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  1. Well, either way, Wordpress is far superior to Blogger by leaps and bounds, so I'm not complaining.
  2. I had only been talking about working with the Blogger template because Larry had already created the blog.
  3. We'll have to sit down for an interview on direction and ideas soon, then. I have some ideas that could work well into the red/black scheme, but I'd like to get your perspectives on what you want out of it.
  4. Stock blogger template, Larry? For shame. I can probably come up with a template for you a la VGDJ.net if you want me to in a few weeks. Drop me a line if you're interested.
  5. Voted. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some things this summer when I have more time, if I'm not loaded down with freelance projects then, too. Great job working to everyone who has had time to participate, though.
  6. Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me! Andy, will there be instrumental tracks of these two songs available for purchase anywhere? That would really be preferred. Thanks.
  7. If Andy allows me some time off, I can help out anytime this weekend, Wes.
  8. I'm fairly busy, but don't be afraid to come find me if you need any help, Kaleb.
  9. Wish I could be playing d2 right now...
  10. Cyan_Ide

    Grammar Ninja

    Usa!!! I haven't talked to you in forever!!! Anyway, KWarp, there's a whole database dedicated to Asian fonts on dafont.com. You should pick something nice out from there. Papyrus has become as much the crux of design jokes nowadays as Comic Sans.
  11. Cyan_Ide

    Grammar Ninja

    KWarp....you used Papyrus... I'm disappointed in you.
  12. Naw, they have a really big fanbase to get votes off of. They were #1 on PA for a really long while before that Keith and the Girl thing slipped in there. It's a Libertarian talk show where listeners can call in and talk about whatever they want. It's a really good podcast, and, besides being higher above us in the overall rankings, they really pose no threat to us as a podcast due to their content. To be honest, I know the top TOP 10 is really great and all, but I'm more impressed that we continue to stay really high, if not #1, in the music category, which means we continually beat out podcasts with similar content to ours no problem.
  13. I'm pretty much as 'little' as they come. Don't worry, I'll stand as the last bastion from hostile takeover. I, my friend, am even smaller than you are. But no matter what, I will always love my VGDJ! On a side note, didn't know you lived in Menonomie, Cyan_Ide. I think thats only around an hour from me (I'm in Waukesha). Wisconsin meetup! Or maybe not. I've only seen a couple other members from this great dairy state, not to mention I'm 17, w/o a car and w/ parents that would probably not approve of meeting up with some people I met over the internet. When they think of meeting people in RL after talking to them in internet "chat rooms" or whatever they think of specials on TV about child molesters and date rapes. You won't rape me, will you? Unfortunately, I believe that you have the wrong Menomonie. I live in "Menomonie," which is in western Wisconsin, just east of Minneapolis. It looks like you're thinking "Menomonee Falls." There's a Menominee, Wisconsin in the north central area. There's also a Menominee Michigan just across the border in eastern Wisconsin, too, just to add to the confusion. My grandfather lives in Mukwanago and worked in Waukesha before he retired, though, if it's any consolation.
  14. I'm pretty much as 'little' as they come. Don't worry, I'll stand as the last bastion from hostile takeover.
  15. <-- This phrase can NEVER be understated with Jill! ....don't kill me... <3
  16. The Communist Party! Upthorn gets an A+in fashion!!
  17. rock \m/ I'LL VOTE FOR YOU GUYS INSTEAD OF VGDJ! .....I mean....uuhh...go....VGDJ??
  18. It's up to them (*shackles clink as hand points to Jill and Andy*). I'll talk to them about it. I'll cover whatever content we all think needs to be covered. I think it's going to be doubtful though. They're going to say it's not a music competition. Just you watch.
  19. Are you saying I don't have the stomach for criticism? Are you callin' me YELLOW?!
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