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  1. Love it! I really like the progression from pretty mellow to wailing guitars by the end. The overall arrangement repeats throughout while ramping it up which I can appreciate. The only real issue I heard was the hard guitar plucks in the beginning needed some more compression on them because they were a bit jarring; sounded like your were trying to rip the strings out of the guitar, but that was like two notes, so by no means was that a big issue Great work!
  2. I really like the music. Did you do that? Everything else is great too; nice and crisp.
  3. I have some Adam A7X monitors with the paired 8" woofer. They might be a bit out of your price range, but with a proper pre-amp with good ad/da conversion, it sounds pretty damn great. I have a pretty active room (bad) but they still happen to give a great response. I would ultimately recommend getting good stuff early and investing in something that will last you a while, the best monitors you can have are ones that you know...
  4. Bump! So I want to get back to this if anyone is interested. I'm happy to work back and forth with you guys. I want to learn more about mixing/mastering on top of just my original stuff, so please let me know if you'd like to do this. I now have about 11 years of experience doing this kind of thing and am finally pretty happy with my mixes and masters; I'd just like to get more time with it. Thanks!
  5. I'd love to join a fireteam here. I'm on PS4. My PSN name is HyBound. Please add. If I'm on I'd be happy to help with anything you would need to work towards and I'd appreciate some help with my exotic bounty.
  6. This is great! I really like the vid as well. Good song-writing and its always cool to see someone playing this stuff themselves! Sounds a lot like something that would play in the dungeon of a Chrono Trigger or something Hope to see more from you!
  7. Hey guys, haven't been around much lately, but I've gotten back into a lot of vidjagame music. Anyway, I've been enjoying the tuckus out of the Shovel Knight soundtrack and decided to give some chiptune stuff a shot. I'm using Reaktor-based square's and stuff, not actual chiptune software (speaking of which, where do you get something like was used by virt?) Anywho, listen and comment if you can https://soundcloud.com/hybound/sir-pixelot
  8. Woo! Finally got it in. I was having all sorts of trouble with my DAW and samples, so its not horribly refined, but hopefully enjoyable.
  9. This is pretty great. Gusty Garden is one of my favorite vg songs of the last couple years and you definitely did it justice.
  10. Hey everyone, its been a while, but I entered the Halo 4 Remix competition a bit ago (even though it just popped up on soundcloud). I spent a good long time on this one and ended up getting quite the time crunch in to finish it up. It's a little more of a ReMix than a Remix as I remade a vast majority of the original content so I could use it the way i wanted to. I also added some Promethean sounds for good measure Anyway, the way they judge isn't particularly clear, but if you could listen, like, comment and share this around I would be much obliged. Thanks! http://soundcloud.com/hybound/awakening-hy-bound-mix-final
  11. http://soundcloud.com/hybound i only have 40 followers Check it out! Woo!
  12. This is totally great. I love the french-house style and the super sampled/processed sound is done very well. Really crunchy, gritty and authentic!
  13. You guys should do this for teaching science stuff too! That's the first time I've learned about physics without falling asleep halfway through!
  14. This is seriously great! Brandon posted this on facebook and I took a listen. I usually tend to think metal covers of songs are kinda cheesy or lame (that'll make me some friends here... ) but I actually really love this. Really well-done!
  15. Hey guys, thought you all might enjoy my remix of PrototypeRaptor's Ghosts in the Machine. Very Halloween-y so if any of you are looking for a track for dj sets or something this should work out pretty well. Electro House goodness for free download. http://soundcloud.com/hybound/prototype-raptor-ghosts-in-the