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  1. Hence, "cautiously hopeful". It hasn't been all bad, but it hasn't been all good either.
  2. Well, it's one of the better synth orchestral attempts. It doesn't sound overly fake and there's enough variation in the instruments that it doesn't suffer from sounding like a midi file. But it's also not really breaking away from the original composition much. It's well done, but it's not exactly breaking any new ground. What is this version doing that the other orchestral versions have done? What separates it? I'm not shitting on your effort here, I'm just thinking you need to do something different that makes it stands out.
  3. I want to be happy about this... but the last several years of Sonic hasn't been... great. /cautiously hopeful
  4. News on August 1st! Could be minor, could be major. Could be a lieutenant. I guess we'll find out. Also, only a few more days to get Shaymin! After the 24th, the event is over, and you have to wait until August 1st to get Arceus from... ugh. GameStop.
  5. For anyone that is slightly interested, I found some videos about building and fighting. This one seems fairly positive, specifically the designing, building and using of a craft in a game. Some mild swearing, so maybe NSFW. Note that I am not a player of this game, nor am I affiliated with the developers. I just thought the video was kind of interesting. I like the block by block design/build aspect, but what I really want to see more of these days in single-player campaigns. It seems everyone is ditching that in favor of multiplayer combat only games. Oh well.
  6. Yay! Comment thread is fixed! Good remix. Nice style. And it's FF4, which is already a plus.
  7. When you go to the remix's page, and try to join the thread by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, you get this message: With the error code " Error code: 2F173/H". Of course, by the time someone reads this, it will have fixed itself because that's how things work for me. I point it out, it starts waorking fine whenever somone else looks at it, and then I look like I'm making things up. Thanks, internet.
  8. Fuck that. Just find its evolved form somewhere else, catch that, and breed a Wimpod. Wimpod confirmed for post-Elite Four part of game.
  9. New video is out, and we see some new pokémon! Wimpod (wimp + pod) is a Bug/Water type, with the ability Wimp Out, which makes it switch out (during battles) or escape (during wild encounters) when its HP is low enough. Think of it as a free switch during battling. Bounsweet is a Grass type with the Leaf Guard or oblivious abilities. I'm thinking Leaf Guard will be the most useful ability. Comfey is not a Grass type, but actually a Fairy type. It looks like a Lei from Hawaii, which fits with the setting and theme. It gets a new ability called Triage, which gives self healing moves maximum priority to ensure that it will go first on the turn it is used. This could be fun, as making sure you can heal to survive the next attack before it happens could turn the battle around for you. Mudsdale is a Ground type, and gets the Stamina ability. This raises its Defense one level after being hit by an attack. So either Mudsdale has terrible Defense to begin with, or it's being directed towards tanking up a lot. Could be fun for Baton Passing teams. Let him take a hit or two, BP to someone else and let that stacked Defense add up. Mimikyu's ability is revealed to be Disguise. It lets the user take on hit, and receive no damage. Think of it as a mini-Substitute without having to set it up, or drain your own HP to use. A nice touch is that when it activates, the sackcloth disguise Mimikyu is wearing slumps over like it's broken. Bewear is now classified as Normal/Fighting, and has the Fluffy ability. This reduces damage from physical attacks, but doubles the damage it takes from Fire attacks.
  10. OK, now I want a GameBoy Color version of this. Throw about 30 or 40 games on it (Pokémon Gen 1 and 2, Oracle series and Link's Awakening, Mega Man, Mario series, Castlevania, etc) and make the game use a low-power use wireless link system. BAM! I'd buy one. Maybe two. Why offer one system when you can sell five different ones?
  11. Oh, just heard about another inappropriate place the game has set as a location. The US Holocaust Memorial. The staff are a understandably unhappy with people visiting to catch pokémon, what with all the holocaust memoriality. Niantic definitely screwed up on selecting locations and landmarks in this case. I really hope there isn't a Gym set up in Auschwitz.
  12. New leaks, any one of them is... kind of creepy?émon_Kiteruguma,_Mimikkyu Mimichu is a mysterious pokèmon that seems to use a discarded Pikachu plush doll skin as a disguise. Yeah, no, that's just creepy. But it is Ghost/Fairy, so that's cool as hell. Also, for collectors, there will be a special edition pack with both game for North America.
  13. And now there are reports of people getting robbed, getting arrested fro trespassing, and walking into walls/cars/open water/etc...
  14. Speaking of... Man turned an old church into a house, but the map data used for the game states it as an active church. The developer, Niantic, states that a change of game locations can only be done for safety reasons, but nothing else for "reasons".
  15. In regards to controlling your personal property's AR content... the content is dependent upon the application itself, not the physical location. If someone on the other side of the planet uses a program to say that your front yard is where a magical monster from the anti-matter universe, there's not much you can do to stop them from doing it. They don't really need your permission to say that some data points to your yard, because it could be argued that ther is nothing physically happening. The real issue then is trespassing. But even then, it's the people that are following the application that are breaking the law, not the app's developer/publisher. I think that the first, and most likely, solution is to make sure that the dev/publisher has to only use public areas, and then verify (google maps, physically visiting the area, etc) to ensure that none f the locations are violating private property. Unless there is a sudden and massive issue that is brought up because of serious violations or accidents due to people violating property lines (ie: some one enters a person's yard in Texas, and then is immediately subjected to Castle Doctrine via shotgun), I don't think there will be any legislation any time soon. But yeah, interesting question!