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  1. Why not both? The Battletoads deadline is a week before this one
  2. This is screaming out for a rock remix, but I'm going to try to step out of my comfort zone a bit and take in a totally different direction.
  3. Wow, close competition this time! @Trism There was a tone change in my second section! All guitars and drums got a tone change, but maybe some of them were too subtle. @APZX Thanks! For the finale I assume you mean 1:57-2:21. I like the drum part I wrote there but I didn't like the way it ended up sounding with the built-in drum panning. I tried to take your comment last time about layering the parts to make the song more interesting to listen to to heart this time, so I did a lot with panning the guitars, organ, trumpets, and sax this time around.
  4. I'm not a judge and have no idea how the judges think so take my comments with a grain of salt. First it would be helpful to have a link to the source material for comparison. I've played DX a few times but I'm not very familiar with the source track. Overall I enjoyed the piece and only have a couple of criticisms. The piano at 0:30 and at the end sounds a little artificial and could use some velocity variations to make those parts sound more expressive. Also your hi hats and some synths (like 1:20-1:27) and the cymbals (from 3:46-4:00) are too harsh. This is a pretty consistent problem throughout the song. Please EQ them to fix this.
  5. I'm glad to see the extension, as this was a fun one and I'm excited to hear what others come up with.
  6. I admit that I missed that the bass part was original. Sorry! As a drummer I would say your track was definitely the most interesting percussion-wise. However, the cowbell you're using doesn't sound very good (maybe try replacing it with some deep bongos or toms if other cowbell samples don't fit the cave mood) and is a little too low in the mix. The hi hats are WAY too low in the mix. I had to listen again with headphones and turn it way up to even realize they were there.
  7. It's not just about bass drum hits. X's are hits on the bass or snare drums that must be there. At the x's you can choose whether to hit the bass, snare, hi-hat, or none of them. For instance, if you choose a X-xX-x pattern, a single bar of 6/8 (high bpm) might look like hi hat O--O--- bass drum O-O--- snare ---O-O (O=hit, -=rest) Now loop that, but occasionally drop the second O on the bass drum and/or snare.
  8. Haha, great source choice! My composition is done but I need to work on the mix.
  9. Thanks for the detailed response! Yeah I understand masking and notching/boosting in theory, but I need a lot more practice learning the proper frequency ranges to do it for each instrument. I'm going to revisit this mix and work on it some more. One problem I've had is the same as Trism: My mix sounds really good on my headphones but not as good on my speakers or other systems. I recently learned that my headphones frequency response isn't as flat as I thought, and have added some corrective eq. I've also started playing with a binaural room impulse response vst so I can hear the phantom center correctly in my headphones. I know mixing is best done on monitors in an acoustically treated room, but that's just not in the cards for me right now. Let me make sure I understand what you said at the beginning: You are recommending starting with all instruments at 0 and bringing them into the mix one at a time, using only volume knobs/gainers, until everything is heard well enough, and then apply EQ/compression from there, right? Also, as far as "stage placement," do you think adding some additional reverb to the piano would help it stand out more by making it sound like I've moved it back on the stage? Is that a thing that commonly works? Right now it has the exact same reverb as all the guitars so it's in the same line as them. I promise I got more out of your post than I am asking here-I just need a little guidance to make sure I'm moving in the right direction.
  10. Thanks! The guitars are all programmed (actually everything in my track is programmed), and part of what took me so long with this track was learning how to use my guitar VST. I've still got a few things to learn on it for sure. In case anyone cares, the guitars are all AME with some freeware distorition, and one of the lead guitars has a light flanger on it for parts of the song. I worked on that damn transition at 1:10 for a long time. I tried three or four things and finally settled on what you hear in the track. I don't know if you noticed but during the first few bars of Cutting Edge, one of the lead guitars continues playing the Mute City melody until it "links" up with the Cutting Edge melody. It's probably my favorite thing about my remix. Thanks for the mixing feedback. I'll work on it. I'm still new to mixing though and I don't understand what you meant by this part. I'm not sure what you mean by width or layering. Do you mean doing non-static panning and automating gainers, stuff like that? I'm trying to stay away from things like stereo expanders because of the problems they have if you listen to the song in mono. In the track I submitted I used the following static panning (everything on a scale from 50L to 50R). Rhythm guitar 1 panned hard L Rhythm guitar 2 same part, panned hard R Lead guitar 1 panned 29 L Piano left hand panned 15 L Bass center Piano right hand panned 15 R Lead guitar 2 panned 27 R Drums panned statically, each piece placed in its natural position in the kit.
  11. FEEDBACK POST @Trism I like the organ. What vst is it? 1:50-2:05 uses a different organ. Is it part of the same vst? Unfortunately as Austin pointed out the organ part is often overshadowed by the choir parts. I'm not sure if you would want to adjust the volume levels or mix it differently to make the organ sound come through better. I still suck at mixing so I can't offer much feedback there. I like the choir part itself. I think it fits well with the song. I also like that you let instruments like the choir part and the organ at 1:50-2:05 come in and drop out over the course of the song and it all still fits together pretty well. I also agree with Austin that the drums sound like an afterthought. The drums on the original version are better, which should not happen in a remix. The original drum part is pretty complicated, bordering on overplaying, so replacing it with a simpler drum part would be fine, but what you have doesn't quite work. For instance, if you start counting after the first crash cymbal, the ninth snare hit should be part of a fill and doesn't sound right on its own. I know you didn't have a lot of time to work on this so it's fine, but what you wrote for the drum track sounds like an outline to be filled in later, and filling in a few little things like this fill can be enough to finish the part and make the whole song sound a lot better. My main instrument is drums so please let me know if you'd like more constructive criticism on the drum part. @APZX I love what you did with Cutting Edge. I wasn't sold on the idea of putting it in an EDM style when you first mentioned it, but you really made it work. As far as style goes I usually don't care much for electronic music (the kind you submitted this and the previous round)-I'm more of a rock guy-but this is something I would legitimately listen to in my normal playlist. The bass drum is heavy in the Cutting Edge section and I love it. I think you did a good job with the Mute City part too-particularly 1:30-2:07 (and 1:57-2:07 really kicks ass)-but I don't agree that it's high energy all the way through. This is probably just my inner drummer talking, but for me I don't feel like a whole lot is going on until around 0:40, and the break from 1:04-1:20 really kills the momentum you'd built up to that point. Musically it's all fine, but if high energy is what you were going for the whole way through, that's not what came across to me.
  12. My bonus entry is up! As I posted on ThaSauce, I spent way too much time on this and am not totally happy with the result, but I learned a lot by doing it and that's kind of the point, right? It's a drums/guitars/bass/piano rock arrangement that starts in Mute City and ends up in Cutting Edge. Time for me to check out APZX's entry . Anyone else getting in on this?
  13. For what it's worth I enjoyed your remix. The only parts I have issue with are: 1-the bass part is a little strange at times before the drums come in. 2-the drum parts from 2:30-2:52 and 3:24-3:44 (they are the same part) are not how a real drummer would play the part, at least not for more than a measure or so. For triplets like you're dealing with a typical drum beat would be X-xX-x (X=down beat hit, x=optional hit, -=no hit), not Xx-Xx- like you have. Also there would be no hi hat during tom fills.