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  1. Rapidkirby3k
    07-16-2014 01:20 PM
    Hey djpretzel, I intend to start fresh with my video game remixes, but I wanted to know if I'm able to remove some of my old remix threads. I'm aware that I'm supposed post new content in them, except I don't want to relive my previous mistakes that includes me putting great ideas off. It gives me a very bad vibe by today's standards.
  2. Esperado
    12-12-2013 01:22 AM
    Youre a pretty inspirational guy, Whenever I read things you post in discussions, it makes me want to strive to be a better person.You have a good way with words without being pretentious. just wanted to express my appreciation DJP
  3. ProFiction
    11-04-2013 04:24 AM

    I don't suppose there is _any chance at all_ that an mp3 still exists somewhere for the following?
  4. Brandon Strader
    04-15-2013 05:59 AM
    Brandon Strader
    How hard did you cry after the Spartacus finale? BE HONEST.

    I actually had the WORST nightmare the night after watching it.
  5. Ethan Rex
    04-01-2013 09:27 PM
    Ethan Rex
    Hey djp, me and a friend were trying to get an in-browser chat box for his radio show, and I was wondering what you guys use for the IRC in-browser applet? Is it something you guys created yourselves, and would it be feasible for us at a online college radio station to do something similar?
  6. GTAHater836
    09-06-2012 05:45 AM
    O-Clocked is approaching 2,500 ReMixes. Any special intentions for it? Don't tell me what the plans are, just say IF you have said plans.
  7. GTAHater836
    09-02-2012 09:49 PM
    Do you have a flood of Majora's Mask remixes scheduled for December 18? Because it'll be 3 days before the Mayan Calendar ends!
  8. krash
    08-28-2012 10:41 PM
    i was just wondering what happened to the chiptunes. was it discontinued? or hidden by accident or something
  9. SixxxString
    04-12-2012 12:49 PM
    Can someone plz tell me how to upload my song to this site ??? I'm getting aggravated. Why do they make this so difficult to figure out ?!?!?!?!
  10. ChaosZero
    03-07-2012 01:43 AM
    Hey David,

    I'm the US Community Manager for Razer. I've also been a huge fan of OCREMIX since late 2000. I see that you're going to have a panel at PAX East, and we'd love to support you guys by giving you some awesome Razer headsets during the panel. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know. You can contact me at

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    David W. Lloyd is a software engineer, musician, producer, and graphic designer from the Metro/DC area of the United States of America.

    Mr. Lloyd is the president and founder of OverClocked ReMix, an organization dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of video game music. He has popularized unofficial arrangements of this music by encouraging fans to submit mixes to the website he developed and maintains at He has composed and produced numerous such arrangements himself, under the name of "djpretzel", in addition to original compositions available on his personal website at He has appeared alongside industry professionals like Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall at game music events, and has been interviewed by Salon, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and others for his work with the site. He runs an associated record label, Overclocked Records, to help promote the original and arranged music of artists involved in gaming and computer culture.

    Mr. Lloyd is also an accomplished software engineer with ten years of experience in web-related technologies. His skills include experience in .NET, Java, and PHP software development, relational database design and administration, graphic design and web development using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and extensive familiarity with Documentum-based software solutions, web services, and XML/XSLT.
    Fairfax, Virginia, USA
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    David W. Lloyd
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