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  1. Well, I've got something for this. Working on mixing it now.
  2. Pretty cool. Definitely sounds in the vein of Pink Floyd. I'm not sure how you recorded this, but the production needs some work. You'll need to learn about mixing and mastering techniques to make a finished product if you don't already know about them.
  3. Cool. Would it be possible for you to share your settings on those somehow? (Maybe with a screenshot or two?)
  4. Wow, that was a really close result! Good show everyone. APZX, I'm curious about what exactly you dislike about the snare on my track. I actually sampled several snares for it (after I'd recorded the midi) and thought I had found a good one with a nice crack to it. Is it the samples themselves that you dislike or was it the way they were used in the track or what? Also does anyone know if Kat posts here? A few of us were asking about the guitar on her last PRC entry.
  5. Voted at thasauce.
  6. Actual drummer here. This is quite good. The different velocity levels on the hits are necessary to have a realistic sounding performance and you did a great job with that. The only two issues I have with it are 1) The bass drum is a little busy at the beginning of the track. It would be difficult, although not impossible, for an actual drummer to play that groove with one foot. You can tell he only has one foot available to play it because the other is busy doing things with the hi hat. 2) Around 1:00 you have some cymbal hits happening by themselves. However these should practically always be accompanied by a hit on the bass drum or, if necessary in the context of the pattern, the snare. The cymbal "flair" you have going on around 0:40 is fine, but the other parts should be corrected.
  7. I can't even access ThaSauce to hear the submissions right now.
  8. ThaSauce seems to be having some problems right now. Tried to vote and got an error message. Will try to vote there tomorrow. If I'm still getting errors I'll PM you my vote.
  9. Finishing mine up as we speak.
  10. Just so everyone knows, the midi is right. The video linked in the OP omits a part of the tune contained in the midi. Here's a video containing that part:
  11. Wow, nice number of entries here! I took one listen to the source and thought "nope, there's nothing I could do to make this better," so I'm excited to hear what you creative people managed to put together for this one!
  12. Thanks Roz. I agree there are some mixing issues, and I'll work on the guitar tone and such some more. The piano already has a ton of reverb on it but I guess it's not doing its job. As for the arrangement, the synth part during the verses is entirely new, but other than that it sticks to the source pretty closely until 0:58. 0:58-1:12 is new but inspired by the part right before it, 1:12-1:34 introduces some variations on the verse, and then 1:34-2:40 has major variations and is the part I'm most proud of. From there through the ending I like the idea I have but it's not mixed to come through right. It's amazing how many issues you can hear with a mix after you step away from it for a couple of weeks verafx, about the panning, are you referring to the piano stereo sweep from 1:10-1:12? If not, which part do you mean?
  13. Almost forgot. Free acoustic guitar and bass: AGM lite and ABP lite from This stuff blows every other free guitar plugin I've tried out of the water.
  14. Here are some vst's to check out. Free symphonic samples: Sonatina Orchestra rompler VSCO2 rompler (not as good as Sonatina IMO) There's a lot more good stuff at this blog if you look around. Virtual playing orchestra Free decent acoustic drum kits: and
  15. Ok, so you have FL Studio, which is a pretty popular choice. I don't use it myself but I know several people here use it so they should be able to give you some feedback on how to use it better. We can all help you better if you can give a little more info: What instruments are you using? What sliders have you been playing with? What musical background do you have? (Do you play an instrument, have you studied music theory, etc) Also I suggest you post a link to this thread in a PRC thread and an MNP thread to which you've made a submission. I think you'll get a lot more views and people willing to help that way.