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  1. The Japanese news and leaks are always so boring. Like that big announcement that "Meet Up At The Pokémon House?" (the current TV show in Japan) would have a new, exclusive, never-seen before video... which turned out to the the exact same clip from the Nintendo Direct weeks before. Or when CoroCoro says they have a big surprise, and we get slightly different versions of the news we saw the week before from another site or magazine. It's going to be nothing big or spectacular. I'd like to be proven wrong, of course, but the long history of Pokémon announcements and leaks tells me otherwise.
  2. Well, with the exception of the birds I ranted about, I'm actually doing pretty good on getting extra event pokémon. If I have enough left over by the end of the year, if any one is missing any, hit me up for some trades. Until then... I guess we have until the E3 Nintendo Direct video to hear more news. Carry on.
  3. Well, I just got screwed out of the Legendary Bird promotion. I had everything set up on my Pokémon Club account for the codes for Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno the day the announcement was made. I made sure the email address was correct, I clicked on the single, solitary checkbox you needed to receive the code, I saved the changes, verified everything as good to go, and did it all weeks before the cut-off point of April 22nd. Weeks after the event goes live, I haven't gotten a single thing from Nintendo, Pokémon or any site related to the event. I checked my account settings at least six times, and it was still set up correctly. I checked all of my spam filters, junkmail folders, everything. Nothing. And just now, I checked the Poké support system, and after submitting a query about the codes (with my detailed explanation of how I had verified everything was working fine on my end), the only reply I got was the usual "did you check your junk mail?" bullshit. No help at all. And the last line of the auto-form states "we can't make more codes for anyone that didn't get the newsletter, for whatever reason" so I'm out of luck. Combined with the near useless GameStop/ EB Games card fuckery, this is exactly why Nintendo needs to just make all the events online downloads. No codes, no sign-up cap, no stores that run out of cards/say it's only with a purchase... all that, just gone. Nothing for me, or who knows how many other people. Hundreds? Thousands? I don't know. Yeah, yeah, first-world problems...
  4. And like all of this year's Legendary giveaways, it will have at least three perfect stats. With a little luck, you can get one that has near-perfect stats across the board.
  5. New starters are awesome. Fun fact: Rowlet is the first starter to have two types since Bulbasaur. The overworld map seems much more detailed than Gen 6. Human models are more realistic and look a touch more detailed. New region looks more tropical than Hoenn did, and Hoenn was awesome for that. The theme song they played in the announcement video has some nice new tones to it. More varied than in the past. Finally, that new cover mascot/possible legendary... the god-king of Zubats? So far, this is a good sign of things to come.
  6. So bacon... Nintendo is spoiling us with free Pokémon stuff. 20 years and all.
  7. In Canada,it's EB Games. But regardless, if you can't make it to a store/don't want to go to Gamestop or EB Games, you can still jsut get a code from Nintendo's support line. Call them up, tell them your store is out or wants you to buy something for the cards, whatever. They will generate a code and give it to you over the phone. Now, it will be one per system, that way. So you're still better off trying to get one card for each copy you have.
  8. There's a new, unannounced download! For some reason, Zygarde, the last of the Gen 6 legendary trio, is up for grabs! No news or announcements were released, so this is either a glitch or a special present! I have mine from the internet Mystery Gift, and can confirm it is real.
  9. Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)

    Planning to submit to the judges panel? I can see this passing.
  10. Aside from the good music, there's also dat art. Mm. Dat art.
  11. I honestly think it's partly due to workers giving handfuls of them away to friends or something. I've seen threads on other sites where someone is giving away fifteen or twenty codes at once. How the hell did they get that many codes all at once? They're either workers, or know a worker, and were given them. That means some stores are simply going to run out real quick. But since each game is only able to use one code, it's not like I'm expecting to horde dozens of them. But still...
  12. RIP Prince

    I guess you could say his music is now... royalty free. /burns in hell for that
  13. RIP Prince

    Oh, I'm not calling out bandwagon mourning here. If that's how you read it, don't get me wrong, here. I just said it happens. I never said I was going to, either. I just had a personal anecdote. The vast majority of people on this site have never even met in real life, myself included. Who are any of us to claim "you're not a real fan!"?
  14. Saturday and Sunday are the last days to get free Jirachis from the internet! After Sunday, that's it. No more. Then we get a month of having to go to.. ugh... GameStop, and asking for a card with a number on it. Previous history tells me that that at least one of my local stores will insist that the card, labeled for free, is only available with a purchase. It says it's free on the card, you bastards! Fortunately, you can just call the Nintendo support line and they will give you a code over the phone. So fuck you, GameStop.
  15. RIP Prince

    Bandwagon mourning. It happens. I recall a time in high school when some kid I kind of knew killed himself. All the popular kids attended his service and some of the girls were crying and lamenting his death, and I was just like, "what? most of you didn't even know he existed, and now you're crying for him? Did any of you even know anything about him?" Turns out, no, they didn't. They didn't know he liked Robotech, they didn't know his middle name, they didn't know if he had any siblings (no, he was an only child), etc... but damn if they didn't get upset at being called out on it. I got a lecture from the principle about the whole thing. The rest of the year was fun; lots of dirty looks from the same mourners and high-fives from the other kids that felt the same way. That's when I learned the power of calling out other people's bullshit. Sorry for going off-topic, but yes, people that were not fans or hadn't listened to his work in years are going to pop up and give their fucking two cents worth of publicity mourning, and there's not much anyone can do about it. Though "Party like it's 1999" is still pretty cool.