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  1. The Kingdom Hearts piece sounds pretty fun. We'll see if I have time for it!
  2. Redshift

    Cool stuff
  3. MnP 90: Metroid - Brinstar

    Congrats all. Thanks for the bonus mix, satoka. I think a few of the faster note runs are getting lost (due to the sample articulations having a slow attack?) but other than that it sounds pretty nice and epic.
  4. Are you using reference tracks when you're mixing? If you don't know what that is, a "reference track" is just a song you like the sound of, in a similar genre, that was professionally produced. The idea is that you should switch back and forth between listening to your mix and the reference track constantly when you're mixing to help you get your sound and EQ balance closer to that of the reference track. If you don't do that (and you only listen to your own mix while mixing), eventually your ears will start to deceive you into thinking your mix sounds good, just because your brain has gotten used to it, even though it would sound terrible to you if you were listening to it fresh. FWIW, and I didn't listen too carefully, I liked the one called "Latest Edit" better.
  5. MnP 90: Metroid - Brinstar

    My bonus mix is nearly complete.
  6. Rockin! Zelda 2 was actually my favorite Zelda game, heretical as that may sound, and I think you did a really nice job with these themes. I just wish the drums weren't so busy. I like prog metal too, and with my experience in the genre the drums are *sometimes* as crazy as you've got them, but frequently they're a bit more chilled out (like toward the end of your piece) to let the other parts breathe a little more.
  7. MnP 89: Phantasy Star IV - Zio (Laughter)

    Ahhh, I don't think you should have conceded based on the merits of your work alone because I thought your track was quite excellent, although I can understand not wanting to pick the next source. I like the beginning of your remix better than mine. I'm not sure how I feel about the part where you slowed it down, but that makes it all the more epic when you sped it back up. You also used the whole of the source unlike me. Dat ending though...I'm a stickler on endings and I would have liked to hear one here. Anything! Maybe I was supposed to imagine it looped instead. Hmmmmmm. Anyway, lemme check...yes, I slowed my remix down to 145 BPM throughout. I actually forgot to check the BPM in the original midi before I got to work, which I see now was 151 BPM.
  8. PRC369 - The Route Before #226 (Pokemon Ruby)

    You know how it starts on the first beat of a measure? Try starting it with a little run in a little before that, and maybe start that run at a slightly lower volume and quickly fade it in. That may or may not work - every transition is different so you'll just have to try it and see if you like it.
  9. PRC369 - The Route Before #226 (Pokemon Ruby)

    I really dug your bonus mix, FreakyT. I was worried, based on the first 15 seconds or so, that it was going to be kind of sparse and boring but boy was I wrong about that! You did all kinds of great stuff that came together really well and kept me eager to hear what was next, and I thought the ending was sublime. The only jarring thing for me was when that trumpet-like lead entered at :47, but then it works well after that.
  10. MnP 89: Phantasy Star IV - Zio (Laughter)

    Just submitted. We'll see if I have any more revisions before Wednesday.
  11. MnP 89: Phantasy Star IV - Zio (Laughter)

    Why? I never said what I have so far is any good
  12. MnP 89: Phantasy Star IV - Zio (Laughter)

    I've got something in the works.
  13. PRC368 - The Planet of Bamboo (Freedom Planet)

    Well done AxLR. My only complaints are the kick and the ending. My brain focuses on the kick, and it sounds like you are using just one sample with no variation, plus the sidechained compression from the kick on the rest of the song is too strong for me. I know some people are into that but I feel that you overdid it. As for the ending, it was fine until the song just stopped abruptly. I thought it needed just a little bit more there to wrap it up nicely. edit: And that's a nice bonus mix there, PlanarianHugger. Good variations and good flow. I'm curious - how did you do your arps?
  14. MnP 88: Maniac Mansion - Dave's Theme

    I thought it rocked, and I especially liked the transition into the ending at 1:19. I think something is clipping that shouldn't be after around the 1:00 mark though.
  15. MnP 88: Maniac Mansion - Dave's Theme

    Sorry, all I checked was that it played back alright for me in Winamp. I know @Master Mi has done a remix for this tune. Maybe he could chime in with what midi he used, and maybe he'd like to participate this round?