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    Christopher Getman has been making music via the handle "Mazedude" since 1995, with a focus on video game music arrangements since 2001. In the years since, Mazedude has made a name for himself via Overclocked Remix, the Bad Dudes, various guest artist releases across a wide variety of arranged albums, and even some video game soundtracks.

    He has a passion for crafting remixes that honor American game composers, as well as a distinct desire to fuse genres in ways never before heard.
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  1. Hey all; just wanted to share that at long last, I have (once again) rebuilt I'd love it if you could take a peek, explore a bit, and let me know what you think. Some of the remix descriptions are a bit sparse (or missing), and I'm working on filling those in over time. Otherwise, I've brought back that nifty "compare to the original" feature that people liked from the old site, I've loaded the (available) descriptions with inspiration and reference material, and you can also play the entire American Pixels album through the site. Every track has its own URL, it's mobile-friendly... lots of good stuff. Oh, and as of last night I've also built a search engine into the platform. Check it out and share your thoughts, many thanks!
  2. I do believe I'm one of the two recent builds, and yes, I'm loving the new system! Great work! You get my recommendation for sure.
  3. Say... a question for y'all. I'm currently upgrading my home studio, getting some new gear in there, and I'm wondering... if I were to create a re-mastered version of The American Album (originally released in 2005), would there be any interest? Better mixing, maybe bring in some live instruments, etc.? I wouldn't want to pull a Lucas and re-make pieces of history that were fine the way they were... but then again, I could pull a Schafer and have fun simply presenting some material that hey, you enjoyed this years ago, now here it is again in HD. Btw here's the album if you want to give it a fresh listen:
  4. I hear so many people complain about the Meat Circus; I didn't think it was all that bad. For me, it's more of a delayed-reaction "what the hell" response to The Adventures of Bayou Billy on NES. On one magical day in my childhood I tapped into the zone for that game, and beat it. Now, I go back, and I can barely get past level 1, all the while getting pissed as the alligators keep biting me. How did the younger me do it???
  5. Hey all; for those who haven't yet heard the buzz, the brilliant minds at Trilobyte Games just launched a Kickstarter for The 7th Guest Board Game. If you were a fan of the original 7th Guest game, check it out... heck check it out even if you've never played the game, cause it looks pretty cool!
  6. Ooh, I'm a Dead Space fan, let's check this out. All in all, not bad! Not an easy task either, I did a couple similar sound-replacement homework assignments when I took classes at Purchase College. It pulled me in, I kept wondering "where are the necromorphs?" The only things I'd nitpick would be that the door opening sounded longer and slower than the corresponding visual of the door opening, and I felt the chainsaw weapon (I'm blanking on the name for that one) could have been a bit louder and sharper. But generally, good work. How'd the University folks like it?
  7. Dang man, that's impressive, I didn't know you juggled as well. I have some friends who are into juggling that I've shared this with; best of luck with your goal!
  8. Hot diggity, nice to see some more Duke Nukem 3D love. I almost remixed this theme a while back, never did, so it's cool to hear someone else tackle it. I feel it takes a bit to get going, but I'd agree with the judges that it almost has a mellow aspect once the groove comes in. Rather than headbangin' I find myself swaying back and forth, envisioning ol' Duke shooting them aliens up in a casual, laid-back manner. I'd prefer a little more variety as the track continues, perhaps a different lead sound or a change in the percussion, but still, a nice track that hits that nuanced "aggressive chillout" style. Now to go check out the rest of "Reduked"!
  9. Aaaaand, as previously indicated, the project is now out on a variety of platforms: Pick your favorite, check it out, like it, review it, share it, all that fun stuff. Oh, and physical CDs are also now available through Bandcamp for anyone who wants to have and to hold it. I'll add that I've also got a pretty cool start on the first Kickstarter commission reward remix, so... stay tuned, there are some pretty cool free follow-up goodies on the way.
  10. Had a great time at MAG, and it was great hanging out with all the OCR peeps! I'm also glad I went to the panel, there are a couple new projects I still need to go download. Good stuff.
  11. To all who haven't yet heard the news, I'm pleased to report that the album is finally FINISHED. The project is currently on Bandcamp, with other distribution channels pending. Thanks to all for the support for Kickstarter; now, go check out the final product!
  12. I'll be there... first time in a few years now, although I'm still proud to say that I was at the very first one, way back when. Sometimes I still think of it by the original name "Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival" - now there's some trivia for y'all. Looking forward to seeing you guys there; hit me up if - nay, WHEN - there's to be an OCR hangout! (Or two, or three...) Cell: 315-744-2839.
  13. 24 hours left y'all. Pledge before it's over. And with that, I present the remaining track teasers: "Bernard Electric" (Maniac Mansion), original theme by Dave Govett, featuring Matt Vacanti on electric bass: "Maniac Muzak" (Maniac Mansion), original theme by George "The Fat Man" Sanger, featuring Maho Azuma on flute: "Big Sister Matti" (Bioshock 2), original theme by Garry Schyman: "Aurelia for Trombone" (Advent Rising), original theme by Tommy Tallarico, featuring David White on trombone: Enjoy, and please, help me make this campaign a success by spreading the word and sharing this link wherever your heart tells you: And, again, thanks to everyone here for their amazing support through this campaign. I love you guys.
  14. Figured I'd share all the extended track teasers and behind-the-scenes stories that have been released so far, since there are a lot and it's quite possible that folks have missed some... and it'll save you having to dig through the "updates" tab on the campaign: "The Dragonborn Concerto" (Skyrim), original theme by Jeremy Soule, featuring our own David "dhsu" Hsu on piano - "Liquid Tribes" (Puzzlejuice), original theme by our very own Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson - "Agent Sprawl" (Dead Space 2), original theme by Jason Graves, featuring our own Kunal Majmudar on keys - "Tristram in Flames" (Diablo), original theme by Matt Uelmen, featuring our own Ailsean on guitar - "Transponder Mission" (Mass Effect 2), original theme by Jack Wall - "Tribal Clayface" (Batman Arkham City), original theme by Ron Fish - "Angelhenge" (Brutal Legend), original theme by Peter McConnell, featuring our own zyko on guitar - "Switch Force Ballad" (Mighty Switch Force 2), original theme by our friend Jake Kaufman - "Metropolis for Guitar" (DC Universe Online), original theme by Gerard Marino, featuring William Reyes of The OneUps on guitar - "Purple Streets" (Sam and Max Season One), original theme by Jared Emerson-Johnson - So... yeah. Enjoy. There are still a few days left in the campaign, and I do have a few more teasers and stories on the way... but that's the bulk of them right there!
  15. Big update everyone... today we hit 100%!!! The project is now officially funded. Huge, huge thanks to OCR for the help. That said, we have 7 days to go, and to celebrate, today I added a new stretch goal. Help me get to the next level, and the next remix I do as a post-launch bonus track will be... "Baba Yetu" By Christopher Tin, from Civilization IV: It's been requested a lot over the years actually, but man... a hard one to do justice to. But let's keep this funding momentum going over the next few days, and I'll make it happen. Thanks again!!!