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  1. . Today is Marshall Art's fifth anniversary of being a band! To commemorate this, we've gathered up all of the covers we've recorded in the past five years and collected them into a single album. If you've ever wanted to hear Ecco The Dolphin music arranged like a Pink Floyd song (with chiptunes), or Chrono Trigger with elements of Deftones (and chiptunes) thrown in, then we've got the album for you. Bandcamp: (pay what you want!) Loudr: iTunes: Amazon: Google: Stream the album on Spotify: | Tracklist: We've also made a short run of cassette tapes! Each of the 25 copies is individually dubbed onto a different color cassette. The tapes are hand-stamped using custom laser cut wood stamps. The j-cards are all hand painted in color schemes and patterns inspired by the songs on the album. The tapes are housed in orange and black swirl/splatter painted cases. This item is as unique and hand-made as I could reasonably make it, save for hand winding the tapes myself. These will be for sale via our Bandcamp page at noon eastern time. Cassette photos:
  2. Hey Judges, if the artist behind a song that was in the judging queue / inbox was planning on releasing an album in the near future, would it be kosher to ask for an expedited decision / posting in order to reap the cross-promotion benefits? (semi-serious about this...)
  3. Bumping this because THE ALBUM IS OUT! The team behind 2013's acclaimed Secret of Mana tribute album, Spectrum of Mana, is excited to release their highly-anticipated tribute to Chrono Trigger titled Chronicles of Time. The 75-track album marks an unprecedented collaboration between over 200 artists who expertly re-imagine the beloved SNES-era RPG soundtrack originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Chronicles of Time also includes a collection of over 50 pieces of artwork depicting the game's most memorable scenes and characters. This album is FULLY LICENSED. Get it on Loudr or iTunes! (Spotify and other stores coming soon!)
  4. For Skywave Effect's fifth anniversary, I've spruced it up with a new mix and master. As an added bonus, I've gathered all of the old demos, sketches, and alternate versions from around that time. Plus, this deluxe edition includes some awesome remixes from AutoReMi-PK, Temp Sound Solutions, and streifig. 27 tracks, over 70 minutes of music, and it's FREE.
  5. Leftover merch from our "Putin and Poutine Tour 2015" is now up for sale on bandcamp. We're down to single digit quantities of both our shirts and cassette tapes, so if you want one now's the time! We have shirts in sizes S, L, XL, 2XL, 4XL. RAGFest was an amazing time, wasn't it? Glad you made it out in the end, and thanks for catching our show. Was it you who challenged me to the sri racha shot? After our performance my memory gets a little hazy...
  6. Marshall Art is going on a (mini-)tour! MAGFest Presents: Game Over New York October 11, Brooklyn, NY with Mega Ran, You Bred Raptors?, Sammus, and Duncecap. Facebook event: Tickets: 8static Festival 2015 October 15 - 17, Philadelphia, PA Facebook event: Tickets: We're also playing a semi-private event in NJ on Oct 10. If you're a shizzie, you're welcome to join us!
  7. I've been listening to this sampler non-stop since before it was released. I'm damn proud to be a part of this album along side such an amazing roster of musicians.
  8. Since we sold out of our first run of cassette tapes so quickly (they were available for order for less than a day!) we decided to make some more!
  9. My band chiptune rock band Marshall Art was invited to contribute a B-side to a split single by our good friend AutoRemi-PK, and we happily obliged. FREE DOWNLOAD: SOUNDCLOUD: "The Lost Art" was originally part of the concept behind the Marshall Art suite on our debut album but was left out in favor of a more cohesive piece. The song is an alternate ending; a "bad future" companion to the cheery anthem which eventually took its place on the album.
  10. Limited edition cassette tapes now available! We did a run of 10, and they're going FAST.
  11. That is the best praise we could ever receive. It's no secret that both streifig and I are huge fans of Chromelodeon, and I'd be surprised if someone couldn't pick out their influence on us. We got to play our Polygon Sun cover live at MAGFest 13 with Dino from Chromelodeon joining us on keyboards. That was a goddamn mindstack. We wouldn't be making music together if it wasn't fun! Love you too SnappleMan! <3
  12. Bumping this because the album is out! Marshall Art's debut album was released on Saturday, just in time for our MAGFest Chiptune Showcase performance. It's got wailing guitar leads, ambient drones, spamtron solos, gang vocals, noise freakouts, and more packed into 42 minutes. Links: Bandcamp (free/pay what you want): Ubiktune: Soundcloud: iTunes: Loudr: Amazon: Google Play: We also have a few CDs and shirts leftover from MAGFest, soon as we work out the best way of handling it we'll put them up for sale online. If anyone wants one in the meantime, shoot me an email at band AT marshallartband DOT com and we can work something out.
  13. EDIT: Rather than create a new thread, I'll just re-purpose this one. Given that our first OCReMix was posted this week, I feel like this is timely. Marshall Art is going on a (mini-)tour! MAGFest Presents: Game Over New York October 11, Brooklyn, NY with Mega Ran, You Bred Raptors?, Sammus, and Duncecap. Facebook event: Tickets: 8static Festival 2015 October 15 - 17, Philadelphia, PA Facebook event: Tickets: We're also playing a semi-private event in NJ on Oct 10. If you're a shizzie, you're welcome to join us. --- original post: Hey all! My chiptune progressive rock band Marshall Art is playing the MAGFest Chiptune Showcase on Saturday, Jan 24 (a week from today!) on the main stage. We'll be playing a mix of covers and originals (including a song that's currently sitting in the judging queue). We played the chipspace stage last year, so if you enjoyed what you heard at our hallway show, please check us out on the main stage! Moreover, we're releasing our first full length album via Ubiktune. 5 songs, 42 minutes of music (we're a prog rock band, remember?). It'll be a *FREE*/pay-what-you-want download via bandcamp, as well as a available for download on pretty much any major online music store. We're also printing a limited number of CDs for sale at MAGFest, along with shirts and stickers! Ubiktune has posted two singles from the album for stream / download on Soundcloud, check 'em out: Hope you guys enjoy!
  14. My chiptune / prog rock band Marshall Art has a live EP for sale on iTunes:
  15. There's a little more to it than that. To officially play at MAGFest you have to apply. The MAGFest music department selects the bands that play. Source: I'm playing at MAGFest this year. That being said there's nothing stopping a band / musician from playing an unofficial set in the jamspace / hallway / chipspace / wherever so long as you're reasonable about it. One of my favorite moments at MAGFest 8.5 was seeing DrumUltimA and a few other musicians playing soft vgm covers in the waiting area next to the elevators.