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  1. No, you're right. I was going by a rather nicely put together list of components taken from Nintendo's own info. Several hours later, and people have pointed out compatibility issues, power drain concerns, and no one else has been able to find this exact list on the page.
  2. 1: They call it Nintendoium for a reason. I once dropped a GBA SP down a flight of concrete fire stairs. It still works. GameCubes could be dropped from ten feet and still hold together. They're the best at making durable, reliable hardware. 2. Just... look up a few messages. 3. The specs are known now, just go look them up. And every new console has a minority of fanboys bitching about something they haven't seen themselves. This is nothing new, and nothing to worry about.
  3. Bank (and to a lesser extent, Wonder Trade) uses a check system to make sure that certain flags are or are not present when it tries to upload/download to a game. Most of the times it's things like "is this pokémon attached to a Cherish Ball?" or "what's the regional origin?" and the like. It's not perfect, but it does help keep blatant cheats from being tossed around. I see no reason why they can't just edit that to say "this pokémon now has this move" and let it pass the check.
  4. Got to play the demo at work. The first day of stuff is actually kind of limited, yes. But in a few days some new stuff will open up, so that's cool. I like the guy at the store in the pokécenter store. "My boss will be back in a month", because that's when Sun and Moon are released. Subtle, Game Freak. Subtle.
  5. The eShop was "updated" to open access to the demo, so that different parts of the world could get it at certain times. But all that really did was make everyone connect to the eShop over and over to see if it was up yet. Now that it is, everyone is downloading the demo.
  6. According to the info dumps of the demo, there are timed events, so after so many days, new content opens and you can do more. It's like the ORAS demo, where after so many playthroughs, it would give you new areas and quests.
  7. Bam. Bleck'd. EDIT: Demo is now out! Go get it now!
  8. Agreed. The demo will be out in a few days, in case you didn't hear about it. In it, you get a Greninja, that happens to alter its appearance like the one tht Ash from the cartoons series has. It may also have some surprises that haven't been announced yet. We'll see soon enough.
  9. For all the flack Pokémon gets for "being the same game every time", they've been mixing it up a lot since Black and White. Not massive shifts, but significant ones for each generation.
  10. I wonder if there is any way to make my Muk (who hails from my Sapphire cart and has been transferred to each new generation) into the Alolan form. I suspect that with the compatibility Pokémon Bank will get with the Virtual Console versions of RBY in January, only Gen 1 pokémon from those games will be able to convert (somehow) to their new Alolan forms. Otherwise... I guess my Muk is still going to be weak to Psychic attacks. But yeah, Type: Null gets a much better look and name with its evo. And it's speculated that it's somehow a clone or recreation of our Lord and Creator, Arceus (Blessed Be His Current Type). Similar looks, same kind of Ability (it's even called RKS, which sounds like Ar-Key-Us, which is the official pronunciation of Arceus), all that jazz. Could be fun. Also... Olivia. Fuck damn, girl. I mean, just... daaaaayyyyum.
  11. Ahhh, just been informed that the current Hoopa event ends today and midnight. So if you haven't grabbed one yet, you got about 12 hours as of this post to do so now. That code again is 2016HOOPA and must be used before the clock rolls over to the 10th.
  12. Well, after a week or so, it magically started working again. I'll take the credit for this one.
  13. Just remembered that the Regi event ends on the 31st, so if you never got them, Regice, Registeel and Regirock can all be obtained by accessing your Pokémon Bank account. Each one will have its special Ability instead of the the regular one, and because it's an event pokémon, at least three of six stats will be maxed out, so they aren't exactly useless, either. Also, I can edit the first page again! Yay!
  14. Blame Firefox's autocorrect. Also, the game's file size is out. For reference, XY is 1.7 GB/14 000 blocks, and ORAS is 1.8GB/14 500.