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  1. OK, more giveaways! Volcanion, a pokémon that wasn't even officially acknowledged for the longest time, is now going to be available at GameStop and EBGames starting October 10th to October 31st. It's also going to be in stores around Europe as well!
  2. Hey! If you missed out on Darkrai from a few months ago, Nintendo is giving you one more chance. As long as you haven't used the code from the 20th Anniversary event, this code will just... give you a Darkrai.
  3. Given how it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get a good remix, you may as well make this for December. No, seriously. I think that the idea is good, but the time constraint is the single biggest hurdle. When you posted waaaay back on September 1st, you were asking for remixes within 29 days or less. Make it for December, and you get over 60 days, at least.
  4. Football monkey, zen orangatan, and day dog and night werewolf. Gen 7 be full of surprises, yo.
  5. Reminder: tomorrow morning, at 22:00 JST (9:00 EST), there is some event or announcement. No idea what it is, but it could be more new pokémon, more Alolan forms, more weird alien things, or could just be someone confirming the release date.
  6. Another announcement is coming up on the 20th: I don't think Gen 6 had this much info coming out so fast. And neither did Gen 5.
  7.émon,_Ultra_Beasts,_Sun_%26_Moon_anime A new Pokemon, named Rugarugan, and it has a daytime form and a nighttime form. Also, that Ultra Beast jellyfish thing is now joined by a muscle man mosquito and a ... silverfish? alien woman? Ghost child? No idea. This gen is getting wweeeeeeiiiiiirrrrrrd.
  8. New Japanese trailer. No new pokémon or news, but lots of new footage, but it's all in Japanese, so...
  9. In Black/White 2, they had an area called Pokéstar Studios. In it, you could "film" a movie by fighting a scene against things like a mechanical Tyranitar, or an alien, stuff like that. These non-pokémon opponents could have types and attacks just like pokémon, but were simply unique objects. Also... I think that UB-01 has a rather noticeable similarity to Lillie, the girl introduced waaaay back in the first videos. While not identical, the color scheme, the positioning of the legs, the large hat/head...
  10. I don't really know what to make of this new stuff from today. Type:Null is... weird. It is a pokémon, even though it's by far the oddest one of the series so far. It has a name that isn't like anything else, it has some really strange rusted metal bit (helmet, ax blade on top, those gauntlets on its front legs) and is a mix of different parts (fish fins for a tail, hind legs like a canine, front paws like a bird or dragon, the collar seems similar to some of the Fighting types and Ghost types) but is a Normal type. Pretty out there for a design. I'm not hating it, but it's just kind of... yeah. Jangmo-o is kind of cute. Alolan Raticate is a chubby fucker. But those new abilities should be fun. The Day/Night difference... No idea, need to know more about it. If the game handled certain events differently depending upon it being day or night, regardless of which version is was, that makes sense. But I don't quite get how that will work with two versions. Like I said, I would need to know more about it. Aether Foundation is clearly the actual bad guys. Am I the only getting that vibe from them? The old scientist guy, Faba, is just evil looking. And the whole "we just want to protect the pokémon" thing just reeks of the bad guys. I suspect that Team Skull is little more than some punk kids that are waging a secret war against Aether Foundation. Lusamine is obviosuly juiced up on crazy. She's just waiting for things to go south a bit and then SNAP! She's eating people's skin. Gladion is your "bad guy" rival. Nice to have one again after all the nie rivals of the last few generations. The Zygarde Cube is obviously a truncated octahedron. FAIL, GAME FREAK. FAIL. The two people that give you the Zygarde Cube look like Sycamor's assistants from XY.: and It's not a full new game of Pokémon Snap, but it's better than nothing! UB-01 has a pokémon screen animation, but no typing. It also says "beasts", plural. So there may be more of the same, or some completely different ones. Yeah, this video just raises questions and I'm not sure what's happening with this gen now. It might be awesome, but I don't know enough yet to really form an opinion. EDIT: Japanese video has more info, mostly everything that's been released so far, but it does have a scene where the player character and some NPCs encounter UB-01. It's kind of creepy and spooky.
  11. OK, better clarification on that Munchlax event. So, basically, if you buy the game at any point from day one to January 11,, 2017, you can simply download the Munchlax on your 3DS. No codes, no werid sign-ups for anything, just grab it. It's pretty much identical to the Victini event for Black/White (2010), the special Ability Torchic for XY (2013), and the shiny Beldum for ORAS (2014).
  12. More news on September 6th:
  13. Yes. I've had lots of ideas for handheld-only albums for some time, but the GameBoy one has satisfied me quite well. who dat, sum noob? (it's a joke, I've worked with him on stuff multiple times...)
  14. Well, the Nintendo Direct is on, and the Sun/Moon info is... limited. First, there is an Aloan Rattatta. It's Dark Type. Second, Munchlax has an exclusive Z-Move item. Like the special pokémon that were available at the release date of Black and White as well as XY, you can simply download it via Mystery Gift EDIT: video is up: OK, that Snorlax scene is fucking hilarious. In other news, if you missed getting Darkrai event from earlier this year, you got another chance.
  15. We're getting reports of the Victini event going live in parts of Europe. Any of our members there may want to check. EDIT: Live in North America: