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  1. Hey all, we're trying out one of those social media contest thingies and giving away a couple copies of our 10" vinyl, as well as our past CD and cassette tape releases. If that's the sort of thing you'd be interested in getting, just a few clicks and views can get you entered into the contest.
  2. We've been working on and hinting at this for months, now it's finally available! 10" VINYL: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Back in 2016, Marshall Art was invited to play the chipspace stage at MAGFest. For that show, we invited our friend and past collaborator Cory Johnson to join us (partially as an excuse to finally see and hear some of his music played live.) We collaboratively re-arranged some vgm covers from our back catalogs for NES and two guitars, and crafted a new cover specifically for that show. A year later, it seemed an aweful shame to just let these arrangements sit unreleased. So, this spring we polished them up, recorded new parts, and with the help of our new friends at The Yetee had them pressed to 10" vinyl. It's been a long process getting these ready, but we're happy to finally have them available and very proud of the end product! Endless thanks to Michael for the mastering; Ami for the live photo; Mike, Marc, and Drew at The Yetee; and Sebastian at Materia Collective for making this release happen!
  3. Chipamp update

    Unless there's some reason for it not to be included, Rainwarrior's updated NSFplay is pretty much the go-to reference for accurate NSF playback. The winamp plugin (in_yansf.dll) is included with the standalone player download. It hasn't been updated in a while but it's open source and Brad is still maintaining it - he's busy working on his NES game, though. On a related note,'s homepage should probably be updated to
  4. MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    I know the feeling. I spoke with Level99 at the DoD party, and briefly encountered Rama and Starla as they were leaving, but that's about it. I'm really bummed I missed seeing DetectiveTuesday playing with the OneUps (although I happened to catch part of the soundcheck earlier in the day by pure luck) and missed every single time DrumUltimA performed (like, how is that even possible? he played like 16 thousand shows with different people!). Price you pay for staffing at MAGFest I guess. In better news, the DoD listening party/panel and web stream went smoother than it ever has, and each and every MAG Underground performance is up on youtube, so I guess my work paid off.
  5. OC ReMix WINTER/XMAS recommendations list

    Oh hi. Late Snows of Winter kinda fits too, I guess, but the instrumentation and vibe isn't all that wintery.
  6. MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    SWEET. Looking forward to seeing you play! So yeah, I'm going now! Won't be performing or doing visuals officially this year, but I may try to cook up a short chip set I can play at the chipspace or something like that...
  7. Just doing my part to spread the word! Thanks for all your hard work managing and releasing this album!
  8. Pick your poison:
  9. So hey, Undertale is a year old. Not too early for a MASSIVE TRIBUTE ALBUM, is it? Doug Perry (you may know him around these parts as DrumUltimA) and the Materia Collective organized this tribute album with nearly 100 arrangements of the game's soundtrack. I'm on the album with Marshall Art, and there are at least a handful of other posted OCReMixers on here, so I think it's kosher to have a thread in the community forum, right?
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say that the album that this song was originally made for, Chronicles of Time, has raised $14000 for charity since it launched in February. Not bad guys, not bad at all. Thanks to everyone who picked up the album!
  11. I saw this thread was bumped so I re-listened to this remix again recently. It's always been one of my favorites on the site, and I feel like some of the original material I've done with Marshall Art might owe itself to the noisy, abrasive sound and chaotic drums of this remix. I kind of want to do my own version of this source at some point, but then I listen to this and realize how hard it'd be to make something I like more than this.
  12. OCR monetizing mixes on YouTube

    Don't give Lucavi the satisfaction of having something else to bitch about on The Shizz.
  13. OCR monetizing mixes on YouTube

    I agree with what k-wix said, advertisements on youtube feel more directly attached to the music than the website ads. The website ads are seen when you are browsing the site, reading the write ups, etc, and it gives the (correct?) impression that the ad revenue goes toward maintaining the website and paying for the costs associated with hosting and delivering the content. The moment I see an ad on music on when browsing youtube (where, apart from the time it takes to generate and upload the video (from what I understand that's a fairly automated process) there is no direct cost to OCR), it gives me the impression that the channel is making a profit off of the content. If individual artists and viewers are getting the impression that youtube ads are linked to making a profit off of the content, I wonder how the Big N, Squeenix, etc, would perceive it. Without this turning into an argument about fair use (since that's not the point of this thread), is there any precedent for a monetized youtube channel with 100% of it's content being derived from other copyrighted works? (EDIT: Question retracted, there are OBVIOUS cases that I should have been able to think of. Chalk it up to a brain fart. )
  14. MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    I'll *most likely* be going. Unfortunately no Marshall Art shows this time around (streifig's going to be a father by the end of the year and can't make it to MAGFest as a result D:) but maybe I'll get to do visuals for some chiptune performers again, who knows?
  15. Chiptunes ...?

    I see your point, and agree with what you say about the adaptable definition of chiptune. My thinking was that chiptune (regardless of whether or not it's produced by an actual sound chip, or a tracked sequence of samples) is inherently digital. I don't think you'd find anyone who'd disagree with that. The video examples you linked are entirely analog. The composition is made by drawing shapes on paper and photographing them on a film strip, and the playback is done using a standard film projector (a beam of light shines through the film which exposes a variable amount of light to a photodetector, which is connected to an amplifier). There's no hard limitation to the complexity of sound that could be reproduced in this method and technology, in theory one (with a lot of patience and time) could draw out the exact images needed to reproduce, say, a perfect recreation of a human voice or an orchestra. In short, if chiptune is a duck, I'd argue that those graphical sound compositions are a whole 'nother species of bird. Maybe a swan. I don't like using "chiptune" as a genre name either. It's more of a tool set or instrument than it is it's own style of music. But I will concede that if you were to look at what is typically classified in the genre of "chiptune", then those compositions would indeed fit right in. I don't hear too many people calling the swaths of moog synthesizer records released in the 60's and 70's "chiptune" albums, though.