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  1. MY idea kthxbye. ROFL@that. Is Pixie a trekkie? Where have YOU been?
  2. couldv said the same for Australia.... Maybe we should just assume he's always gonna be wrong. SO glad I don't have to name locations!
  3. Mmmm Mmmm good, Andy. With this piece, you deliciously manage to stir up a delectable brew of mouth-watering techno with some ethnic cuisine. As usual, your beats are scrumptious, the groove tantalizing. You've cooked us up quite a smorgasbord of tasty sounds, all painstakingly measured, sliced, diced, and sizzled to perfection. My compliments to the chef!
  4. Well...I still take comfort in knowing that I was WAY more right than Jill was.
  5. Gee, V__, you're right... It's a damn shame no one in this thread was dropping... ...any subtle hints as to where the voting is. Also: I never said I'd SING your name. Transcripts, please! I need PROOF! Also also: Now that I'm done being evil, the link to the voting is here, in case you didn't click on the earlier links. Oh, yeah, and to vote, the link will ask you for your email, you plug it in, they send you an email, click the link in it, and it's all set. *<3 V__* [Edit]: Missed a BLATANT one in there.
  6. Why all the hate?? WHY all the hate? Oh, well, at least my LEGIONS of devoted fans still love me. (kidding ) Great show this week. I definitely spammed my buddy list for votes. Nobody knew what was going on. It was fun.
  7. ... Random, entirely off-topic comment: Are you the same CyanIde as in the OCReMix Halo2 clan? If not, your voice sounds quite similar. Of course I am, silly!! Also: haHA! I win again, for your feeble attempts to insult my amazing nickname have FAILED!!
  9. Woops! It's Bound Together, of course. My bad; a week of staying up till 5/6:30 a.m. working on the site will do that to you... Thanks everyone for your compliments! Thanks to Justin for introducing me to the amazing powers of CSS, and Jill for sticking it out. Don't let her deceive you. She was up all week straight same as me, and pretty much coded and laid out all the subpages, I just made them work, so great job, those pages look great. Great show, as per the usual, guys, and welcome to Doug! Great segment!
  10. An amazing addition to an amazing set of music. Great job to Mazedude, and thanks again to him as well as the rest of the artists and workers on the Bound Together project.
  11. If I survive past this Thursday..... I'll cook some stuff up this weekend.
  12. Great last show, Larry, very enjoyable to listen to. Some real good material in there. Good luck in DC. Don't be a stranger.
  13. Phew....dodged a bullet there. I thought for a second there I was going to have to work under Drum. JESUS was that scary!
  14. Really? Everywhere I saw said it was April 2nd. Hmm. Oh well, so I'm wrong.
  15. Umm....DST isn't until next weekend.
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