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  1. CD Baby False Claims On YouTube

    Whoa... wait, are you... are you telling us that a faceless, soulless company actually read what you sent them, and they actually did the right thing?
  2. CD Baby False Claims On YouTube

    I think I know why. According to their site, Abreu Project has this remix on his album "Megabeats Volume 2". It's likely an automated system that flagged it.
  3. Yes. Yes he is.
  4. OCR interview suggestions

    We have interviews?
  5. Well, the engine difference between Link's Awakening and the Oracles games is likely because of the eight year gap between the games. Even the GameBoy Color remake (DX) was still a few years before Ages/Seasons came out. Combined with the fact that the GameBoy Color's hardware, while significantly better than the  original GameBoy, was structurally the same, and that many developers had learned every little trick they could do with the hardware, it makes sense that they would have opted for a better engine with more features.
  6. It's actually a decent little game. It wasn't pushing any limits, but it was a solid game overall. And sometimes, "solid overall" is just as satisfying as anything else. Fun fact: Richard from the game appears in Link's Awakening, in the castle before you gain access to the Key Dungeon. And anything that ties into one of my favorite games ever is therefore good by association/osmosis.
  7. There were no good games on the Genesis. Hence, no Genesis controller logo.
  8. People can be driven nuts over the slightest thing. Person A thinks they know something, asks Person B to confirm it. Person B denies it (with maybe a hint of avoiding the question as well), Person A gets suspicious and/or annoyed. Person A then makes it a personal mission to get the truth. Hence, conspiracy nuts.
  9. Shit, long time, no see.

    Did you die and then come back? Are you a zombie? Vampire? Vampire zombie? Vambie? Zompire?

    1. GenericAsianGuy


      Good to see you again friend!

      I'm now the Generic Azompirasian Guy, just stare at my profile picture and imagine I'm saying "I'm baaaaack~"

      Feel free to let me know if you need any forums/site set up for any upcoming projects :)

  10. Looking for futuristic animated movies/shows.

    Hmmm... while not sci-fi, if you want mind-blowing (either good or bad) I'd recommend Satoshi Kon. He deals mostly with really interesting use of scene transitions to create a sense of other-worldliness. Perfect Blue is about an actress that starts losing her grip on reality. Really good cuts to create the feeling of losing it for the viewer. Millennium Actress is more about the life of another actress, but this time, the cuts are there to explore her past. Paprika is about entering people's dreams, and uses some really crazy transitions to put that setting into effect Magnetic Rose from the Memories anthology is one of his earlier works, so it's less about edits and more about atmosphere. He's got a few other films (and a tv series) but they tend to be less mind-fuckery and more realistic to some extent. If you any of theones I mentioned above, you might like Tokyo Godfathers and Paranoia Agent.
  11. A few members asked about my collection of LEGO, and since I just deleted my old MOCPages account (such bullshit, that site...), I reuploaded my albums to imgur.
  12. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I actually have a rather nice collection. Most of it's in the form of bags or containers, sorted by type and color. If I still had my old MOCPages account, I'd post my actual builds. EDIT: re-uploaded my LEGO stuff to imgur, because fuck Flickr's useless account creation system.
  13. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Double post, but only because my gift finally arrived. Hopefully, I am the last person this year (as in, everyone else has there's by now and no one is left waiting). (insert image of Lego set 75100 here, as imgur seems to have lost the image) Contains several parts I didn't have any of until now. More neo-grey slopes and panels is always good, and the trans-clear wheels on the bottom will make for micro-scale display stands quite nicely.
  14. Looking for futuristic animated movies/shows.

    It's kind of animated, in the sense that there is movement. Of the live-action.  
  15. OCR Secret Santa 2015