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  1. You may be right. I just thought of something to write for it, so I may give it a shot. Also, why doesn't the competition start until July? Small summer break for the writing competition I'm guessing?
  2. You can probably count me out of the freeform competition. I can't think of anything to write for it, and I'm busy with summer school-work and writing other stuff.
  3. A bunch of my classmates play that and think they're really good. They entered a tournament once and got dominated in the first round. I, myself, have only ever played a single match. It's pretty fun, though.
  4. I have nothing witty to add... So, happy birthday!
  5. Skifree. Every time I dodged it a clone came from out of nowhere and ate me. You know, you can also reach the snow-monster from going up at the beginning of the game rather than skiing down the mountain. Yes, I used to have far too much time on my hands.
  6. It's a neat idea, but the time limit would be difficult to enforce.
  7. Or we could disallow votes from anyone with a postcount of 100 or less.
  8. On second thought, I kinda like not knowing the votes- then being surprised by the results. But I understand your point, Imagery, and, really, whatever you guys decide on I'll be fine with.
  9. I've already PM'ed my votes to you. As to the poll: I don't care either way.
  10. Hero steed/mount month? Could include signatures of Epona, the Blue Falcon from F-Zero, a chocobo, or an airship, etc.
  11. I had forgotten about this competition for a bit, there. >.< Here's my entry (Rhyme scheme of ABACB):
  12. I would say no to Disgaea 2, but yes to Disgaea. The original broke some ground, the second one just expanded on the first a little (and had a worse storyline).
  13. Has anyone played Little Fighter 2? It's a pretty fun downloadable fighter.
  14. I had forgotten about Ogre Battle. That would be a good one. One of the Suikodens wouldn't be bad either. They haven't gotten much remixing love over the years.
  15. Lufia II Breath of Fire II Secret of Mana Secret of Evermore Most of the old SNES RPGs have soundtracks that are good, simple, and short (20 - 30 tracks).
  16. A lot of bLiNd's stuff would probably work well. Specifically, I would recommend Aerofunkanamics from Kong in Concert. The well-placed screams and "hiya" sound-effects add to the general keep-it-up sort of mood that the song emphasises. But it's not rock, so it may not be up your alley for this occasion.
  17. Poetry's not my strong-point, but I may write something for the competition anyway.
  18. That's too bad. Also, I couldn't help but quote the typo he wrote on his frontpage: >.<
  19. I really didn't expect to win, but I'm not complaining. Thanks for the congratulations (and for the badge), and congratulations to you as well Manic Cinq. What a great start to my Spring Break.
  20. I'm no artist, but it seems like you did a good job. The picture sort of "breaths" green instead of outright saying it because all of the colors are either reminiscent of green or are of some pale shade of green.
  21. I'm in small-town Georgia and, nope, I've never seen anybody else with any OCR schwag. But then again, I'm basically never anywhere but home, school, church, and studying my eyes out for math tests that I never pass, so I wouldn't really have much of a chance to see anyone from OCR if they were even around.
  22. Sad thing is, with full knowledge that it was an April Fools joke, I really liked a few of those Ice Cap mixes.
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