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Found 116 results

  1. Hi! Just wanted to check with the community if this is something that might get approved by OC Remix;
  2. A remix I've been trying to do for ages and this is as close as I've ever got to completion. I'm still fairly new to music production though, so it's all been a learning experience so far. It would be great to get some fresh ears on it as I feel like I've spent more time on mixing than I have on arranging now, and I'm getting sick of listening to it! The thing I'm struggling with most is getting it loud enough compared to other tracks. I think it's about right now but I really pushed the levels way further than I wanted to... Anyway dis is eeeet: And the original: All feedback appreciated
  3. So I recently submitted a track to multiple places, one competition, an OCR album, and then to the site. I had to finish the track on a tight deadline. I worked hard on it, and was very proud of the end result. I got feedback from the community around the competition and it was overwhelmingly positive and very well received. Thinking it was a nice track I was proud of, I submitted it to OCR. It went through the panel fairly fast. Here is the thread in Judges' Decisions Originally the track was written in Ab major, but then it went a little high in the trumpet part, so I wrote it down in the key of Gb, which was a bad idea, since it made recording quite difficult, but the performances of the brass were not the problem here. The rhythm section parts (piano, bass, drums, and there is a guitar in there but you can't hear it) were generated in band in a box, then edited to fit the track. The piano and bass worked really well, and for all anybody knows so did the guitar. The drums were one of the things that kept getting shot at, which now is something I can't unhear. The other thing was the arrangement, which went on a little while without changes in energy. Here is the track, the version I submitted to all these places. I'm putting this in Workshop as a work in progress to get more feedback on what I can do differently with the arrangement, and what I can do to not have to record everything again. I might just program the drums myself or record them in manually with a midi keyboard, since I now have better drum sounds.
  4. This is just a rough snippet that came to me this evening, I've never made a song before. I really like a prog rock sound e.g. Pink Floyd, something like that, I wonder if anyone has any ideas to help bring this further. I know that there are some mistakes in this but I am just learning how Garageband works...
  5. So this is an original song but definitely game related. I created the Fairy Fountain beat into hip hop form (from scratch) and have put vocals on it. The vocals are about Princess Zelda from the perspective of Link. If Link was to write a love song about Princess Zelda, this would be it! This is only a rough draft, and yes I put some autotune on my vocals. Please any and all feedback would be nice. I will be submitting this to OCRemix
  6. I've been on a 90's pop kick lately, so I decided to do a Shawn Mullins-inspired arrangement of Star-Stealing Girl Stuff I still need to do: -Re-record most of the guitars (the clean rhythm guitar will be replaced by an acoustic) -Add vocals/lyrics (ya rly) -Spice up the bass and percussion -Spice up (and hopefully live-record) the piano -Write an ending -EQ, compression, general production stuff (at which I'm WAAAAAY out of practice)
  7. I desperately need more "Resident Evil" remixes... or an official OCR Album -- a man can only dream But for now, I want to see how far I can go with this piece of my own. Inspired by Tony MacAlpine's "Tears of Sahara", I'd like to see if I can come up with a sweet rock ballad version of "Sleeping Beauty", which I fell in love with. Original: Remix: Hopefully, and with a little help, I'll soon make it listenable and sound more professional. In the meantime, feedback is very welcome
  8. From what I can tell, the original doesn't just use notes from a normal diatonic scale, but I can find it hard figuring out some songs so I could be wrong. Will extend it later. Remix: Thunder M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Original:
  9. Everybody Super Sonic Racing! I am looking for singers who want to help with vocals on this track so i don't have to use a spot holder. The vocals are currently being covered by a simple Saw till i can get my hands on the vocals for this song as I can not do this song justice with my singing voice. The final will not have the Saw in it and obviously an actual ending.
  10. Here is a remix I am spending time on, so far the sequence is coming together but I would like to open this up as a collaboration. This cover is the song shortly after the prologue in the Sega CD classic "Snatcher". I would record my bass for this but I am having some gain or pickup issues that I'm hoping to get fixed soon. I can make a shared folder with tracks set for each instrument. I hunted for a great saxophone vst and DSK is by far the best I can find but it ain't "sexy sax man".... yes I am in need of a saxophonist (Tenor, Soprano..). I'll post my latest mix and the original tracks below to give an example. Thanks for listening and your criticism is welcome! [BPM] Original:120 REMIX:125 Remix In Progress Original
  11. Just a little something I'd originally put together for MNP79 and have been working on lately, though I'm unsure where I'll go with it from here. I intended for it to be a somewhat conservative reimagining of the theme - perhaps something closer to a movie trailer - rather than a full-fledged remix Enjoy!
  12. So... finally, I've managed to improve my rookie drum skills to a much more advanced level of drum composing skills - which will help me a lot with my video game remix projects in the future. That's how level 2 of my drums skills sounds like. This time I've also created a screen recording video of my playing drum VSTI (instead of just a picture) for the Youtube version - so, you can follow most of the drum elements in my drum solo project much better. Backgrounds and futher informations you can find in the description of the Youtube upload. There 's also a clyp link with an uploaded 320 kbit/s file for the die-hard audiophiles. --------------------------------------- Newest version of my track: 1.1 >>> >>>
  13. EDIT 2: Third round of edits done, happy enough with it now for my YouTube channel (as linked below) but keen to improve it to the point it can be submitted for OCRemix; would love feedback to get it there! Thanks everyone. You can hear the (small!) steps of progress between versions by comparing with the two older ones on my Soundcloud page - if you're interested! It's one of the classic themes, with such a strong celtic flavour. I originally planned on writing a three part arrangement for fingerpicked nylon guitars, but it kept turning into medieval folk in my head, with a warbling tinny flute et al! I tracked down a few playable ranges for lute, celtic harp & tin flute and wrote with all of that in mind, but haven't gone for laser-precision (e.g. just made sure I could play the various lute sections on my guitar in drop D), and I've used two notes on a logic drumkit to more or less represent hitting the centre and sides of a classic old-skool drum. I'd really appreciate your thoughts. It's only just over 2 mins and I don't know if it's working/finished yet; feels a little like further sections could seem like padding - I'm probably wrong about that though. Not sure how much this qualifies as an OCRemix track given its style, I'd love to know what can be improved. Here's the demo version (no proper humanisation or detailed mixing applied yet, just some basics): And here's the original theme, in case it's not jumping out at you: Thanks a bunch!
  14. So I made a soul hip hop remix to the Mario Star Power theme. I am gonna to rap on it, but I need advice on the beat itself. How is the mixing? Is there more elements I can add to it? I feel like its missing something! Maybe some sounds or something. LISTEN BELOW:
  15. Source: OLD LINK: LATEST VERSION: Something I've put some work into over the past week. I'm really like this one so far. This is one I'm not going to be putting to the sidelines. I promise. Vocals will be re-done with some pitch correction and ad-libs. EDIT: Closer to getting done on the composition side of things. Above link should still work. Still need to re-do vocals. Just laying down melody is all haha. That falsetto in the bridge is gonna be a pain in the ass to hit, might just do some edit magic. EDIT2: I did more vocal work, still need to do adlibs. I think it's coming along well. Hopefully I'll be finished with this on Thursday edit3: Info below. Here's some lyrics: Wake me Pushing out to escape we Need a reason to live My minds on the fringe I'm crying in desparation So break me If you're not gonna save me I'm pushing again The lives that we spend You're telling me over and over again Run away, run away Maybe I was wrong to stay Run away, run away Were these memories made in vein I'm broken to pieces So why can't you understand? Our time is coming to an end Run away, run away Maybe I should turn to say Run away, run away Were these memories made in vein?
  16. Hello again this is another track seperate from the other 2 earlier and probably my last for the night. Although it might be seperate, I do plan on using the same pop style as before and so I have reserved spaces for a vocalist. the beginning has been edited and sounds a bit bare. I could definitley get some feedback on drums or other game-ish sounds for the bass intro. any feedback/listens/shares is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  17. Time for a 4th teaser of my VGM remix (or covers, whatever you want to call it ^^) album! CAN I GET SOME ZELDA LOVE? Please subscribe to my YT channel, muchos gracias guys!
  18. I recently bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 and immediately began playing the nostalgic video game. Kingdom Hearts music and square enix music have always been great videogame music and scores. The song and score that stood out to me is "It Began With A Letter" by Yoko Shimomura that plays after Donald and Goofy realize that King Mickey is gone. I tried to sample the beat and create somewhat of a Pluto's Theme since he is the one who delivers letters through out the series. The beat has a ton of synthesizers, some drums, and two pianos. The first part is somewhat vanilla. The second part is a mash of synthesizers all using different parts of the scores. The third part is experimental sampling and reversing of the music. Hope you enjoy. Remix: Original:
  19. Another day, another WIP, another song (to become) ^^ This is a heavily arranged version of the Staff Roll BGM from "Wild Guns". I'm not gonna lie -- this is clearly inspired by W.A.S.P. and their original masterpiece "Wild Child" as well as its Battle Beast version. There's also a bit of Toshiharu Yamanishi and Hyakutarou Tsukumo influence in there too for all you "Thunder Force" fans Currently in the recording/polishing state -- expect a guitar solo and all that stuff -- but I guess I might also take in consideration some feedback already before it's too late to change anything. Original: Remix: Enjoy and comment
  20. Hallo! This is a Fairy's Fountain mix that I've been working on. I like it so far, but I'm not sure what to do with it next. Any suggestions are appreciated. I am considering having someone do the sax solo live and extending it a bit before the end. Thanks in advance for feedback!
  21. Working on this for that Christmas album, gotta get this more christmasy. Gonna happen. Not done yet. ReMix: Source:
  22. Hey guys, I would like some feedback on this remix. I'm not well versed in percussion, and would also like ideas for accompaniment if possible. Any advice is well appreciated. Thank you!
  23. Zup humans! Been working on a remix of the underground theme from yoshi's island for the past 5 days. Its a WIP and I feel like my ears have become numb from listening to it for 5 days straight and I really need to hear what other people think about the mix and the arrangement. Original My remix
  24. What's up guys, I'm working on a VGM Remix album. Released a few teasers at my YouTube page. Teaser 1 - Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience Teaser 2 - Chrono Trigger - Opening/Title Theme Teaser 3 - Castlevania Bloodlines - Iron-Blue Intention Music styles will be well varied.. Would be cool to hear what people think, and perhaps find some new subscribers. All the best!
  25. ...Have enough Variety in it to be considered for the Site?: