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  1. @Estrang your requested remixes are available! Nice to see some good representation on this one. Due to the late submissions I guess we vote by messaging Bundeslang.
  2. My submission is in!
  3. Oh my gosh, I forgot to vote! Sorry about that. I agree with the outcome though. I really liked GCJ's orchestral remix. I also liked HoboKa's creative take during the last 30 seconds or so of his submission. Finally, I loved sggod's rock idea (although I didn't like the voice samples at the beginning) and would have loved to see it fleshed out further.
  4. Really cool source. I'll do my best to get something together for this.
  5. I would hope at least all the competitors take the time to vote!
  6. @HoboKa Not sure why you submitted yours as a bonus mix. Anyway it's nice to see some good representation this round. I wonder if anyone else is working on something for this?
  7. Are you humanizing velocities, timings, etc by hand? Do you not have a humanize function available to you in your DAW?
  8. SURE, the one round I choose to experiment, so does everyone else I really liked the range of compositions this round, and I am quite surprised I came out on top in the end. NinjaPenguinDan, I *did* humanize the piano! Oh well, I guess it wasn't enough, and listening to my track again I can hear some parts that feel a little too stiff. Argh. Oh well, it's all part of the learning process, isn't it? RonaldPoe, I agree with the others who say that you need to turn up the bass lines in your work. There's something interesting going on there but it's really hard to hear. Maybe it sounds good to you but it's not translating - in other words, maybe there's something wrong with your audio monitoring setup. Personal story along those lines: for the first few months I did remixes people would always comment about the lack of low end in my work even though it sounded fine on my end. I was mixing with headphones with a nice and flat low-end frequency response, so what could the problem be? It turns out the problem was that I was plugging them into my speaker's headphone jack instead of directly into my computer's headphone jack, and the speakers were applying a bass boost before passing the signal along! I thought it was just a pass-through connection but I was wrong. So now I just plug my headphones directly into my computer and things are...well, not ideal, but at least much better.
  9. I have had 0 time to work on my bonus mix I'm liking what's been submitted so far though!
  10. Got my entry in with 12 hours to spare!
  11. Why not both? The Battletoads deadline is a week before this one
  12. This is screaming out for a rock remix, but I'm going to try to step out of my comfort zone a bit and take in a totally different direction.
  13. Wow, close competition this time! @Trism There was a tone change in my second section! All guitars and drums got a tone change, but maybe some of them were too subtle. @APZX Thanks! For the finale I assume you mean 1:57-2:21. I like the drum part I wrote there but I didn't like the way it ended up sounding with the built-in drum panning. I tried to take your comment last time about layering the parts to make the song more interesting to listen to to heart this time, so I did a lot with panning the guitars, organ, trumpets, and sax this time around.
  14. I'm not a judge and have no idea how the judges think so take my comments with a grain of salt. First it would be helpful to have a link to the source material for comparison. I've played DX a few times but I'm not very familiar with the source track. Overall I enjoyed the piece and only have a couple of criticisms. The piano at 0:30 and at the end sounds a little artificial and could use some velocity variations to make those parts sound more expressive. Also your hi hats and some synths (like 1:20-1:27) and the cymbals (from 3:46-4:00) are too harsh. This is a pretty consistent problem throughout the song. Please EQ them to fix this.