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  1. Another film sequel update. Silent Hill 2 Next year would be freakin sweet.
  2. I absolutely love artists of that talent. Noticed a lot of people crying... I can imagine cultural affairs and history demonstrated in such a way would tug at the ol' heartstrings a bit. Very mesmerizing stuff.
  3. Ultra necro bump. The film sequel has the green light
  4. VERY interesting read. I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes and still have a pile of books lying around here somewhere. After reading the collections to the point of extreme wear and tear (even some of my own little sketches on some pages) and seeing Fight Club more than a few times, I do see some pretty wild coincidences... though, to repeat a few of you, it's still a stretch. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Palahniuk was a fellow fan of the boy and his tiger.
  5. That review was golden. I actually got a real good laugh out of it... which has been seemingly rare in these more recent reviews as compared to the first ones, which made me pee my pants.
  6. I thought it was a great sci-fi flick. The majority of the reviews (which have been very positive) are well-founded, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it was groundbreaking in the way The Matrix was. Still, the action was wicked sick and I liked the whole Enemy Mine thing Wikus and Christopher had goin. Alien weaponry: WIN Crazy Nigerian gang: FAIL
  7. Must see now. Trying to get someone to go with me... a few friends responded with, "I haven't heard of it." I guess I'm just a huge sci-fi geek, or some people have been living under rocks for a while now. I, myself, have been stoked for quite a while now. The trailers have been great and the reviews have been no less than excellent. Will see ASAP.
  8. Wooooooooooo! Spring break 2004!!!!!! and happy birthday n stuff! Bring on the next remix! Golbez 'N Goblins was wicked fun.
  9. Holy crappola! Another blind masterpiece. Very fun and energetic with the usual professional production values I've come to expect. The bass groovage reminds me of some of Andy Moors massively hip works. Love it.
  10. Fanfreakingtastic! Love the atmospheric, almost dreamy feel. A worthy addition to my "OCR: Greatest Hits" playlist.
  11. LMFAO Some pretty off-the-wall humor right there. Continuing.
  12. Black Lagoon was the most recent addition to my favs, but that was about a freakin year ago.
  13. Why would a robot need to fart, pee, or vomit? And why would it need testicles? Michael Bay does not understand what a robot is or how to make a decent movie Fixed
  14. Mountain Dew makes me better at life. Anyone else eat sunflower seeds while they game? David Ranch flavor is a staple in my diet.
  15. Hell yeah. I remember first playing that Marine level in the demo about a thousand times. Every single time, it creeped me the f out... hearing the clicking-like scurrying of the aliens and the entire ultra fast paced feel. Can't wait for Colonial Marines.
  16. Hah! nice summary, but i think you missed at least 2 other conspiracies... or maybe some folks just look into it a bit too far.
  17. Sleep is for the weak. Mountain Dew will make you better at life.
  18. QFE Fantastic small, on-the-ear phones. Incredible sound for the money. Another contender would have to be Grado's SR-60. I have both and I absolutely love em. Your best bets for sure.
  19. Hah! I love it! As far as the music goes... Chrono Trigger Sewers? http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/ctsewers.mid
  20. Not bad, but not that great either. Wasn't lacking on the action at all and the CGI, for the most part, was excellent. Gotta agree with Admiral. There were some things that would have been much better left out of the trailers... I thought Marcus was a great character and Worthington did wonderful. On another note, what was Kommon's character's name and wtf did he did do, if anything other than have like 4 generic lines? Go McG:tomatoface: I'd give it a solid grade C
  21. I wish there was an iMax in Montana... I've only seen a movie at one once in Boise, I think. Don't even recall what movie it was. How many of you saw it on the big BIG screen?
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