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  1. I'll be performing with The OneUps this time. Swing on by if you want!
  2. <3
  3. Tell PAX I said hey
  4. It looks like we (Stargate) are playing Friday night. Not sure what time yet. It's an all new trio (plus some guests on some songs!), all never-before-heard arrangements in a variety of styles. Maybe even something from 3rd strike Labs is the only thing we've planned on doing thus far so this might be a once in a lifetime thing. If you can make it, please do! I love you either way tho... :EDIT: 10PM Friday
  6. Here's a lil thing I did a few months ago from Klonoa. Soprano and tenor saxophones.
  7. That's... the highest praise a video game could receive honestly. I keep hearing good things about it but now I'm even more hype. HYPER if you will
  8. BLASPHEMY Still, I can't wait to get in depth with SFV once I own Windows or PS4. I got to play Rashid for a brief couple of minutes in beta, but not for enough time to really know what I was doing. The lack of modes in a competitive fighting game isn't an issue if the engine itself plays well. As long there's a versus mode and training mode, we gravy.
  9. Next year I'm going to make it a point to rally the crew for some gaming
  10. You'll be missed Gar. I'll be in touch after
  11. I'm not familiar with this soundtrack at all, but I might play sax on something if needed, and if I'm available. Y'all know where to find me
  12. o man I love those guys!
  13. This cat can shred. There're some interesting altered harmonies in the arrangement that I liked as well.