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  1. I like compuser. Carries a double-meaning.
  2. Does that mean results should be out soon? I don't really expect to do well- My entry was pretty much crap this time around, no pun intended. But, I am interested to see who won.
  3. I saw something about this on TV, and I had to look it up... Apparently, Blackout Band is some new pre-teen rockband, and their most "popular" song is called "Video Games." It's really horrible, especially the vocals. This is the mainpage: http://www.blackoutband.com/ Watch the music video at the top and lol. Thoughts?
  4. So this is American Idol, but with bands instead of single vocalists? Hmm... I voted. Good luck.
  5. Typing in large green letters and signing an account just to advertise is a bit frowned upon, btw. ^See. That's me frowning. Upon you.
  6. Aside from it being a good remix, all the individual instruments sound very clear and well equalized to my ears. Nice job.
  7. Hah, that's awesome! I was wondering what ever happened to the OCR-Tan discussion.
  8. The game's already been mentioned, but I'm sure when I was younger I probably beat Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 15+ times. I couldn't get enough of it.
  9. I played it right after it was released, before WoW was came out, but I've never been able to play MMOs for very long. I think my half-elf bard almost reached level 20.
  10. It's listed in my files as "Requiem for a Tower" by Clint Mansell. I got it off the YTMND Soundtrack torrent, which I think would be fairly reliable.
  11. I only have about twenty or thirty songs on my nano, actually. The rest of the space is taken up by Pimsleur language audio and audio-books.
  12. I'm pretty sure vgmusic.com has the Morrowind title theme midi. Look under the PC category or something like that. As to the other stuff, I can't be of much help.
  13. What I'm trying to point out is that the family and friends of the victims at Columbine are still alive and still grieving. I don't think it's very respectful to or conducive to their grief for their dead friends that they are put into a game like this. The descendants of Chinese emperors never knew their ancient ancestors, so their grief can't be as strong. Neither do I agree with placing anyone recently dead into a game for fear of hurting that family further. That's my personal opinion, though, and maybe it's just my right-wing conservative, Christian bias speaking.
  14. I read an article about this game a while back, but I never bothered to download it because the premise disgusted me. Games are meant to be pleasurable, not to explain something like a massacre. There are news articles for things like that. It's worse than a war game, because most often war games will put you on the "good guys" team, you may have justice in mind, and you're playing with anonymous characters, anyway. The guy that made this game used all of the real peoples' names and faces, even used quotes. How do you think the families of the victims of such a tragedy would feel if they knew their deceased relatives were being put into a game like this?
  15. Throughout the whole movie, the orchestral score stood out to me. I was looking forward to going home and getting my hands on it somehow, but all I could find was the dumb soundtrack, from which I listen to a whole two songs.
  16. That's some of the best news I've heard all month. Can't wait for it.
  17. It's a novel idea, but, of course, it will never take off. Too expensive, likely, and it would be difficult to walk through buildings without bashing the camera or the mask into a wall.
  18. I had better be seeing some Suikoden love up in here soon. Seriously, if I could draw... That's what I'd do.
  19. Please don't ask me what inspired (possessed) me to write this because I don't know. Here's my submission: Also, could we possibly get the thread title changed from May submission to July submission?
  20. I'm playing on East right now. I'll likely join up with you guys on occasion if you switch.
  21. I don't know. I think of the problem more as a bad habit than as an actual addiction. Your body doesn't develop a need for videogames that, if the need is not met, causes your body to start experiencing withdrawal symptoms like with a drug or alcohol addiction. If a videogame "addict" is taken away from his games he would, of course, be sad. He would be forlorn, even angry. But his body wouldn't rebel against him. Then again, compulsive gambling is widely considered to be an addiction, so maybe my argument has no merit. Maybe.
  22. That's great, but why did you post this on the competition board?
  23. EmuParadise has all of Hellion Sounds' albums for download here. You have to sign-up with them first, but it's worth it.
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