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  1. Yes. Haven't you? You buy the console, usually at launch, and then pick up only one game for it. As the console gets more games for it, you stick to that one launch title and use it strictly as a metric for the quality of games, even ones that come out years later. This provides you an unalterable opinion about the entire industry based upon said one game on said one system, giving you the right you to comment on everything video game discussion, including stuff you have never even so much as looked at, let alone played. That's how it works, bleck. You should know this by now.
  2. Dead on, you do give kids devices, or dead on, you don't give kids devices?
  3. I did notice a slight artifacting in the dancing animation. Little lines from their movement tend to stay around after they move. Minor video thing.
  4. Surprisingly good. Such a premise would normally end up a train wreck or bad timing, forced jokes, etc... but you managed to pull it off.
  5. I could. I would also get the pokedex registration out of it.
  6. Street Fighter 2 Alphabet Souper Edition.
  7. Do you think they aren't hedging their bets with the 3DS and Switch? They know any new console is risky. They saw unbelievably high sales on the Wii, and then really low sales on the Wii U. The 3DS had a rocky start, and almost ended upa footnote, but they managed to salvage it and it's been doing pretty good since. Then they make a system that is both a portable and a home console? At the same time? That's risky as fuck. Nintendo obviously wants it to sell well. They want Wii-level sales figures. But if they see that it sells a lot more than 3DS, they will focus on the Switch entirely and phase out 3DS. It's just smart business: older, cheaper product doesn't sell as much as newer, more expensive product = sell more of newer more expensive product. And I'm saying this as someone that loves the 3DS. I don't want the 3DS to get phased out. But I think it could very well happen.
  8. If Red Shadow can't make it,I can spare one or two. Until then, enjoy some Gen4 jazz cover.
  9. I'd like to remind everyone of Nintendo's statement that the introduction of the DS would not mean the end of the GameBoy Advance as Nintendo's portable system. Any one remember how that turned out? And DarkeSword, people willingly give their kids $1000 smartphones. To keep. For themselves.
  10. Actually, I hardly need to charge up daily. I run my phone with a decent power-saving setup and unless I'm using 4G and/or playing media all day, I don't get below 50% most of the time. And I have one of those sweet, sweet Mugen batteries for my 3DS. Best battery purchase ever. It obviously varies person to person because of individual use, of course. He does. He travels the lands, telling it like it is, and putting people in their place, whether they deserve it or not.
  11. Nintendo! Crazy idea: offer the tablet by itself (with the joycons, of course). Looking at Nintendo's Buy Now page, there's a list of each component and its price. The dock is listed as $90 US, which is less than a third of the whole price. Now, I don't know exactly what the dock offers aside fro acting as a charging port for the tablet and outputting the display to a HD TV. But if the Switch is supposed to be a console and a portable, surely I can just use the Switch as a portable if I want to. The price would be lower, and it would still work fine as a portable (some of us prefer portable over console, it's true!), and then entry price would be lower... say $250. That's about what the 3DS was on release, and the Switch would be far more powerful, warranting the price. If I want to, I can buy a dock for it later. That only leaves the battery issue, which could be fixed by a proper expanded battery accessory or just grabbing a decent USB rechargeable battery pack. You still get the same everything, just not on a TV... which isn't something that handheld players are necessarily into in the first place.
  12. I'm going to check back on the Switch after 6 months after it's out, see if it gets any better. Really, waiting six months is probably the best plan. You get to avoid any first production run issues like design flaws that were missed. You get to see if there are any price drops (like the 3DS had). You can see how the online service is. You can get more and better accessories for it from a larger pool of manufactures (including Nintendo). More games will be out to make up for the smaller number of launch titles. There will be more people that own them, so it give you more people to play with than launch date owners will (and they can be the ones to deal with its early problems, not you!) By September, I'll see if it's really worth it, and if it isn't, no biggie. If it is, I only missed out on the first several months of the worst part, and have multiple years left to still enjoy it. Win-win-win-win-win-win.
  13. Well, the 3DS had 2 to 6 hours of battery life, but that was solved by being able to buy better batteries. I have a Mugen battery that gives me about 20 hours on a single charge. The only problem with that is that those batteries run anywhere from $70 to over $100. Not exactly a cheap solution, though they pay off pretty soon if you play your 3DS a lot (which I do). Sadly, I don't see such a battery being doable, as the tablet must fit into the dock, and a bigger battery would prevent that. Also, I don't think you can just take a cover off the back or something and slap anything on there. I'd have to see the tablet and dock to be sure, but I think the Switch isn't going to be very customization that way.
  14. The more I read and watch, the more I don't want a Switch. Price is the biggest issue. You Yanks are lucky with you $299 price tag. Meanwhile, it's $400 here, and games are going for up to $80. The fucking Pro Controller is $90, for fucks sake. Exchange rate or not, that's just too much. I have more disposable income than most people I know, and I can't justify that price. Don't even get me started on that stupid "milking cows" mini-game bullshit. That's now what gets people to buy your system. Show us stuff like using the joycons to pilot a giant robot and blow up city blocks. Let us fly a spaceship around asteroids with them. Make a better showcase than marbles dropping into a box or whatever the fuck that was. Those are tech demos, not games.
  15. Am I reading this right? You need your own phone to use the voice chat option? Or is this worded poorly and/or reported incorrectly?