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NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming - History

NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming, An OC ReMix Album (Trailer)

Listening party details:

Time: Sunday, July 10th. 6 PM EST.
Place: OCR listening party IRC, (room #OCRListeningParty)

OverClocked ReMix presents, in association with

Project Director: Level 99
Project Assistants: Bahamut, Prophetik
Project Associate Producers: DiGi Valentine and TRiPPY
Website: Vilecat
Artwork: JoF, TRiPPY, Ryuko DragonHalf, Keiiii, Ellavega, OA

NiGHTs into dreams was released on July 5th, 1996. It is a game that means a lot to me, and has a fantastic soundtrack that I feel is in need of proper tribute. The 15th anniversary of the game’s release will be July 5th, 2011, and I can think of no better way to celebrate this than to organize and create a NiGHTs Arrangement project.

There will be a lot of art, and a lot of music. 2 Discs of music, in fact. The album doesn't have an overall musical theme, besides the inclusion of the NiGHTS motif in nearly every track, but rather a consistent level of quality in the ability to evoke various thoughts and images of dreams in the listener.

The tracklist is below:

Level 99, Avaris, and The Prophet of Mephisto - NiGHTs and Reala (The Nemesis Schema)
Level 99 - Growing Wings (Twin Seeds Flyby)
LuIzA - Deep It Lies (Lies within Dreams)
Geshen of Balamb - Suburban Museum (Urban Museum)
Tryezz feat. DiGi Valentine - The Mantle (New Jack Mantle)
Level 99 and the Dreamers - Dreams Dreams (The World is Dreaming)
Dj Mokram - The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream (The Desert had a Strange Dream)
Sixto - Gate of Your Dreams (Beyond the Dream)
Cyril the Wolf, Level 99, Brandon Snell - E-LE-KI Sparkle (Clawz Jam)
ProtoDome - Under Construction (The NiGHT has just begun...)
AkumajoBelmont - Paternal Horn (I'll Fly You (nel cielo notturno))
MattInc - Message from Nightopia (Panzer Nightopia)
José the Bronx Rican - Gloom of The N.H.C. (Overnight Cloverleaf)
Josh Whelchel feat. Danielle Messina and Ryan C. Connelly - D’Force Master (Dies, Nox et Omnia)
AkumajoBelmont, Level 99 - Dreams Dreams (Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS Mix))
Avaris, Level 99 - Deep It Lies (Restless Depths)
Rozovian - The Amazing Water (Flow of Dreams)
Audio Fidelity, Josh Dunlap, Eric Griffin, Ben Charles - Dreams Dreams ~In Silent Memory~ (Slumber on a City Corner)
Benjamin Briggs - She had Long Ears (She Had Angry Pixels)
pu_freak - Fragmented Nights (From Dusk till Dawn)
Sundog - Take the Snow Train (Trans-Siberian Tuning Fork)
OA, DragonAvenger - After the Dream (Tomorrow Should Have Been Last Night)
Fishy - She had Long Ears (She can has long ears)
Emunator - Gate of your Dreams (Sleepless Nights)

AkumajoBelmont, Level 99 - Dreams Dreams (Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS Mix)[10" Karaoke Mix])
ProtoDome - Under Construction (The NiGHT has just begun...[10" Karaoke Mix])

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