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  1. Yeah. Their biggest argument was that the game includes full nudity and interactive sex, neither of which are actually in Mass Effect. It's just some side-boob. Honestly, I think we're hurting the youngsters more than we are helping them if we censor games to the extent that Fox News is suggesting. If they should be upset about anything, it shouldn't be children's access to games, but to movies and the internet which are both far less censored and regulated than games.
  2. Fox News is the worst, and their motto of "Fair and Balanced" makes me sick. People around here (rural Georgia) watch it and shun the other news stations because it's the only "conservative" one of the bunch. But maybe it's right for them since they're all neocons. [/endrant]
  3. Barnsalot


    I hope they don't mess it up if they make a sequel.
  4. I love it. I've never played any Phoenix Wright games before, but I've listened to/loved all the soundtracks from the games. And like Frustration Raptor said, this song has pretty similar instrumentation to the BGM from The Sims 2, which is a good thing since I've always enjoyed that soundtrack too.
  5. Write numbers on a piece of paper. Put piece of paper in front of a mirror. read. Success! Meanwhile, still stuck on level 6. I've used every music-related word that I can think of to no success just yet.
  6. Alright, I got level 5. Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm stuck on level 5. Is the answer an actual occupation or am I being misled?
  8. I can't get the gold puzzle in the tutorial or level 4 in the real game. :/ Edit: Got level 4.
  9. Barnsalot


    I watched Dragon Ball Z religiously when I was 10-ish, but haven't watched much since. It all seems too similar to me.
  10. Use Howard Roark's Speech from The Fountainhead if you want to hit them with something intellectual. Though, you'd probably only be able to use a piece of it.
  11. I've kept track of the RPGs I've beaten, but nothing else. The list is on my old computer right now, but I think I was up to around 35.
  12. Oblivion, among other items.
  13. That might be a good idea. If we change it, that's what I'll vote for.
  14. First it was Team Fortress 2, now this. What's next, Starcraft Ghost? A Final Fantasy VII remake?
  15. Could you have thought of a harder-to-spell album name? Just kidding. The music's great.
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