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  1. There sure are quite a few crickets in here.
  2. I doubt I'd be the right one to run a big project like this, especially if it was aiming for being an official OCR album project. I might be able to help people with feedback about compositions, structure, arrangement and so forth, but I'd be the wrong person to help ensure it was on par with what the site's looking for quality-wise with samples, production, mixing, etc. A project like this would need a project leader who's more in tune with where OCR is... and yes, pun intended.
  3. I've played all four main games multiple times from start to finish, even going so far as to get all four endings for PSIII. I enjoyed each game, including III (gets too much shit IMO). The first game is a classic 8-bit RPG that still holds up well today. The second game's dungeons are a bit too open and make you feel bogged down as the game goes on, but overall, it's still a good game. The third game has its random encounter rate set too high, but beyond that, it's still a fun RPG to go through with how the story progresses. And lastly, the fourth game just rocks. If an album was done, I'd love to redo my "Wounds of the Past" PS IV remix for it. Hell, I've even got a pair of PSIII remixes that I could update and throw into the pot ("Falling From the Sky" and "A Journey for Generations").
  4. I shall rule with a bloodied, tinsel-covered iron fist over all things Christmasy I've enjoyed doing the covers for this project over the last nine years, as well as making a remix for each of the ten albums. When Dyne needed someone else to step in to his producer role about three years ago, I was happy to do it so that the project could continue. And when he said he was ready to step down with the conclusion of AOCC v10, I'd already been helping to run AOCC for nearly three years and saw no reason to not volunteer to help keep it going into its second decade. I'd gotten familiar with how to handle things, Dyne and I have the same overall concept and vision for it, so, it seemed like the right thing to do. With all of that said, I'd like to thank Dyne for letting me take on the art side of things early on, and now, for entrusting his project to me. I'll do my best to not let you folks down. Keep an eye out in July, good people of OCR!
  5. Just so you know, the website's all done. Got all of the artwork in place and the pages are all working. I just need whatever info is being given for remixers, track names, notes, etc.
  6. Metal Squad- Thunder Force IV I Defend STM- Tatsujin-Oh Track 3- Hang-On GP Midnight Resistance- Flood of Power Main Theme- Space Harrier Stage 6 Mission 2- Metal Head Introduction music- Black & White
  7. I believe the interview thing came and went already. That, or the folks behind the podcast changed their minds. Who knows. As for the album, it's here...
  8. Turned out to be a nice album this year. We had some familiar faces involved this time, but we also had a new face or two taking part. Gotta say a big "thanks" to everyone who both tried to get something done, and to those who did. Hope everyone enjoys what we did this year
  9. Hey, this album looks familiar
  10. And that wraps up the Christmas album for 2016. We ended up with 8 tracks and I'll be sending the package to Dyne shortly with the final art and all the MP3s tagged. Gotta give props to everyone who finished and tried to finish their tracks this year. Thanks for taking part
  11. Alright, today's the final day for the three people remaining who wanted extra time. Jose, SkyRiderX and Dj Mokram? The clock... is... tickiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnng...
  12. The four people who requested the extra time, check your PMs.
  13. It's fine. It would have been nice if you'd done an ending that didn't cut off so abruptly, but it's fine.
  14. Well, the main deadline's gone by, and here's where we are... Of the six people who were still left working, we had one hand in a song, one drop out, three ask to use the extension, and one not respond. And so we wait to see what happens by the end of December 14.
  15. You still got two and a half hours