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  1. Looks like I got all my work done just in time, can finally get the last parts of my newer WIP done in time for the deadline.
  2. I meant like, rhythm or lead guitar, what kind of sound like distorted etc. If it's some simple distorted rhythm guitar stuff you want and you can't find anyone better, I am probably available.
  3. What kind of electric guitar are you looking for?
  4. I'm pretty close to finalising my arrangement, and hopefully I'll have something not completely horrible to show very soon. I don't anticipate any problems meeting the next check-in since after tomorrow I'll finally have a large chunk of free time for the first time this year! It sucks about the Andross thing, I was interested in the idea of a big collab but didn't want to commit until I had something more substantial with Sector Z. I was listening to the WIPs last night and I'm still really impressed, inspires me to pick up my game a bit more, great work so far, guys.
  5. I'll have something more substantial soon, just waiting for it to cool down a bit around here so I get less noise and feedback from my ceiling fan and a/c when recording
  6. I moved house recently so I'm still trying to find and get my recording stuff setup, I'll definitely have it sorted before the deadline, but I can upload a small section in midi over the next couple of days if you need. Still very much in the ideas and writing phase.
  7. Hey dude, love your music. The art for this game looks great, that run animation is fantastic.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, guys. Look forward to working with you all.
  9. Hi guys, this is a great idea that I'd love to be a part of if I could. I'm new here but could I claim Sector Z from Star Fox 64?
  10. That was great, man. I wasn't digging your guitar tone at the start but I got over it, the rest of the song sounded really good.
  11. I really loved how full that sounded, it flowed really well and sounded great.
  12. Thanks, man. I've tried a couple of AW covers in the past and whenever I mess with the arrangement it always feels wrong to me, so instead I try and put a lot of work into the guitar.
  13. That sounded really nice, I love your tones.
  14. Hi, finally decided to make an account here and share stuff that I've made. This is Jake's theme from Advance Wars DS, hope some of you enjoy it.