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  1. Messages sent to everyone who hasn't had to back out, or vanished from sight. Also, I got this message from the OverClocked Podcast crew a few days ago. I thought I would put it here in case someone wanted to act on it...
  2. I'll be sending PMs to everyone still involved with the project this evening. So keep your eyes on those inboxes, because you may already be a WINNER!
  3. If you're really interested, feel free to work on something. As I said in my previous post, if you absolutely need the time, you can submit it by 11:59 P.M. EST on December 14. It may only be three additional days, but a lot can be accomplished in three days
  4. We are now just 12 days away from the due date of Dec. 11. Let that soak in folks. Less than two weeks to go before the project wraps up. Having just finished my remix's final touches, there are now three completed tracks for the album, with a good half dozen (roughly) being actively worked on by other people. As Dyne has said, for the people who REALLY want to get a song on the album but need a few extra days, the absolute cut off date is December 14 at 11:59 P.M. EST. But ideally, all songs should be done and submitted to both Dyne and myself by December 11 at 11:59 P.M. EST, that way we have enough time to put everything together without having to rush. So for those who have gotten back to me and let me know what's going on with your remixes, thanks for the updates and keep up the good work thus far. And to the few who have stayed silent, I'm getting drones ready to play a constant, blaring loop of "Friday" outside your homes as I type. Here's my email for those with finished tracks...
  5. Your link to An OverClocked Christmas is out of date, CoolAJ86. The site was moved before volume 9 came out last year, and this year's volume 10 won't be at that old link either. Here's the current link...
  6. At this rate, it's going to be a prophetik music project with a couple of special guests
  7. Personally, I'd build a library (PUN!) of games that don't require downloads, accounts or installs on the given systems. Make the section as accessible as possible by making it basically plug and play. Pop in a disc or cartridge, turn on the system and get right to the game. So basically, I would make it comprised of console systems no newer than the PS2, the original XBox and the Gamecube, since the systems after them began relying heavily on patches and such. Handheld systems both old and new would do well too, since they still haven't gone all download/install/patch nuts yet.
  8. Dark Souls 2- When you go into the Dragon's Sanctum, as you work your way through, you'll hear a disembodied woman's voice doing a chant at times. You'll hear another woman chanting a different tune when you make your way through the Shrine of Amana (it's from the women in huts that are comforting the dead). Nier- Quite a few tracks feature various choral and chant-filled songs.
  9. New WIP away!
  10. I should have a much further along second WIP for you by the end of the week. I know there's no rush right now, but you just can't stop an idea once it starts going
  11. WIP sent, as promised.
  12. I'll get something to you later tonight. I want to get the WIP up to at least about a minute.
  13. I'd kill to do a piano solo take of "On the Beach of Dreams (Another World)." I've always loved that one minute tune.
  14. Well, we're a bit over a month away from the due date of Dec. 11. Thus far, I've gotten one song, so we're off to a bit of a slow start. This evening I'll be sending PMs to those who expressed interest in doing something for the album to see if they're still up for it. So for those who've posted in here, keep an eye on your inbox. And no, that's not a euphemism.