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  1. The lab with the scanners was closed, so I didn't get my newer sketches in, but I'll put this up for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Still needs alot of work with the rod, and incorporating the two elements together, and the water, but yeah.
  2. Does that mean he sounds like Larry? That's a burn If I've ever heard one!
  3. HOLY JESUS AWESOME!! Myth IS on this project! You can't really tell from the IRC channel, considering you're in every other channel I'm in almost and only talk in #ocremix. Be more social, JERK!! I don't have an answer, KWarp. Need some thinkin' time.
  4. D: What exactly does this entail???! You just have to show some artwork of some sort. So far you, G-man, and Carefree Captain are in the safe zone. Oltri, Neoforte, and Claude need to show some new stuff by the 12th or face DOOM or something like that. =P *Phew* G-man, your coloring style ROCKS! I've been practice sketching on stuff. I'll try and scan those in by the deadline for some more stuff to show.
  5. Your pictures are AWESOME G-Man. I really like the watercolor look you have going on.
  6. Let it go on the record that I had my recording in the bag for last week's show, unlike some people. Aww, you know I'm kidding, guys. Hope you're not so busy anymore, because I know I am.
  7. Nice job again. The section at around 2:20 before the guitar comes in again is so awesome.
  8. This mix sucks. Because it's rap. Rap sucks. Also: Earthbound and rap don't mix. Why is this here? Seriously, I loved the entire BT project, and this is right up there as one of my favorite tracks. Does this mark many more CC tracks with Myth in them?! Because you guys are great. EDIT: JESUS, Flik plays his recorder! That transcends awesome!
  9. Arek....I just don't know what to say. As far as worrying about the project, please don't. I know you're going to say that you can't because it's your project and you really care about it, and I completely understand that, but if you can't perform your duties, I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say that we all understand. Your health is very important. You have already done SO MUCH for this project, and we all appreciate the involvement and dedication you've put in thus far. From my short stay here, and talking in the IRC channel, I can see that there's a good group of fun people here, and I think the setup you've manifested so far is great. You're a fun person to talk to, even if you cheated on the SGX contest. Thank you for creating this project, and I hope that whatever is going on is figured out and cured. We're all rooting for you. Chad
  10. Yes, but it stopped at 88 percent download, so I got crabby and left it. I'll try again, I guess.
  11. Good for you! I hope you get the position.
  12. Workin' on it. Good progress so far, but sometimes a man needs a break. Haha Keep at it. It looks like you guys got a great team over there. Should be a good project.
  14. It's finally here!! Nice to see this track finally up, so it can get the OCR love it deserves. Great job, Myth.
  15. I hear ya on the thick lines. Nice job, I really like the one on the lower-left in the second set.
  16. Agreed. God, Bound Together is going to rule all.
  17. Sorry for all the lag!!! I had a great time, and I'll probably be on this weekend, and hopefully it won't be so bad. (Tomorrow's "Thirsty Thursday," nobody's gonna be at their computers )
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