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Found 21 results

  1. What's the lower limit for something to post as a work in progress haha? This is literally just 30 seconds but I like it a lot and like anything else I've ever posted here, I have no idea what to actually do from here. It's cool though, I promise! Some of this was mostly from just wanting to try my awful choir and orchestra and blend it with the rest of a metal ensemble. My friend had me try to break down an anime opening and they practically had a guitar on one side and the orchestra on the other side which I kind of like. It might be kind of drastic for something like this but I'll take another shot at it later when it's not super late/early and I don't know what hearing is.
  2. I've tried to work on humanising my sequencing with this track by doing pretty much all the tricks associated with it but at the same time trying to keep them subtle so things doesn't sound sloppy or weird. Feedback, especially about that, is greatly appreciated. Source: ReMix: up M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
  3.…/snake-man-remix-first-draft This is a remix of Snake Man's theme from Mega Man 3 on NES. The idea here is lots of world percussion along with a calm smooth guitar and atmospheric pads and choir. This is literally the first thing I've ever made in FL Studio or any DAW for that matter so I'm still learning but hey, gotta start somewhere! I probably need to find some way to make it a little less muddy sounding during the busy parts. Might be too much low end on the guitar. Not quite sure.
  4. I decided to go more orchestral for this one, but get it to be pretty choatic and interesting. Let me know what you think! *Update* Fixed some mixing issues and got rid of the clicks.
  5. There is one issue with this version that I didn't notice until literally just a minute ago listening through it again, which is a tempo mistake toward the end of the track that happens twice. because of how I wrote the parts it involved tempo and time changes to sound right, and I slid the track back by 4 measures to add a bit to the intro, not thinking about the time changes and where that would leave the changes in the track, so I do need to go back and change that. this was more so I could post the track and get some feedback here about the overall sound. I'm pretty comfortable with the overall songwriting, more looking for feedback on the overall sound and any advice for mixing since that's my biggest weak spot right now.
  6. Hello again and today I've got a track featureing another attempt of me trying humanizing my guitars. I've added lots of pitch bends/unison bends and I think it turned out nice. Let me know you you people think I always look at your feedback.
  7. All the spiders gather around and clap along to the beat. You try to struggle and escape...but nothing happens Muffet approaches you... " Would you like something to drink? We have water, milk, juice, spiders, Dr. Pepper...?" "Spiders?" "Spiders it is, then!" "No! That's not what---" But she was already pouring a brimming cup of spiders
  8. A dance mix of Ice Cap Zone (I know it's overdone, but I'm a little new to remixing and I wanted to start out familiar with Sonic songs I knew well) that I made not that long ago. I considered it complete at the time, but I'm putting it here and not jumping in to submit it immediately even though I'd like to because I'm not sure it's up to OC Remix standards. I was also going to work on another remix and wanted to see how I could improve my remixes overall. Any feedback on how I could improve would be greatly appreciated. Original song: Thanks in advance!
  9. I am not sure what genre this would be to be completely honest but screw it. One of my least favorite Sonic levels of all time...Carnival *******Night Zone. The music is cool but that STUPID BARREL I SWEAR TO GOD..... sorry. Just remember ...UP and DOWN....UP and Down.
  10. So here's the track I've made a few years ago. May be it will be interesting for ya! Please feedback!
  11. The Minish Cap is my favorite game in the Zelda franchise, and I've putting off my favorite song from the game (Minish Village) for quite a while. I finally said, "You know what, I'm gonna do it." So I got around to starting this project. Don't think I'm quite done yet, but I've got the bulk of it done. Most recent version of mix:
  12. Hi! Here's song that I was making just for fun while testing some new virtual instruments I got. It turned out pretty good in my opinion, so I thought I should post it here and maybe submit it to OC. I've had tons of fun making this song and I hope you enjoy as well, and maybe have something to criticize. I have like zero experience in orchestral music so I wanted to challenge my self. Original song is from Pokemon Gold/Silver - Lance's Theme Remix: Red - Lance_2.mp3?dl=0
  13. So, in my mind this is meant to be the ending of Final Fantasy VI's Opera(since in game it has no ending): Source tracks: ...with a transition into this: ...Let Me Know what you think(it doesn't have a proper ending as of yet...working on that)
  14. Let Me know what ya think! *edit: I know I need to flesh out the orchestra. this one might be a while...
  15. Hello all, I am looking for some feedback on a work in progress remix/cover of "Alone in the Town" from Silent Hill 2. If you are willing, feel free to check it out. Let me know what you think.
  16. I feel as though I've completed this, but I have not had any official feedback, so I'm gonna leave this on ready for review right now. I've been working on this for a while and I finally got around to "finishing" it per say. I really like how it turned out because I haven't done anything this extensive before. I think it turned out pretty good, of course it probably has its flaws. I'm no master at production, so I might not be able to point those flaws out, but maybe somebody better at this can. Overall this was just real fun to make either way. The remix comprises of the Title Theme, Hyrule Field, and Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time. At the end, I threw in a little bit of the Astral Observatory from Majora's Mask underneath Zelda's Lullaby, because why not? This is the most recent version:
  17. So I found this song and needed to experiment with wav. and my new plugins. I exported all the wavs separately and this is the result. It's doesn't need that much cpu usage and the files are small. I don't know if this still counts as a VGM Remix tho. If it does please leave some feedback since I've been trying to humanize my guitar VSTs VSTs - Shreddage 2 -Shreddage Bass 2 -Shreddage Drums I really love shreddage :3
  18. I totally went there. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to do it, but here's what I have so far: All criticisms are welcome. Just don't be a dick about it :v EDIT: SoundCloud's compression really killed the clarity (especially the high end) in this mix. Uploaded to Newgrounds instead.
  19. This is what I have so far: Constructive criticisms welcome. Edit for evaluation: Source (original VGM): Current version of remix: The only difference between this and planned submission is the addition of rapping. If it's submittable now, it's submittable as a full rap song.
  20. Hi there. Here's my second track to post here on OCRemix. This time it's a remix of Valves from Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun. Haven't actually spent too long on this one as it seemed to come together rather quickly and, I think, sounds quite good (at least compared to other things I've done ). The original track Valves: EDIT: I updated the link with a download.