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  1. cant wait. i want to hear what the sheena remix is made of
  2. Does your knowledge of the source affect your judging decisions? also, have you ever had to NO a renown name of OCR like zircon of JJT, if so, was it awkward?
  3. is there any potential in luigi? i always felt like with lower gravity it works in his favor. i hate to admit but my best character is pit =(
  4. i just did a strength training workout that involves doing 1 harder set rather than 3 easier sets... i thought it was going to be easy... but boy was i wrong.
  5. i think there needs to be more star ocean fans out there, i love the series and SO2 to death... 3 was pretty bad until the very end, you got some pretty cool skills... never played the first one, i guess i should haha... weird, im born in -88 and i was well adept in the whole classic gaming scene, but then again having an older brother and an older cousin did help also... (streets of rage ftw)
  6. are there midi's out for these or do we have to do them from scratch ;P
  7. learn something new everyday... to spike with lucas with the bair, do i have to sweet spot it when he's at the "parallel to the ground" angle? (sorry i just took a midterm so my brain is sorta dead) and, what's b-sticking?
  8. anything that doesnt leak out sound a lot... I just cant STAND those
  9. you wonder how much c.falc can lift to punch in that extreme.. he can probably lift OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pounds
  10. the source is too awesome to stray too far away from it anyways... although i would have liked the beginning part to be more embelished rather than adding on that ending... but i like this remix a lot in any case. great!
  11. do i have to pay to upgrade from my 7 to 8?
  12. Gosh I think this song is so beautiful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuF-knNm2mI
  13. sometimes im going for my waveshine to infinite drill spike face pwn illusion up air sweetspotted fsmash to perfect meteor, but that damn .0003 second delay really messes you up its why i lost to ken, not cause he's better than i am
  14. Does anyone know where I can get FL7 project files (those .flp things) so that I can actually see how people do things in the actual project and stuff. I think it'd be a great way to learn how the program works
  15. wow that was a sweet lecture, gotta get one of those things going at my school haha
  16. holy crap, i honestly cant believe that to be true lol
  17. yeaaa, that might be it, i may just be too nitpicky on how im spending my time
  18. i always thought 3 reps was the ideal? i guess im wrong, im working with around 20lbs for both arms and i can do 3 sets of 12 reps pretty easily, so i might move up to 22.5 and then start working for 6 sets like you guys say and see how that goes
  19. yeah, to be perfectly honest, when i played tf2 i fell in love with it.. i love how the system worked... the only problem with that game is... my computer sucks. lol, oh well..
  20. Hey, so I've recently come upon a gaming void, where I dont know what game to play next... I'm sorta sick of dedicating my life to a video game, just to have beaten it (to death) and be like "that was great... sooooo.. now what?" like I'm just sick of playing a video game just so it stays in the dust, but with that being said, my choices of video games get a little slim, because im either stuck playing some pointless online game, or an mmorpg where in the end im basically going in circles trying to chase for the highest gear or rank, which is cool, i totally wanna be one of those guys that reaches the top.. the only thing is... getting to the top is just another way of "beating" the game, and theres always those guys that has no lives and will always be able to "beat" you in that top level just cause you dont spend every waking minute like they do on the game... i was just wondering how you guys felt about this, what your solutions are, etc
  21. how many times has the father of the hero died? A. too many
  22. im almost positive that its called the suspended cymbal, although what was in that video wasnt wrong either... is there actually a difference between "suspended cymbal" and "reverse cymbal" ?
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