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  1. Permutation is one of my favorite mixes on OCR. Nice work!
  2. Woah. I had no idea that Audiosurf had this option.
  3. I've actually built a few games with the older RPG Maker programs, but never a full-on RPG. One time for high school chemistry I built a little game, which centered around what we were learning about in class, with RPG Maker 2003 and I won a $50 gift certificate for it. That was pretty sweet.
  4. Very impressive. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Wow! Congratulations on completing your fifth album, Beatdrop! Downloading now...
  6. 'Origins' by Pixietricks. And about $50 worth of books.
  7. FFX-2? Really? The one that turned our beloved summoner into a cheesy pop-star? The one that trashed Uematsu, canned the sphere grid, and whose only appeal was young anime ladies dressed in skimpy clothing? OK.
  8. The Ken Song is definitely one of the best mixes on the site. It'd be great to hear some of your other stuff.
  9. I feel your pain on that one. I'm at a military college right now. My company had a single alcohol violation last month and we've been yapped at ever since about safe drinking, driving, etc.
  10. Super Mario RPG, Breath of Fire 2, and Lufia 2 are the three best SNES RPGs you're going to find, excluding the Final Fantasy series. I use SNES9x. I've tried ZSNES before and it's fine, but I can't figure out why that's the one everybody always recommends. Is there anything special about it?
  11. Very nice rendition. The mixture of fast and slow makes it a good song to play on Audiosurf.
  12. Been at a military college since June and I'm as stressed out as can be. Gotta keep a 3.0 or I lose my scholarship, which wouldn't be difficult under regular circumstances, but grades are just one aspect of many to pay attention to here.
  13. This and 'I Mario' don't have very much in common. I'd be surprised if you could mesh them together somehow.
  14. Just listened to all the tracks on the album. Terribly unimpressive to say the least. It sounds as if they just had a few "phat beats" lying around and decided to paste Final Fantasy melodies on top of them and market them as remixes. The actual source tunes have been changed very little. It's mostly just instrument changes and new percussion tracks in each song that make-up the "remix".
  15. Barnsalot

    Diablo III

    Ya. I mean, this is Diablo III we're talking about. They're not going to screw it up, especially being Blizzard, the company that releases nothing but solid gold.
  16. Barnsalot

    Diablo III

    Hopefully production is pretty far along since they're able to give us that much gameplay footage. I don't know if I can wait very long for this without going mad.
  17. Aha, yeah. I think it's a result of what I've been exposed to, mostly. Poetry is most certainly my weak-suit, so I tend to copy what I've read, and what I've read is the old stuff. Anyway, congrats guys. I'm definitely pleased with third place, especially since my last poetry entry earned me nothing but the proverbial wooden spoon award.
  18. I got knocked-off the server by a thunderstorm last night. I hope my character timed-out.
  19. Yeah, things are always pretty quiet during the "off-season" around here. Most of us are busy people, and it's common to see us push back the deadlines for competitions by that fact. So, coming around when there isn't a deadline... We just usually don't have the time for it. I'm sure I don't speak for all of us, but I know that's the case for several, including myself. We've had critiques like that before and I haven't seen anyone get upset about it. Most people appreciate the criticism. So, go for it if you want. As to your poem, I'm no critic. This is just my opinion: I like rhyming in poetry, but I'm a stickler when it comes to rhyme schemes. It starts out rhyming ABACAD, but then it changes. I'm not sure what you're trying to describe in it, but it sounds good. It flows. You keep up a pretty consistent tempo throughout the poem. If you ask me, it would be even more consistent if you had kept with a regular rhyme scheme. But, once again, those are just my opinions, and I'm no professional.
  20. Netherlands tore it up, yeah? Now, Spain vs. Russia should be interesting.
  21. Has everyone seen Team Roomba's griefing videos? http://www.teamroomba.com/2007/12/03/team-fortress-2-griefing/ http://www.teamroomba.com/2007/12/21/more-team-fortress-2-griefing-insurgency/ Second one's the best.
  22. I assume you've all already heard this? Not a remix, but it draws a lot from the game.
  23. Here are the voting rules again: And here are the entries (all nine of them)! Everyone check your own, make sure I didn't mess it up in any way when I was copying it.
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