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  1. O.K. Knowing the FF6 OST fairly well, during the first read through, my mind combed the whole soundtrack searching for the song. Then, I get to this one part at somewhere near 1:20 where I hear just a taste of the melody, but it is so slow and orchestral that it made me second guess myself. No, that's not the boss theme, Cyan, you're crazy. Then, 2:40 rolls around, and I hear a good portion of the melody, and I'm like WHAT??! THIS CAN NOT BE THE BOSS THEME--its soo beautiful and....and not boss like. Very interesting take on the boss theme Gray, excellent idea...its just soo....unnatural that it sounds like that, but its so good too. The only complaint is the section at 1:40 because the electronic section didn't really fit in with the mostly orchestral sound in my opionion. Otherwise great job. [edit] I'm not really sure if "The Decisive Battle" was the only theme in the piece, but it was the one i managed to pick out and was most surprised by its style of play.
  2. "He's remixin' aboot pirates. It's BAAAAD luck to be remixin' aboot pirates." Even though Unknown will soon be gone (what with the pirate's curse and all), this piece of pirate gold will live on on OCR as tribute. The flute in the beginning tells you at once that this is a thrilling, pirate-filled musical voyage. The changeups and the crescendos and decrescendos rise and fall like the deep blue sea, and this mix has swashbuckler written all over it. Beautiful orchestral arrangement filled with adventure. A must have for any OCR fan. P.S. Sorry about all the Pirates of the Carribean references....but I couldn'd resist, mate. ;P
  3. The sole piano in the beginning sets a mysterious, creepy tone for this piece. It also sort of gives it a macabre horror feel. The vocal sounds and more piano within the piece help to accentuate this macabre feel, but I felt that the piece overall is not a "frightening" one. I also felt that the guitar coming in at 2:00 kind of threw off the rhythm, but it is an overall pretty interesting piece.
  4. I enjoyed the very ominous, dark feeling from I got in the beginning to about 00:25. The whole song feels generally very bleak, very lonely, which is interesting. The only thing I disliked about the piece were the drums in the middle, that gave off more of a miliatary feel than enhancing the overall dark, dank feeling in my opinon.
  5. I WANT this to be one of my favorites, I really do. I love the original. I love the intro. I think that the melding of the navigation sounds of the menu screens is cool, and the ending is hilarious. and I definitely love the kefka laugh and the sax. But then, there's the screams, and, at least for me, the daffy duck. His voice just grates on me and they really bring the entire song down from where this song had the potential of being for me .
  6. Great job!! It made me want to sleep.....but in a REALLY GOOD way--insanely relaxing.
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