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Originally Posted by the prophet of mephisto View Post
i'm obviously in, duh.
You're already on the tracklist, we talked about this buddy. It's still your turn for phone-tag

Originally Posted by Rozovian View Post
Looks interesting. But it's not like there aren't projects needing remixers already.

Count me as interested. Maybe we should make a deal: you gimme a track for sd3, I'll give you one for this. :D

Originally Posted by OA View Post
i'll make sure that my permission slip is signed and I have an up-to-date physical, as well as my $10.
You forgot to bring a brown-bag lunch!

Originally Posted by KyleJCrb View Post
I can hook you up, man. I'm hosting Around the World and BadAss on the KNGI Forums. Just say the word and I'll get you set up.