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  1. it is dead cyan killed it a long time ago This is no lie.
  2. reelmojo is the last person who would complain about being stingy on giving out shirts as competition prizes. 'NICE!
  3. Sephire, you are an amazing person.
  4. I've had this one for awhile now. Po!'s smooth stylings are immensely addicting, and this is some classic po! at his best.
  5. I vote for a new intro. We've been clamoring for it since the Rayza and Aurora days. Why would you take Doug as a hostage? We should be paying YOU for taking him off our hands.
  6. Thanks, reelmojo .....I think.....
  7. Thanks alot Arcana! Weren't people saying the same thing about Rama? Hmmm... Ya... in the 'omg bad rekordingz' way *remembers the legendary and hilarious "Rayza Report" stinger.*
  8. I'm going to have to follow along with and compound Larry's thoughts on this, TCK. Larry's points are all very valid, and I would like to add another factor to the equation. Besides the fact that the hosts just plain read out the names of the games and artists, there's also the hosts' input to consider. Oftentimes, such as was the case in the last episode, the hosts will show excitement for a particular track in the queue while they're reading it. I know I found myself to be checking out those remixes which I hadn't heard very much that Rayza or Aurora or Pixie had expressed explicit interest in. So even if those tracks don't get rolled, they still get some serious positive publicity from the hosts, helping to draw listeners to those tracks. Don't worry, TCK, I'm not a fan of the intro, either, but no one has yet rose to the challenge of concocting a new one, despite contests and pleas and such. Perhaps Pixe and Wingless can give it another shot in the future. However, for the time being, there's always the fast forward button.
  9. Take his comments wisely, this man obviously knows what he's talking about!
  10. Great show, guys. I actually picked up Halo 2 for the first time in FOREVER, Wingless, so that was quite the nostalgia trip. Nice to see the show back, and people actually talking in #vgdj!!
  11. Plus he's a Multimedia Designer. All multimedia designers are inherently sexy by nature.
  12. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Great to see you guys get this song posted. It's always been great stuff!
  13. Wait, Aurora posted. Does that mean we're definitely on for next week?
  14. Whatever works homie. Like I have been saying, I trust you. Do what you think is right. Also WHERE ARE MY BIO'S? I only have a few. EVERY MEMBER OF THIS PROJECT IS TO SEND ME ONE ASAP. The sooner we get them in, the sooner I can have the site up. This is no joke guys, please get send them in ASAP *points at Usa* HIS FAULT!!
  15. Awww, come on you guys, keep up. I was satirically plugging myself. I thought you, at least, Mr. Wingless, would catch on. So in all actuality, I really have no suggestions for improving the show at all, just trying to be jokingly facetious and self-righteous. Guess I failed.
  16. Dear Typhon and friends, I do belive that with the current state of affairs, including the break in the longstanding VGDJ routine, as well as the possible advent of a new co-host to the VGDJ team, that a wise course of action would be a complete overhaul of the Podcast's layout. These circumstances provide ample opportunity to improve on certain aspects of the podcast proper, that were, how shall we say, a bit lacking in the show as it once was. It is the personal belief of many individuals that the implication of the competition reports laid on top of the already-solid foundations of the podcast VASTLY improved both quality, and the population of dedicated fans. Though there has been no open discussion of this particular topic, there is an undercurrent of revolution within the populace of VGDJ listeners, that this particular section, and all individuals that correspond therein should be expanded to fill a larger temporal space within the frame of the podcast. In summary, while changes such as this are a time for mourning over events and places that once were, and may no longer be, they are also a golden opportunity, an opportunity to build on the splendid and magnificent ruins of something great, to improve upon it, while still capturing the magic essence that first captivated the listeners from the first word on the first show. hahahaha I'm just messing with you guys! Can't wait to start reporting again!!
  17. Cute. We do these things irl XD Damn straight. Wierdos. Damn straight. And it's "weirdos," to you, bubba. Good call, pixie.
  18. Crap, I guess this means I have to be nice to John now....
  19. Kudos for the overwhelmingly positive attitude.
  20. Well, she didn't ENTIRELY miss the mark....
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