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  1. PRC 357 vote 

    1. Silverpool

    Even though he/she is the only person I could vote for, I'd like to give my two cents on the remix anyway. I loved his instrument switch with synths for being the main aspects of the remix and was a nice touch. The changes in percussion really stabilizes the remix with a strong foundation of rhythm especially with the kick. Something that might needs improvement that I also need to improve on putting a sort of spin on the remix. It seems with this remix that the instrument changes are really good, but it seems it was like it was a coloring a firetruck blue, It looks cool, but the fire truck is still a firetruck.  


  2. Hey wanted to post it here also as a precaution just in case.

    Also for my choice for the next PRC is the Pyrite Town theme from Pokemon Colosseum. There isn't a lot to this song I feel like people can put their own personality on it that others might not expect.

    I'm having trouble inputting any midi of this in this message so the link to get this is on http://www.ninsheetmusic.org/browse/series/Pokemon

    just Ctrl+F and type in Pokemon Colosseum and its one the themes below. I'm sorry for burdening you with this.


  3. I finished my remix! I would love any feedback that anyone can give me. Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you very much! I saw some different variations so its nice to have another perspn look into it.
  5. Hey does anyone have lyrics on hand? I would greatly appreciate it!
  6. Flurry of Flames PRC 356 vote

    1. Arcana

    2. Silverpool


    The reasoning behind this because of how much of a person style and their ingenuity melded into the source tune. With Arcana's remix, Having live instruments really brought the music to life in the genre that he/she was working with especially his/her improvised spots starting 1:22 which was a good effort into putting their own spin on this track. The other big factor was that there was a sense of contrast with the remix itself without help of the source tune. The example is when the transition goes from the 1st verse to the chorus at 0:55 which the live drums really drive that contrast as giving it a more rock feeling than what was being played previously. There were spotty notes here and there, but the effort into trying and making something new within the track within the confines of the genre they're playing deserves some credit.

    With Silverpool's remix, I really like the change of instrumentation of the main melody and call back or also known as the voices from the original tune. It gives a mellow tone at first, but still has a slight edge giving momentum even with a mellow tone. I loved some addictions such a light electric piano rhythm when only percussion and bass were playing (0:13), and I think its called a fill at 1:21, and in my opinion I felt there could be even more variation as I felt it was still close to what we had in the general midi sample we got. It's most apparent in the percussion, but they did differentiate it the end to give them credit for that. Also I did feel like the timbres were just a touch too similar occasionally as I would mistake the original source midi we had to this remix. My ear is still training so there could be stuff I missed and went over my head, but in the end I liked the remix and I think there is much more room to grow out of it.  

  7. Just did it! you should be able to now.
  8. Hello! I wasn't able to sign up, and I did make a remix. Not a great one, but a remix nonetheless. Here you go!
  9. Hey guys, I would like some feedback on this remix. I'm not well versed in percussion, and would also like ideas for accompaniment if possible. Any advice is well appreciated. Thank you!
  10. This is really awesome!! I wanted to ask are the strings real, and if not, what did you do to make them sound so real?
  11. 3. completed

    I like it, and I think you should take an extra look at balancing especially at parts 3:01-3:04 as the tone is very sharp and it dominated over everything else. I'm still learning all this stuff, but that was the biggest aspect that came to mind. Someone else will probably be able to give you more information than I can. Keep up the good work!