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  1. Pokémon: Sun and Moon, FREE ZYGARDE EVENT right now!!

    There's a new, unannounced download! For some reason, Zygarde, the last of the Gen 6 legendary trio, is up for grabs! No news or announcements were released, so this is either a glitch or a special present! I have mine from the internet Mystery Gift, and can confirm it is real.
  2. Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)

    Planning to submit to the judges panel? I can see this passing.
  3. Aside from the good music, there's also dat art. Mm. Dat art.
  4. Pokémon: Sun and Moon, FREE ZYGARDE EVENT right now!!

    I honestly think it's partly due to workers giving handfuls of them away to friends or something. I've seen threads on other sites where someone is giving away fifteen or twenty codes at once. How the hell did they get that many codes all at once? They're either workers, or know a worker, and were given them. That means some stores are simply going to run out real quick. But since each game is only able to use one code, it's not like I'm expecting to horde dozens of them. But still...
  5. RIP Prince

    I guess you could say his music is now... royalty free. /burns in hell for that
  6. RIP Prince

    Oh, I'm not calling out bandwagon mourning here. If that's how you read it, don't get me wrong, here. I just said it happens. I never said I was going to, either. I just had a personal anecdote. The vast majority of people on this site have never even met in real life, myself included. Who are any of us to claim "you're not a real fan!"?
  7. Pokémon: Sun and Moon, FREE ZYGARDE EVENT right now!!

    Saturday and Sunday are the last days to get free Jirachis from the internet! After Sunday, that's it. No more. Then we get a month of having to go to.. ugh... GameStop, and asking for a card with a number on it. Previous history tells me that that at least one of my local stores will insist that the card, labeled for free, is only available with a purchase. It says it's free on the card, you bastards! Fortunately, you can just call the Nintendo support line and they will give you a code over the phone. So fuck you, GameStop.
  8. RIP Prince

    Bandwagon mourning. It happens. I recall a time in high school when some kid I kind of knew killed himself. All the popular kids attended his service and some of the girls were crying and lamenting his death, and I was just like, "what? most of you didn't even know he existed, and now you're crying for him? Did any of you even know anything about him?" Turns out, no, they didn't. They didn't know he liked Robotech, they didn't know his middle name, they didn't know if he had any siblings (no, he was an only child), etc... but damn if they didn't get upset at being called out on it. I got a lecture from the principle about the whole thing. The rest of the year was fun; lots of dirty looks from the same mourners and high-fives from the other kids that felt the same way. That's when I learned the power of calling out other people's bullshit. Sorry for going off-topic, but yes, people that were not fans or hadn't listened to his work in years are going to pop up and give their fucking two cents worth of publicity mourning, and there's not much anyone can do about it. Though "Party like it's 1999" is still pretty cool.
  9. Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)

    That new ending... Nice way to finish the song and set it up a loop at the same time. I'm imaging some hot-shot trainer walking into the Game Center, strutting like a typical whale, passing by the waitresses and making it rain with one dollar bills (or pokébucks, I don't know). The entire time, it's a slow-mo montage of him hitting it big at the slots, and then at the tables, and then at the cards. Drinks, lots of women hitting on him, making it raaaaaaain!!, and lots of cool camera angles and shit! Then the music stops. A pokéball falls out of his jacket sleeve, and inside is a Psychic-type. He's been using it to cheat, and how he's busted! Cut to him getting dragged out by Machamps in tuxes and dark sunglasses (casino security), throwing him out the back door. He lands in a pile of garbage and just sits there, confounded. Then he gets up, wipes himself off, and walks down the alley into the brightly-lit street. I would fund that video.
  10. Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)

    It's jarring as hell. Remember: being unconventional for the sake of it isn't necessarily a good idea.
  11. Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)

    The whole thing is good until the end. That glitching-out effect was pretty jarring. I actually thought it was something wrong with the playback, but when I went back to listen to it again, it became clear it wasn't. I'd suggest either getting rid of that entirely, or reducing it a lot. It's distracting, and really breaks the immersion you had me in. Aside from that, it's pretty good.
  12. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I had no idea they were so different in size. So big... and so puuuuuuny.
  13. What games got better over time?

    I kind of have to agree with him on this, because wading through a pile of shit to get to a gem still means you had to crawl through a pile of shit. When a movie is terrible, with the exception of a really awesome scene near the end, people have no problem skipping to that scene. We've all done it. But when it's a game, we're expected to slog through the bad parts until we get to "the good parts" because... ? We can't do that. The nature of games requires us to be active in the events of the game as it progresses. We don't get to skip ahead to the good part, because we have to actively drive the events into occurring. So here we are, forcing ourselves through the poor writing/art/mechanics/etc, just to eventually get to something worthwhile. That's no entertainment. That's a chore. That's the exact opposite of what games are about. On the other hand... if the ratio of "bad" to "good" is definitely in favor of the good parts (overwhelmingly so is even better), then becomes less of an issue. You might even be able to say, honestly, that the good outweighs the bad. But not every game is like that, nor is it like that for everyone that plays it. Players A, B and C all play Game X. Game X has some bad spots scattered around it, and sometimes, they're pretty bad. But it has some really good spots as well. Player A might like it overall, even to the point of forgiving the issues that plague parts of it. Player B, however, is getting bored after the half-way point, and is losing interest. But someone said it gets better after that point... so will Player B keep going? Player C got fed up with the bad parts after only a few hours and abandoned the game completely. Now we have one lost player, and a potential lost player. That's hardly a good way to encourage new and repeat players. From both a business and industry view, this should be a concern for developers. So yeah, I think the complaint against "getting to the good part(s)" is valid, and something that should be addressed.
  14. What games got better over time?

  15. Anything from This System (link inside)

    Controls are as follows: Arrow keys = D-pad, Alt is left button, Ctrl is right button, 1 is start/pause. "p" also pauses the emulator itself.