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  1. Terra Tripmachine is my OCR introduction song. Heard it one day fro something (2003ish? So, maybe Newgrounds or something like that back then), looked it up, found OCR, hung out, conned a bunch of people into making a pokémon album for me, hung out more, make some friends and enemies (friendimies?), and so on. $300 Time Mage hat! Sidebar! UnMod's ultimate end! That smiley thing that we did for some reason! All those things, and many more! All that happened, and we were there for it. It was us, and ours, and no one else!
  2. I think this is mine? It showed up in the mail, with my name on it, and I took it home and then I took a picture of it to post here? Yeah, should be mine. Most likely mine. Mine now. It took a longer than usual time because it seems to have come from a Japanese Pokémon Center store. Which, as we all know, is not only on the other side of the world, but also in the future, because of time zones. Hence, a bit late.
  3. Someone posted Switch and went through the initial setup and menus.
  4. What a fucking waste. One Bottle Cap? That's great. I can go get them in-game, even if it is a bit tedious. If they made it like 5 or so, then that would be worth it. But one per game? Fuck that. Not worth the time it would take to walk into the nearest store. EDIT: OK, for the sake of clarity and why this is such a shit deal. So, Bottle Caps are an item that was introduced in Sun and Moon, along with Hyper Training. Basically, you spend a Bottle Cap, you can "max out" a Pokémon's IV to it's maximum, thus making it competitive. It's a way to make up for any shortcomings in the six stats that would allow you to make better use of it. A Silver Cap lets you max out one stat, and that's it. You can need anywhere from one to six, depending upon how much you want to make that one pokémon competitive. And most teams are made of six pokémon, so that's up to 24 stats you have to maximize. Now, a golden Cap would allow you to max out all six stats on one pokémon, so that's not only really useful, but also really valuable. But one Silver Cap is barely above useless. It's like offering someone a big plate, only to find out that they put a single bean on it. Bon appetite.
  5. Global Mission is now at 3.175 million out of one million. I think we did it, guys!
  6. Mind you, I'm still waiting on my gifts From Secret Santa 2009, 2010 and 2011. Mostly because I wasn't participating those years, but still!
  7. Personal opinion: I see the Virtual Console free games going one of two ways. 1. All the "good" games won't be monthly freebies. No Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc. At best, the freebies will be stuff like Duck Hunt or Wrecking Crew. They know that no one will buy that level of games on their own, so if they give them for free for a month, some people might like them enough to buy it later. And they'll likely cycle the same games over and over, offering nothing new, year after year, instead of offering stuff people really want. All the stuff that would be worth getting is going to be $5 and up. You want Super Mario World? $10. You want Link To The Past? $15. You want Final Fantasy 6 (come on, SE whores their old games as much as possible)? $20. If they think they can get away with it, they will do it. They ould even justify the higher prices because you're getting them both at home and on the go. 2. They roll out with SMB3 and Super Metroid. Maybe EarthBound or something. They go big out of the gate, and every month is top tier titles, one after another. The first year is a showcase of the best retro titles Nintendo has to offer, and they're only on Switch. They get more and more third party NES ad SNES titles, and the momentum continues.
  8. Anyone got a spare Buzzwole? GTS isn't a good place to trade for one. It's either "Level 91 or higher pokémon that no one has, and if they did, they wouldn't trade it for a fucking Buzzwole", or "Level 91 and higher Legendary that was only ever released in Japan, and comes in a Cherish Ball, which automatically means you can't trade it online, because Cherish Balls are designed to do exactly that", with the occasional "exactly what I have at the moment, but by the time I go to pick out the one I want to trade, the GTS has already completed the trade with someone else, leaving me standing there with nothing to do". Seriously, this is nuts. I've been trying for weeks.
  9. Or it's been impounded by customs and didn't tell either one of us. Maybe it was stolen during shipping by one or more unscrupulous postal workers. Perhaps there never really was a gift, because the true gift was inside all of us all along. Which is bullshit, because the real gift is the anticipation of finding out what it is. And because of (insert cause of delayed delivery here, to be determined at a later date), I AM HAVE BEEN DENIED THAT! Cave Johnson had it right! FUCKING LEMONS!!
  10. Yeah, I'm starting to think something's happened with mine.
  11. Well. That was easy. So, Friend Balls for everyone (one per person)!
  12. Global Mission update: we hit over a million today. Currently at just under 1.1 million GTS trades, and with 10 days left, it's been a smashing success. I don't know if Nintendo looked at the last two and adjusted the goal, or this was always the target. But either way...
  13. X-Box Live Gold and PSN are $5 a month ($60 a year, if you go for a full year at once instead of monthly). That means that Switch network would be about $2 to $3 a month if you do a year long subscription. I would have to see what $2 or $3 a month gets me, of course.
  14. It only works if you're using it for Bleck, though. Using it for me wouldn't work. I've spent three years of research and testing to verify this. Trust me. I'm practically a scientist.
  15. So two things: First, the Global Mission is at 668 000, and we're only two days in. I think we got this one. Also, I was able to get online finally, so I'm now in! Second, if you missed the North American Genesect event from last year, you got a second chance. It's only good for XY and ORAS, not Sun and Moon, but you can still transfer it over if you use Pokémon Bank. Just go to Mystery Gift and enter the code. If you're in Europe, it's GENESECT2016 Just remember: if you used the GameStop/EB Games card from the 20th Anniversary event, this won't work. It's the same download, so the game will see it as already used.