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    I absolutely love video game music :D. From Sonic (especially), Mario, Zelda, Blinx: The Time Sweeper 1&2 (which I plan to remix one day), Frogger's Journey: The Forgotten Relic, and so many others games.

    I know how to play the cello (played for about 6+ years), and the piano as well.
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  1. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    That would be amazing @Earth Kid !!! Definitely keep me posted !!!!
  2. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    EVERY ANIME GAME ACCEPTED FOR REMIX!!! That's right everyone! ALL anime related video games are up for remixing. Opening up the possibilities for everyone in what can be remixed. As such, the final deadline of this album has been extended out to this Summer. We are also in search of album artists as well! (Don't hesitate to reach out to me either ). I know this has been an insanely long journey with hurdles everywhere along the way, but we'll definitely make this happen! Let's rally towards the finish everyone!!! Much appreciated man!!!
  3. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Hey All! We've all made fantastic progress and strides during the Albums' Life Cycle, but we are reaching a close !! I apologize for being behind on the October 10th deadline, this is partially due to the event that took place in my Hometown Las Vegas on October 1st. The deadline for the Finalized WAV has been extended to November 30th for the completion of the Album. Whatever we've got on that date we will be moving forward with :). Thanks for the hard work everyone!!!
  4. Vegas Radio Show (The Late Night Zone)

    Hey all :), I finally got the website up and running for my radio show The Late Night Zone!! ( I'm doing phone interview with YouTubers, Music Artists, Business Leaders, and etc; and I'm posting this here because I would Love to do some interview with some OC Remixers as well. So I'll definitely be reaching out to artists for this too :). And if you want to reach me then my email for the show is . Even if it's just to send me music to feature live on-air :). If anyone has time to listen to the shows, let me know what you think of it!
  5. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Update: I love the general excitement for this album everyone !!!! We have yet another finalized WAV in for the Album!!!! We're making fantastic process as well!! If anyone still wants to join in on the album then you're more then welcome too !!! But the final wav would have to be done on the Finalized Wav Deadline [which has been pushed to October 3rd, 2017]. I'll post this update in the Album's Closed FB Group as well .
  6. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Hey all, going to start sending out messages for the artists who do not have a Substantial WIP just yet. We're making fantastic progress everyone. Keep it up !!!
  7. Who the HELL would want to stalk me!!??

    Yeah I died when I read that xD.
  8. Who the HELL would want to stalk me!!??

    So I saw this thread a while back lol, and was checking out some of the new remixes posted on Youtube.....when I came across this xD. (The last part is what gets me lol)
  9. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    MAJOR UPDATE: Substantial WIP Deadline Approaching: Hey All, I'll be checking in with you regarding the status of the tracks on the album. Just an update and a reminder as I know that people are busy :). 10. June 30th, 2017 [Substantial WIP Deadline]
  10. Vegas Radio Show (The Late Night Zone)

    Hey All (forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place), but I wanted to share this because I'm Super Excited lol (why I got business cards). I have a radio show in Vegas on 91.5FM (have had one for a year and a half now; 4 months on the FM Station). I do end up playing some oc remixes from time to time . So if you're ever in Las Vegas check out my show The Late Night Zone! I appreciate any feedback I get on my show (@LateNightZone).
  11. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Alright all! Have another major update for everyone. We're going to be fast tracking the album towards completion. Shooting for a finish date of [November 10, 2017] and hopefully a Winter Release (2017 or early 2018). I've included the deadlines and milestones in this post as well :). We now only have 1 Last Song that needs to be claimed, and it's the closing song for the album. Thanks so much for everyone's hard work on the album!! 10. June 30th, 2017 [Substantial WIP Deadline] 11. September 30th, 2017 [Completed Songs Deadline] 12. October 10th, 2017 [Song Evaluation Milestone] 13. October 28th, 2017 [Album Artwork Completed] 14. November 10th, 2017 [Album Completion]
  12. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Alright all check your inbox ! I've contacted everyone on the album regarding the Deadline. Check your inbox's !
  13. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Alright everyone! We're reaching another Deadline Phase for the Project :). I'll be checking in on artists today and tomorrow to get an update and idea of where everyone is :).
  14. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Alright for sure! I have your claim placed down ! We now have 3 claims left open on the album! Keep up the great work everyone!
  15. The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Alright everyone, just posting this as a reminder that the deadline is coming up on March 30th. Re-caping on the albums update below as well, for those who missed it :). The Shonen Jump Remix Album will accept remixes from ANY Shonen Jump Video Game. The Shonen Jump Universe is quite large indeed, and this way many Shonen Jump Video Games can be covered. Giving artists a variety of sources to choose from (Much thanks to my Co-Directors for pitching this idea)! The Album as a whole will have 1 Opening song and 1 Closing song using the criteria listed below.