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  1. I always go straight for the download. My ear is the real judge .
  2. Would you happen to have a link. Liontamer?
  3. Games that transcend pure entertainment and become a part of who we were, which makes us what we are now .
  4. Here's one I wouldn't mind seeing an image for : http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00912/
  5. Which reminds me, I used to play Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction as well, and I vividly recall the time me and some friends killed Uber Diablo. I got his soulstone .
  6. Link's Awakening has a great soundtrack, and there is much potential in a remixed album. I'm interested to see what you guys come up with .
  7. Donkey Kong Country...another magical childhood favorite .
  8. A few more memories that stand out: Mid 2002, I went to a cousin's house that lives quite a ways away, and stayed up ten or so hours playing Final Fantasy IX on his new PS2. The charming characters, art direction, music and sheer nostalgia of older Final Fantasy elements had my eyes glued to the screen the entire time. During that same time, the Dreamcast was big, so I happened to come across Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Many of the game's puzzles were confusing and nearly impossible to me, but again and again I delved into the mysteries of the isolated prison facility. I also spent a great deal of time getting my ass kicked by Tyrant 2 before figuring out the secret to his defeat.
  9. Was Mega Man 2 and the NES sold in Egpyt at that time, or was it imported?
  10. That is to say, in terms of nostalgia, which games/events have stuck with you through the years? For me, it's the first time I played Mega Man 2 on the NES. Me and another cousin would go to a third cousin's basement just to play it (they had the best TV at the time, along with a still very good sound system) on Fridays.
  11. Takes a little while to build up, but, once the song hits the Crystal theme, it's all good! 9/10
  12. I'm so glad I have the Sonic collection for Gamecube.
  13. They're helping to make video game music not just for gamers...awesome!
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