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  1. Oh yes, the map is massive. I hear some complaints along the lines of "but there's nothing to do in all that empty space!" To which I say, the fuck there isn't! I have spent more time just randomly exploring the map than I have on the quest. It's a map that seem to be very well planned to direct you towards anything but your goal. I constantly find myself climbing cliffs and mountains just so I can see what's there, only t- HOLY SHIT, NEW SHRINE. Pull the Sheika Slate, pin that loca- IS THAT ANOTHER ONE? Fuck yes. Oh shit, there's a tower not that far away (at least, I think it's not that far away?) and along the way is a rather big enemy camp, so you know there's going to be some chests and shit there. Even if you're just running around grabbing any items you see, it's still a good way to get around. I've spotted stuff on a hilltop and grabbed it, only to be drawn towards some ore pieces on the side of a cliff, and then once I grab that, I look around to see some trees with a campfire in the middle. Might be empty, might be an NPC, might be a monster camp. I don't know, let's go find out!
  2. OK, so now that I've had the opportunity to actually touch and hold one of these things, I can state an opinion about it. A friend managed to get one and just had it laying around when I noticed it. First, yes, I did lick the game cart (Breath of the Wild) and yes, it tasted terrible. Even with the joy-cons on or off, the Switch has some serious weight. Even though the specs say that the Wii U controller is 500-some grams while the Switch is about 400 grams, it just feels heavier. It's gotta be because it's so much thinner. Next, the screen. It's not massive, but it's still pretty good for playing on. Compared to the Wii U screen, it's a lot clearer. That's likely due to the massive resolution difference. But it's still a really nice upgrade. I just tried out a bit of my friend's BoTW game, which was in the first part of the game, and having played it just today on my Wii U. The Wii U version is still fresh in my mind, but I couldn't really pick anything out about how it looked or played from the Switch version. They really are pretty much identical. I can now consider getting one... next year. By then, we should have way more games for it, and any hardware issues (screens, batteries, "bending" and all that) should be fixed.
  3. I recall a part of Golden Sun 2 that, at the time, I could not get past. It was one of those puzzles where you have to use your various powers in a certain way to proceed, but I either didn't have all the required ones yet, or did, but couldn't wrap my head around how to do it properly. More than a decade later, and I still haven't bothered with it since.
  4. New Global Mission is up... aaaaaaaand it's already been completed. The goal was to hatch 200 000 eggs. As of the time of this post, it's just shy of 450 000. And we have two more weeks to go. Sync now and collect your free stuff on the 11th.
  5. What? Seriously? I fucking love Link's Awakening. OK, I've decided that this means a Switch remake of Link's Awakening using the BotW engine is not only happening, but will also be out before the end of the month! CONFIRMED!
  6. And the game showed up at my door tonight. I'm just going to copy what I said on slack: Link will climb everything he touches. if you're trying to avoid getting hit by three bokoblins at once, he will instead latch onto a tree and sloooooooooowly climb up it, allowing himself to get the shit beaten out of him. Once you figure out how to avoid doing that, link will do it any way, because fuck you, it's link's world, not yours. Climb that fucking tree! Seriously, once you learn to stay away from anything climbable during a battle (and everything is climbable), link handles a bit better.Zelda's voice told me to go to the place indicated on the map, but the only thing I saw on the map was the place you started in. The game quickly told me about pressing a button to do something, but I was too busy climbing the walls to catch it. I ended up wandering around the area a bit until I died several times to a blue bokoblin with a big tooth-studded axe thing. but then I found some arrows and then later fire arrows and then finally exploding arrows. blue goblin is weak to exploding aerial bombardment, it turns out. Eventually, I see that there is a quest log in the menu, so I go to see if I missed something. clicking on the quest log activates the mission, not reviews it. That was confusing, and explained why I couldn't find this map marker anywhere. It wasn't activated automatically when it was given to me. Seems slightly counter-intuitive to me, but it's just something to remember for next time. marker leads me to a tower that shows a cut-scene about a castle and some random bad guy whom I'm sure won't be a problem at all. old man wants me to get him a treasure in exchange for a hour isn't enough time to get a feel for it, but it did give me that feeling of accomplishment when I bombed the shit out of that blue goblin fucker inside his skull-cave hideout, leaving his comrads charred and dead, and him bleeding heavily from his... everything. seriously, that guy killed me like, six times before I said fuck it and went looking at other stuff. fire and bomb arrows > blue guy.
  7. Seems I'm getting a copy of the Wii U version for significantly less than the regular Canadian price. Thank you, person whom I know that has Amazon Prime and decided to buy it for me.
  8. Oh, it seems a random wifi event happened to start today.,_Y_available_in_Sun,_Moon_with_universal_code Might as well grab them while you can.
  9. Well, you only get the 5 Rare Candies if you have a PGL account and you get 3 BP from the Battle Tree. Does anyone here actually have a PGL account? I've never considered it before. The rewards seem kind of lackluster.
  10. OK, Global Mission is done. That... that ended quickly. So... so everyone just. Just go hit up the mission update and just, I don't know... wait until March 13th and then grab your free stuff.
  11."Get_BP_at_the_Battle_Tree"_global_mission_now_live That new Global Mission I mentioned before is now live. Basically, if all players around the world win a total of 250,000 Battle Points from the Battle Tree, every one that registered gets 2000 Festival coins (4000 for tying to your PGL account, as like before). If we hit 500,000, we also get a... Heavy Ball. Man, those secondary goal prizes are fucking pathetic. Give us a Rare Candy or a Bottle Cap, or something that's kind of rare and useful.
  12. Also... February 27th, 1996 was the release date for Pokémon Red and Green. Which means that Pokémon is now 21 years old! Happy Birthday Pokémon! Now where's the Diamond and Pearl remakes?
  13. OK, you know what, fuck all that codes and bottle cap shit. This is all we need to know about right now. Yes, that's Usain Bolt. Yes he's a member of Tam Skull. Yes, he's reached the point in his career where he is doing Japanese commercials s (like, top five points in a career, easy). And yes, it's good.
  14. No, I fucked that up. Correct games have now been put in the previous post.
  15. There's another wifi download for XY and ORAS. If you didn't get Genesect last year, this is your chance. Source: