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Found 72 results

  1. Hey OCR, long time no see. I've been sitting on this track for years because it's given me nothing but trouble. But I came back to it a few weeks ago and I think it's at the point where I need some feedback before I can finish it up. (Source): All comments are appreciated but I'd particularly like some feedback on the following: 1. Timing - are there any timing issues you notice? Do they bother you? 2. The beginning section, particularly at 1:03 - Thoughts on the transition? 3. Organ - How does it sit in the mix? 4. Whispered vocals - what do you think of the processing on these? 5. Vocals at 2:36 - do they stick out badly or are they fine? Thanks for listening and for any feedback you can provide! Edit: Oh yeah, there are a few chords from Lavos' theme in there as well :).
  2. This is a remix of "Cave 2" (Might and Magic 5: Dark side of Xeen). I originally did a similar mix for PRC. I switched the cowbells for bongos and added an Indian Raga drone in the background. I work hard on my remixes and like to make soundscapes with emphasis on melody, weird extra percussion, looping repetition, and slightly abrupt endings. Tell me what you guys think and how it can be improved. I may also put another mix on here later. Piece being remixed (for reference) Enjoy
  3. What's up folks? Dex here. I've been playing live music for about 20 years but I'm pretty new to making music on a computer. I've always thought that Final Fantasy Legend II had an incredible battle theme, so I decided to learn more about computer music by remixing it! The remix is mostly in a metal style, but I change it up a bit toward the end. I'm planning on adding a little bit more to it and ending it in a metal style, but before I work on that I'm curious if anyone has any feedback on the work I've done so far. The first couple of seconds of the remix are from the overworld theme that you hear in the game right before you get into a battle, btw. Source material (overworld theme): Source material (battle theme): Current draft (Soundcloud compression damages the audio quality a bit, but I think the main ideas come through):
  4. Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a remix of DDD from SM64. I actually played the melody from memory, so it might sound a bit different than the original. It's still unfinished (hence the abrupt ending lol). I didn't do much in terms of mixing, so i guess it will need some work in that regard too. Box: Soundcloud:
  5. It's pretty simple so I thought I'd do a quick and dirty record of the guitars, but I'm not sure where to go with it from here. Maybe thinking of transitioning into Wart's theme or just ending it with a end level jingle but I'm not sure.
  6. A remix I've been trying to do for ages and this is as close as I've ever got to completion. I'm still fairly new to music production though, so it's all been a learning experience so far. It would be great to get some fresh ears on it as I feel like I've spent more time on mixing than I have on arranging now, and I'm getting sick of listening to it! The thing I'm struggling with most is getting it loud enough compared to other tracks. I think it's about right now but I really pushed the levels way further than I wanted to... Anyway dis is eeeet: And the original: All feedback appreciated
  7. Recently, a mix I posted back when I knew very little about production was just recently reviewed by the judges, and I'm fixing the issues that were prevelant. Knowing what I know now, I hope I can fix all the issues and resubmit it. Reviewed Mix: New Mix (In fixing progress): The Boss is Back in Town ReMix Source: If anybody could compare the original to the new remix and see if you think I improved on the judges critiques or not, that would be awesome. Thanks to anybody offering insight! (I'm not done with arrangement or production just yet.)
  8. Master 'D' is for 'Dance' (Upgraded from the Album) Ah, this old gem (yes, from the old Bionic Commando album). Funny fact about it - I've never been satisfied with what I put on the album. It was too quiet, and it had a few issues with some of the drums being too quiet, etc., so some time after the album was released I did some work on it, keeping in mind what the judges said about it during eval. Then tragedy struck - computer melted, had to downgrade. While I was about 95% done with my track adjustments and I didn't lose anything significant (I was actively working on this track when my comp melted down, so the last finishing touches were not saved), I actually was unable to playback the track on Reason with my weaker computer (it just immediately says "Not enough ram for playback"), so I've been sitting on this one ever since. That was 2013. Today, I want to let it go, submit and be done with it. I think I can take care of individual elements by muting tracks, working on lines one at a time, etc., but I can't compare in my DAW and see how things sound overall. I want to see if anyone on here has some suggestions on what I can improve further before submission. I can still hear a few things (the reverb is amazingly heavy in this, the bass swells too fast, etc.), but this is something that's been stuck in production hell for me since early 2009 (no, it's really that old - this is an older version of the same track from 2009 - 2010!) - I need some fresh ears to help out a bit. Any and all help is appreciated!
  9. A collection of different takes on many Zelda themes. Far from complete. Track list as of now: "My take/version" of the theme from Breath of the Wild/ a bit of "Legendary Hero" from Wind Waker and nearly the entire title theme from Twilight Princess Intro to "Ballad of the Goddess" from Skyward Sword "Midna's Desperate Hour" (With custom chords!) from Twilight Princess "Dawn" and "Great Sea" from Wind Waker (Possibly the most "out there" version. Reviews are welcome. I dare say that this is my best work yet. Timing is off to make it more alive.
  10. Hi! I have made a new remix of Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 on one of my new Synthesisers. Pretty much it's my first time using a real live Synth and I've been remixing tracks and recording my own original material as well as I pretty much usually stick to Keyboards. This current remix I made is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 of Chemical Plant Zone. I decided i'd like to share it with the site. I recorded all of this in just one take, so I understand there needs to be room for improvement although I like the overall track. I will need to record the drums again, and I may have to re-record a few things as well as add in extra detail. I'd also really like to hear what you all think of the current version and If I need any improvements or whatever please feel free to give me feedback, I can take it. I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions about further improving this track and please enjoy it if possible. Also if there are any more instruments you want in this I will be happy to include. Thanks ! *UPDATE* I have an updated re recorded version here with a whole bunch of added material, it sounds more exciting than the original version I remixed, enhanced melody,, added extra harmony, even re-recorded the drums and added an orchestral section!
  11. I've always loved the soundtracks from Mega Man X series and it was also one of my favorite games. Got inspired and decided to try some Metal arranges for the tracks in this game. I know it's been done a lot, but rock/metal just fits soo well with the Megaman series. Hoping to get some feedback/thoughts for this track. Would love to hear what y'all think about the arrangement and instrumentation as this is some areas of improvement for me. The mixing part is not done yet and no eq and effects on the drums. Original I'm also working on more tracks from Mega Man X 1 and hope to compile those to make an album. Hope y'all enjoy it >:) \m/
  12. 1. work-in-progress

    Here is a remix of the probably most famous music on the Tetris game. Hope yo like it.
  13. This was one of those "pause and listen" tracks for me. The combination of the light-and-dark visuals and this dark, reverberating track caught me so off-guard in the best possible way. My brain was in a very Castlevania place...and out came this wild idea to take a slow, piano-heavy piece and make it high energy with Baroque-ish elements (sort of? I don't know what I'm talking about :P) Anyway, here's "Crescendo of Echoes". It's been through the editing process enough times to fry my brain. I'd appreciate any feedback you have!
  14. This time I've taken a very underrated tune from a underrated megaman series Something about cold man's music really struck since I kinda if have a thing for snow levels in games. Any this time around I've wanted to take the route of trying to remaster the track and note do anything too crazy. I've expirement with the stereo settings in Fl(I never knew they even exsisted) and I think it really makes sounds more fatter and spread out. It's the first track I've made that utilized this.
  15. Hey there, i've made a remix of the song "Reconstructing more Science" from the Portal 2 game and require some feedback. I've submitted the first version of the song but it did not make it to the judges panel. This actually is not a bad thing because i've got some very good feedback and worked a few days on the song to improve it. Here are some problems listed in the feedback email i worked on after getting feedback: Now i need to know if any of those problems still are present in the current version of the song or if anything else might be a problem. I thank everybody who is giving constructive feedback <3 _Edit: So i got a very good evaluation after i marked the post as "ready for review" and continued working on the song after i got the feedback. After almost two weeks i've finished working on version 7 and are ready for more feedback. New problems mentioned by Rozovian i am/was working on: -daWaschbaer First version of the song: Second version of the song: Third version of the song: Fourth version of the song: With version 4 i've tried to solve the overcompression problem. Fifth version of the song: I've increased the volume by 3 dB. Fifth version of the song [short]: I've shortened the song so the length fits the content. Sixth version of the song: (Made the reverb less intensive from 2:00 to 2:15 and lowered the volume of the piano from 2:56 to 3:28 (because i wanted the piano to be in the background in this part). Current version of the song that requires feedback (v7): (Tried to fix the problems Rozovian mentioned like the mixing problem,the transitions and the drums. I've changed the piano and need feedback which piano is better. And yes, i was ending on the wrong note and i did not realise it until mentioned. I hope that there is not any overcompression anymore.) (When listening to the song keep in mind that it is meant to become more chaotic the longer you listen to it (especially at the end) Title of original song: Reconstructing More Science Link to original soundtrack: (Reconstructing More Science found in Volume 2)
  16. I wanted to produce a synthwave arrangement of the source but couldn't help using "organic" instruments for the leads and drums. I thought it could be interesting to try and find a right balance between synth and organic sounds -- keep those guitars, piano and drums and use only synths for the arrangements (which I'll start exploring way deeper when I find someone with a decent knowledge of synthwave music willing to help me ^^'). Original Source: Remix: I visualized Sonia telling her newborn son the tale of her adventures -- like it's a bedtime story -- when remixing this. Feel free to share feedbacks and whatnot :3
  17. Always wanted to do work on this song one day, I feel confident enough to not complete butcher it, am I heading in the right direction? I've only done one other remix and it wasn't very good, hopefully I'll get it right this time. I need to work on the choir staccato syllables so they sound more natural, I want the percussion and trombone make it feel like someone punched me in the face. Update #1 March 14: Reverb! Trumpets! Less boomy percussion! Polyrhythms! An abrupt transition! Weird compression!
  18. Song Here Changes - I've made the bass part more prominent and have more pop. - Added a trumpet part to the melody in some parts. - Added a tambourine. - Added some strings. - Made the piano part more stronger in parts where it should (Ex. At the end and at the beginning of certain phrases). - I've also removed a slight distortion in the clarinet(It sounded really muddy and gross) Feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps me get better at arrangements.
  19. Was looking for feedback on this arrangement I did of The Last Soul from Streets of Rage. Before this arrangement, I had never done jazz/hip-hop fusion before. It was a very interesting and awesome experience :). I want to do more with SoR with live band and such. Any suggestions for this? As always thank you for taking the time to listen!
  20. Hello everyone! I'm currently working on a Secret of Mana medley, with heavy riffs and cool orchestration. It is far from finished, but I thought I could do with some fresh and critical opinions to keep me on track, as I tend to over-listen my tracks when I'm working. Regarding the song, there is four different parts, and more to come: The intro, based on "Fear of the Heavens", but with a complete opposite feeling (hence the title). I wanted to turn the earie/mystery inducing feel of the original into something more like a fierce-warrior-marching-against-the-gods kind of epic stuff. I may have managed it (you tell me), but I feel the part still lack something, in the build-up maybe. The second part is made of really cool boncy riffs, based on "Dancing Animals", but I may have been a little to much side-tracked in the end. No orchestration here. As in the source name, I want this part to sound like a giant bear headbanging. The third part is the exact same thing as the first part FOR NOW, but I'm planning to give it more personnality in the future. I'm keeping the same kind of mood (and the same source, of course) The fourth part is a really lazy draft concerning "Spirit of The Night". I wasn't sure if I would put it here now or not, but then, it happened... ^^ Here, I want to have really emotionnal solos and this source is rather perfect for it (I personnaly call this part "Spirit of Metaaaaal"). The transitions are a bit off (mainly between 2-3 and obviously 3-4). I'm open to ideas! I'm rather confident regarding composition, I'm far less concerning mixing/mastering, so I am reaally open on this subject. Thank you for your feedbacks (and sorry for the poor english, it is not my mother tongue) The sources: The ReMix in progress: The old versions:
  21. Hello, Decided to give a try to Opening Stage theme from Megaman X, which is one of my favorite piece ever. I planned to go with an old funky 80's series vibe. Doesn't sound too bad as of now, though there's still a lot of work to do. What do you guys think ?
  22. Hi. It been a long time that I work on a remix track. You'll find here WIP Double Dragon 2 intro maint theme with an orchestral arrangment. I have to fix a lot of things but you'll probably see where I want to go. Original source. Arrangment.
  23. 3 out 3 three, I am on a roll today. Anyway, yeah, I remade this as well. Again, using only Morphine and a drum loop. Okay, and a Directwave Accordion, but who cares? Also, 50's Electric Guitar is good for EVERYTHING. Here ya go, reviews are welcome as usual.
  24. Recorded using Audacity and my crappy laptop mic. Messed up a lot, length is around 16 minutes. Enjoy. Song list Title Time of the Falling Rain Hyrule Castle Zelda's Theme Hyrule Field Kakariko Village Lost Woods Master Sword Boss Battle Dark World Dark Mountain/Forest Ganon's Message Ganon Battle Triforce Staff Roll (Sunset)
  25. Figured this might work as my first submission here. I've sort of tossed this short arrangement together. It could probably use some more ornamentation and an intro... original theme: