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  1. Your user ID is 19953.
  2. I think VDM doesn't have complete up-to-date support for MKV files. If you're really set on getting a screencap with Virtual Dub(/Mod), then demux the file first with something else.
  3. Yep - Virtual Dub Mod:
  4. I find Virtual Dub (that's a link there in case it doesn't display properly) to be pretty good for picking out the exact frame I want, and then copying it onto the clipboard. Open your video in it, line up exactly which part you want, then go Video->Copy Source Frame to Clipboard, and paste it into photoshop or whatever.
  5. Yep - Just ask. He was cool with me putting some stuff of his on my website, so I imagine he wouldn't mind this either.
  6. A nice listen - I've never played Tetris Attack so I can't say there's a familiarity for me there. However, it really reminds me of Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens. Seems like a very subtle ReMix in the original there. Good stuff.
  7. Just touching on the Everybody Votes Channel, which seems to generally be getting a bad reception, I have to say that I actually quite like it. It was a nice little surprise, and I enjoy it for two main reasons... One is that it has a kind of game element to it, in trying to guess which way most people will vote - a nice little distraction between proper games. Another one is that it finally invokes some feeling of a community among wii owners - it's something that we can all do together. And it's also good to see WiiConnect24 working with it - it downloads the results of polls prior to you actually accessing the channel. I just assumed it looked up results whenever I went into the channel, but my wireless LAN has been disconnected and new results were already there when I accessed it offline just now. Of course, it's no music or video channel, but I think it's a nice touch.
  8. That or you could've listened to the people in PAL regions who were saying it's not such a fantastic game. I actually did find it quite amusing how people in the US were hyping up this title somewhat e.g. one place listing it on their most wanted of 2007 or something. As Smoke mentioned though, you thought of it the wrong way around - you should only think of it as buying a remote with an extra game on top. That's generally what makes it a great deal.
  9. Ah, here it is! Glad to see a return. I may have another 'just for fun' thing again
  10. As I pointed out in the Youtube comments a few days ago, the music for that trailer was in a sketch on Full Frontal nearly ten years ago - a Shaun Micallef sketch. I knew I had heard it somewhere. But anyway, I'd certainly be going to see this if it comes to the cinemas over here.
  11. The only thing that matters is that it sounds great - which it does. An outstanding piece of work! *puts it into favourites play list*
  12. There are Enya games now!?
  13. The Mac Attack


    Here it is: And here's the introductions thread. Go in there and say hi
  14. Yes - out of the Monkey Island series I have to say that I enjoyed third the most as well. My opinion on this may be somewhat inaccurate though, as three was actually the first one I played; thus making it a sort of 'first in the series' to which the rest are sequels, if that makes sense. Regarding the relationship between the original and the second game, I felt that the end of the second game was just too much of a let down by comparison. Gabriel Knight was a great example as well - I really got into the second much more than the first. The live-action elements seemed to mostly work, and I found the story to be much more interesting (mostly because I'm into classical music). Some other examples which I think are generally accepted: Super Smash Bros. Melee > Super Smash Bros. Day of the Tentacle > Maniac Mansion
  15. Apparently during the Australian Open yesterday, one of the commentators remarked that the action was like a video game - like that Sony Wii.
  16. Although this is a very unfortunate circumstance for the woman and her family, I am somewhat glad that most places covering this story aren't treating it like the situation where the young boy electrocuted himself. In both circumstances the gaming system had little responsibility for the outcome, so it's nice to see it's not getting the blame this time. Very tragic though.
  18. You're right - that did make me laugh I'm assuming they meant Wii Sports Boxing.
  19. I don't think it's necessarily true either. In fact, I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that LucasArt's iMuse system helped them to do these kinds of things. Take for example in the Curse of Monkey Island, on Blood Island. Whenever you returned to the map screen, it would always have a smooth transition from whatever music was playing to the general Blood Island theme. I think their trick there was mostly to use cymbal swells* to cover up any awkwardness. Another point in the game which does something similar is the insult swordfighting. The music would change depending on whether you won or lost. The way I think they did it there was to somehow align the change to a beat (or maybe a bar) in the main battle theme, and fade between them at that point. EDIT: Another example is moving inbetween the four different places on the rollercoaster at the end. *A roll on a suspended cymbal with yarn mallets, as DrumUltimA has informed me.
  20. That's unfortunate zircon, but I (and I'm sure others) understand entirely EDIT: Except maybe about the whole 'no more vgdj at all' thing as others have said below. I certainly believe that if we put the call out we could find some dedicated and talented people willing to continue and do an effective job.
  21. I got... The Chaser's War on Everything DVDs. The Incompleat [sic] Shaun Micallef DVD a Nunchuck for my Wii. Those grip/glove things for my wiimotes $40 Viewtiful Joe 2 and Chocolates!
  22. Well, I submitted my non-voting entry around 10 days ago so there's at least one thing to listen to.
  23. I can't believed I overlooked this one during my massive ocremix listen-throughs. The vocals here are really well done, and in particular the section around 3:40 has a delivery which really gets to me.