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  1. Welp, Poké Pélego just paid for itself.
  2. OK, turns out I'm only on the third island. Not the last. I guess I didn't notice that last one on the map until now.
  3. Derp. I haven't posted the Magearna link. There you go. You need to have become the champion to get it, though. Of course, I seem to be far behind everyone else, so it's entirely likely that everyone but me is has already finished the game, the dex, and their second playthrough.
  4. Yep. Meloetta is the last of the 20th Anniversary giveaways. It's possible that after New Years, they might announce a few more random re-releases like the current Arceus event.
  5. Damn, you guys are going fast. I'm only at the last island.
  6. Shit, the Magearna event is... now! I could have sworn it was sometime in January, but according to the official site, it starts December 5th! That's now!
  7. Last I saw, the total was only about 10 million so far. It ain't happening. I think they slightly fucked up this one. There is no way it's doable within that time limit. If it was 50 million, it would be doable, easily. 100 is just too much.
  8. Online. And it's the last one, so get it before Christmas Eve.
  9. So, a while ago, I suggested that you guys start filling up PokéBank (if you have it, that is) with whatever pokémon you got laying around, in preparation for the day PokéBank is updated to use with Sun and Moon. I did, back around November 12th or so, because I heard that doing so would rack up a bunch on PokéMiles and Battle Points. And boy, are they racking up. In three weeks, I went from none of each to 33 points and a 330 miles. All from ten minutes of transferring entire boxes at a time (press Select until the arrow in the Box system turns Green, you can highlight and select everything all at once). By the time PokéBank is good to go with Sun and Moon, I should have about 2000 PokéMiles and 500 Battle Points. By all accounts, fighting for Battle Points in Sun and Moon isn't any easier and tedious as it was in prior games.
  10. Well, if you didn't get a Arceus code from here or a store... Just go online now and enter ARCEUS2016 instead. Seems Nintendo is giving you one last chance.
  11. If any one is gong to grab them, do it immediately. If these codes aren't already expired, they will be in a few hours.
  12. Don't forget that a lot of us have Steam accounts, and the autumn sale is going on still. Also, I think if anyone didn't really fill out their interests and/or wants on the page, this thread might be a good time to do it. I recall last year where I had a person that I couldn't find anything for at all, and had to question another member to get even a little bit of info. Like, two weeks of digging around and asking to find out they liked Sentai stuff, which would have fit perfectly in the info page we all set up the month before. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
  13. Having run into Lusamine this morning for the first time, I can safely say I do not feel safe around her, and if I was in a room and she walked in, I would leave before she started trying to eat my face. That girl is fucking nuts.
  14. Christ. The Fire Kahuna was a silly little challenge (spot the incredibly obvious differences!) but that Totem fight afterward... I had full team, and all of them were higher levels and had no weaknesses to Salazzle's attacks. That is, until it called for an ally. Which was a Salandit who spammed Venoshock. In case you aren't aware, Venoshock doubles in damage if the target is already poisoned. That's a move that hits for 130, which is the same as Overheat and Draco Meteor. So Salazzle hit everything with Toxic, and then Salandit hit my team with a boosted Venoshock. Every time I recovered HP and/or status back to normal, BAM! Hit with Toxic and Venoshock. Team is down to one and I barely manage to pull through with 3 HP left. I've been playing since Red and I know the battle system and mechanics. But this... this was unexpected. That AI, working in perfect cooperation... Fuck.
  15. There's this guy that plays an electric guitar on the corner of the street on the other side of the park next to where I live. He's an older guy, wears a duster jacket and an old cowboy hat. Only shows up once a week, and plays whatever he feels like for a few hours. Just blaring out the music, non-stop, with his guitar case open for whatever spare change people drop in it. Most of the time, it's loud, brash, and kind of annoying. He's not a bad player, but he's just cranking up the amp and using the buildings around the intersection to make use of the echo. I try to avoid walking right by him because it's too damn loud most of the time. But this one time a few months ago... I don't know if it was his mood, or the air temperature, or someone sprinkled magic guitar dust on him or something. The volume was just right. The echo was just right. The guitar strings were just right. I stood across the street and listened to him. It was this bittersweet, melancholy, sorrowful, uplifting, slow mix of a warm autumn afternoon, a man just playing what he felt like, and some kind of understanding between him and the street. It seemed almost scripted, like out of a movie or something. People usually just went about their business at the hot dog vendor's cart, or kept walking past him back to work. But not that day. Everyone kind of slowed their pace. Ate their lunch a little slower. Sat down a bit longer. Read the paper a bit more. I could see the hot dog guy kind of swaying a bit. It was... I don't know, it was kind of magical? He finished it, packed up, and walked off. Haven't seem since. I guess he packed up for the winter. Hearing this made me think of that. I can see him playing this on the corner, with the autumn sun shining on the road, people sitting on the benches. Everyone is... just right. Just right.