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  1. I'm eagerly awaiting this project. There are quite a few really good tracks that often go overlooked and unremixed. I'm kind of sick of the whole "One Winged Angel" remixes, though. It's a REALLY OVERRATED song.
  2. I wasn't even aware that this project even existed. Good on you! I'm really liking what I hear.
  3. I remember hearing about a Koelsch mix being accepted by the judges, and I thought it was a joke. Now it's actually on the damn site. Honestly, it could do without those noises in the beginning. The strings synths could be a bit better, too. The sax playing is a lot better than I would have expected. Closing in on the end of the song... *more noises* ...without the noises, I give this a good score. ...with the noises, it gets a worse review.
  4. Overall, the music in this project is quite nice. I ended up just downloading each song individually. Good on ya!
  5. The .flac files of the torrent really are a pisser. As such, I have to download each song manually. If someone could zip (or rar) up all of the mp3s of the project to be hosted, that would probably be a lot better.
  6. All my friends are all like "BUY AN UPPERLEVEL CHARACTER FROM EBAY BECAUSE THAT'S WHEN THE REAL FUN BEGINS!" I be all like "what the hell are you talking about?" As you can tell, I don't play WoW.
  7. A very odd remix to be sure. I was under the impression that there was no actual soundtrack for the game, so I suppose he went on game-audio rip or something like that. It's the first Abe's Oddysee remix, and it's a goodie.
  8. "wang dang sweet moontang" It's a pretty good mix, though not the best.
  9. Prizm really outdoes himself yet again, and the best part is that it's with a game that hadn't been remixed thus far.
  10. I love how upbeat it is. I also appreciate the fact that it's a remix from a rarely remixed game. The synths really are the high point in this piece.
  11. prolly #2. I've been ecstatic over this project, and it just hasn't been going over now. However, if in #2 you mean to just kick off the mixers and take away their remixes, it will make the project short as hell. So, other people who would do it and set a DEADLINE!
  12. elly, I dig your work. What is with those "Additional" songs on the site, though? are they part of the project or what?
  13. Zelda is cool, too. I would really like to see Grim Fandango remixed, but I'm not sure what people could do with it: http://www.grimfandango.net/?page=soundtrack. However, I can dig Zelda. Why not? Chrono Trigger owns. I love your work, and am currently ecstatic about this project.
  14. If this becomes a huge success, perhaps we can see a Chrono Cross Symphonic sometime perhaps?
  15. I hate the final boss in Tales of Destiny 2. I can't beat her no matter how hard I try. I know you have to do this specific thing, but it never works for me.
  16. An overall great remix. I love the music in Xenogears, but the vocals in this remind me too much of one stage in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (2:56-ish). It's a brilliant mix and I wish Oceanfire all the best towards his next.
  17. Thanks. I had tried using the img tag before with imageshack hosting, but it didnt work for some reason. Now it works! thank you.
  18. Do you know a sig place that'll host images that big?
  19. I know I just asked for a sig under the name "The Guy", and I too am sorry for the quick change. and under it saying, "That's it, that's my bad motherfucker" Thanks.
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