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  1. Anyone else hoping Nintendo starts selling the Switch without the dock? The price of the dock itself is about $90 US (kind of expensive, when you see what's inside and how much empty space there is ). It would be cheaper, and considering that here in Canada, a Switch retails for $400, that would help a lot. Now, if they could just make the games cheaper here...
  2. Awesome jokes, they're just so awesome that no one gets them.
  3. Kind of hoping they might make a GameBoy one now. I'd take something with the old colors, but thinner and lighter. Color screen, of course, so you can have both GB and GBC games on it. Put about 30 games, with local wireless, and slap a $70 price tag on it. Sold.
  4. I will have to put it somewhere for you to get. Unless we're allowed to post it on here? I don't think there's any legal reason I couldn't, as it was freely distributed software before it was shut down. If a mod is willing to chime in on that for clarification, that would be handy. EDIT: or just use this link, it's the same as I have. Other than that, did you want a save0001.sav file for something I don't know what it is? Or a si_hw_cataclysm_update_en_101.exe? Perhaps I can interest you in a 99205825234n.pdf?
  5. I got a install for version 5.581, if you want. I think that was the last version before it was shelved.
  6. Maybe just drop some subtle hints like, "you've been riding my ass for months, fuck off, my uncle's a lawyer and my bro's a hacker, we'll find your address and sue the shit out of you, you fucking, creepy, stalker fuck." You might need to make it more obvious, though. I've been told I'm kind of laid back with this sort of thing.
  7. Jesus, this guy just doesn't get it, does he?
  8. New online freebies today. Go to Mystery Gift and enter the code MATSUBUSA to get five Mega Stones. Specifically: Sceptilite Blazikenite Swampertite Banettite and Cameruptite About time. Banettite was one of the few items that had no source in the games, so you could never acquire them.
  9. It feels more like they wanted one more 3DS title in there before going full-speed ahead on the Switch game.
  10. OK, thread is now about Ultra Sun and Moon, and the jsut now announced Switch core series title under development. It was just announced at the E3 Direct. 3DS is officially on the way out, Switch is the official portable now. Not that there was really any doubt, this just confirms it.
  11. Aside from altering the trading functions to make it compatible with the 3DS, RBY were left untouched. Yellow still had its GameBoy Printer features intact, even though there was no way to use them. GSC had a seven day calendar system, the 3DS has an actual one (day, month and year). They could make it sync with the system calendar, but it's easier to just leave it alone. That's real, in case anyone was wondering. It appears at 26 seconds in. If you read the left and right sides of the tops of the wall as the camera zooms in, the walls say "ultra sun ultra moon' over and over, in the Unown typeface.
  12. Well, I nailed two out of three of my expectations, so I'm better than most of the fanbase with their bingo cards. Now, unless they really change things up for US/UM (USM? UMS? UMUS? UMUS. UMUS! I'm using that from now on) unless they really change things up for UMUS, I'm not exactly excited for it. I mean, it was a nice change from the usual when we got Sun and Moon, but the post-Elite 4 game was pretty lacking. Aside from checking up on the random Global Missions to get free stuff, I haven't played it in months. As for Gold and Silver on Virtual Console, that's no big surprise. Red, Blue and Yellow did really good, and it makes sense to put those ones upp as well. Pokken... I don't have any interest in it, so whatever. Interesting theory someone brought up. That's not an official image, just noticing that the colors of the N2DSXL match the color schemes of the official logos for UMUS.
  13. Hey, long time no update... because there really isn't much going on with pokémon these days. I mean, aside from Magikarp Jump on Anroid and iOS, another new Global Mission (again, already exceeded its goal with over a week to go) and that new Nintendo Direct that comes out tomorrow. I doubt it's anything about the rumored Stars game (that's a whole other discussion) and could be anything from Gold Silver and Crystal on the 3DS Virtual Console to yet another phone game. We'll find out in about... 23 hours from when this is posted.
  14. Oh yes, the map is massive. I hear some complaints along the lines of "but there's nothing to do in all that empty space!" To which I say, the fuck there isn't! I have spent more time just randomly exploring the map than I have on the quest. It's a map that seem to be very well planned to direct you towards anything but your goal. I constantly find myself climbing cliffs and mountains just so I can see what's there, only t- HOLY SHIT, NEW SHRINE. Pull the Sheika Slate, pin that loca- IS THAT ANOTHER ONE? Fuck yes. Oh shit, there's a tower not that far away (at least, I think it's not that far away?) and along the way is a rather big enemy camp, so you know there's going to be some chests and shit there. Even if you're just running around grabbing any items you see, it's still a good way to get around. I've spotted stuff on a hilltop and grabbed it, only to be drawn towards some ore pieces on the side of a cliff, and then once I grab that, I look around to see some trees with a campfire in the middle. Might be empty, might be an NPC, might be a monster camp. I don't know, let's go find out!
  15. OK, so now that I've had the opportunity to actually touch and hold one of these things, I can state an opinion about it. A friend managed to get one and just had it laying around when I noticed it. First, yes, I did lick the game cart (Breath of the Wild) and yes, it tasted terrible. Even with the joy-cons on or off, the Switch has some serious weight. Even though the specs say that the Wii U controller is 500-some grams while the Switch is about 400 grams, it just feels heavier. It's gotta be because it's so much thinner. Next, the screen. It's not massive, but it's still pretty good for playing on. Compared to the Wii U screen, it's a lot clearer. That's likely due to the massive resolution difference. But it's still a really nice upgrade. I just tried out a bit of my friend's BoTW game, which was in the first part of the game, and having played it just today on my Wii U. The Wii U version is still fresh in my mind, but I couldn't really pick anything out about how it looked or played from the Switch version. They really are pretty much identical. I can now consider getting one... next year. By then, we should have way more games for it, and any hardware issues (screens, batteries, "bending" and all that) should be fixed.