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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I was (still am) surprised at the attention my song got when I slipped onto the project (that was over 2 years ago!), but I'm not suppressed it didn't pass the panel. I not sure how none of them "got" the ending though
  2. As much as I hate the rating boards, this is a very good usage of it. Team fortress is definitely rated 15+ in most countries, and really its not a very graphic and vulgar game. However, I would never give it a lower rating because people under 15 on average simply wouldn't mesh well with the game's target audience. Likewise, every online game worth it's salt is at least rated 13+ despite any game content because the gamer simply because -I- know how I acted when I was 12 and no one would want me on their team, heaven forbid with a mic.
  3. Go with option 1. XLR and TRS use the same signal, so it should work perfectly if the unit indeed puts out 48v.
  4. Thanks for posting my track! I've got some more stuff I can send over but I'm not sure what your policy is for multiple submissions.
  5. Thanks for the recognition on the radio show. It's gonna be a kick-ass project!
  6. Awww trust me I went through a lot of names before happening on Zylance. Speaking of which Larry you are right I like the capital better. Geoffrey I already contacted Wes about it but if you'd like to take action right a way that's all good with me. I told him "zylance" lowercase but go ahead and uppercase me.
  7. http://www.zoolance.com/ It was a consideration. And yeah, the more I look at my logo the more I get confused.
  8. Haha no its a work in progress. I don't have a website yet. Thanks for the criticism.
  9. Thanks for the protip. You figure I've been around here long enough I would know to ask larry.
  10. ...and is replaced with: Just as charmander must one day evolve into charmeleon, I too must hold back from pressing b and evolve into a more 21st century name: zylance Reasons, for those who care: 1. I was tired of being associated with this "Zoola Records" thing (try typing zoola into google) 2. I came up with that name in 6th grade as a joke - hell it was my first email address on AOL of all things. 3. I have changed significantly as a remixer since my first (and only) mix posted here, and with the upcoming release of the monster DKC2 project I feel like this would be a good time to make the change. I would like to leave my mix on this site tagged as Zoola, especially because it was so long ago and would just be annoying to go back and fix it. However, look out for some new mixes by zylance in some upcoming projects and maybe a few OCRemixes.
  11. If you would like to use my recently released commercial album that can be arranged. Give me an email at johntorkington@gmail.com if you are interested. You can find the album at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/torkingtonjohn
  12. I wrote 3 songs on my latest album using my 701 EEEpc running Cubase SE3 with stock VSTs.
  13. I can't believe you would have the AUDACITY to take my beautiful, COMPLETED town remix I made nearly 5 years ago off the project. Actually, thanks. Did you listen to that atrocity? I don't even think I have a copy anymore.
  14. Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
  15. Sorry for the double post, but my album is back in stock if any of you were waiting on orders.
  16. Glad you all are enjoying it - I'm seeing quite a web hits from here. I'm sending more CD's to be printed, so don't worry about the "Currently out of stock" image. Or of course you could get yourself a digital copy.
  17. I'm taking this as a huge complement- I love Tranquility Base.
  18. Greeting, OverClocked Remix community. I am proud to present you my very first commercially released album, No Headphones Required. Before I even begin to explain to you how thrilled I am to release this I just want to let this community know that without the support, direction and influence OCRemix has given me over my five year stay here this work would not exist. Tying music to videogames is exactly what my 14 year old brain needed to get me back into preforming and certainly to start writing. I have met so many fabulous musicians at such a young age that music has become ingrained in my persona. Sappy stuff aside, I am stoked about this release. It is my best work by far, the product of a year of the labor of love. I am clearly influenced by many of the talented artist of OCR, namely our favorite son Zircon (who's work clearly convinced me to write in the first place) and his breaks, Fishy and his guitar-electronic style, bLiNd and his clean trance sound, and many more. There are many links to samples and write-ups about this album - pick your poison. CDBaby Page Facebook Myspace Last.fm YouTube (Check this out for a free full track!) Studio Homepage PS: To those of you whose projects I'm on, sorry for the delays! This is what I've been up to!
  19. http://home.btconnect.com/christopherg/main.htm Thank me later.
  20. You are thinking of the Gamecube version. That guy sings along with that one.
  21. I have an idea for a mix based on the final bosses of the mother series, so I'll place a tentative dib on that if possible. It will probably be a while before I can get anything done as I am dependent on a guitarist friend of mine.
  22. Ok that was the best 2 v 2 I've played in a while.
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