is amazing and the vocals fit perfectly with the source. One of the best remixes on the site.
  9. Voted! A nice turnout, well done everyone!
  10. Wow, this is an awesome upgrade to an 8-bit track! The orchestration is magnificent. And this track is almost 10 years old! Good lord...
  11. In that case I shall endeavour to do it tonight!
  12. I should be able to get around to it soon. It's been at the back of my mind for a while!
  13. Boys; I wanna take you for a ride! *EDIT* Wow, this is my 666th post. I may never be able to post on OCR again!
  14. Aaaaaah so many comments! Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Firstly yeah; the mix is muddy as all hell and I had an absolutely nightmare of a time even getting it to that point. Really I could have done with starting the mastering from scratch but sadly Time waits for no remixer. @Dextastic The VST is Cinematic Keys by Sample Logic and it's awesome. I got is solely for the organ sounds but the other presets are very cool as well. @APZX Yes, sadly the choir ended up being too forward in the mix. This was one of those situations where it sounded fine on the headphones I use with my computer but way out of whack on every other device I listened to it on. Cést la vie, as they say. I have to admit that I didn't listen to your two mixes, guys and I'm really sorry about that as I always try and make a point of listening to every track submitted for a round. I'll attempt to rectify that ASAP. And @HoboKa I'll get a source to you ASAP
  15. Organs, organs everywhere! I got a new VST, can you tell?