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  1. I see your space track, and raise you dolphin though I dug them both.
  2. Chrono trigger is pretty fun, though like Secret of Mana I'd like to point out that touch screen controls are just so much less effective than an actual D-Pad and buttons... Died a few times on bosses because of difficulty targeting and choosing my ability....
  3. I've probly listened to this a hundred times or more in the last week... Absolutely love it. btw, the other stuff on her soundcloud is pretty good too. http://soundcloud.com/malukah/the-dragonborn-comes-skyrim
  4. Honestly, they've still got a ways to go before they start charging for the game. But it's improved dramatically since beta/launch. If it had launched in the state it is now... they probly would have been ok and it wouldn't have been one of the all-time worst MMO launches...
  5. let's not forget that the lawsuit is from Zenimax to Notch, and not Bethesda softworks or bethesda game studios. Todd Howard doesn't actually have a say in how this thing is going down.
  6. Ya the kid definitely won't see it. But the wife got pissed at me during the demo and told me to not be a douche who cheats on his girlfriend... she was actually kinda in to the story at that point. hilarious.
  7. Servbot # 011666 signing in. Also, this game is Capcom's last hope to get me as a customer outside of Monster Hunter on the Vita.. Anything else at this time I absolutely will not be giving capcom my money. If it's a game I want, I'll get it used or just rent it. Capcom's worse than EA with annual releases. This is less than a year apart for UMvC3....
  8. This a thousand times over. Sadly from what I've seen so far that and Star Fox where the only games I wanted on the 3DS. I won't be grabbing one for the foreseeable future now unless something changes drastically in the available titles. I'm not sure why Nintendo thought it was a good idea to launch a system with no big titles on it...
  9. Finally downloaded the Demo. If I like it I'll be picking it up for sure... Just hard to choose since it seems like a game I'll be playing after my kid/wife go to bed.
  10. According to the new Producer, Yoshi P, it'll come... when it's ready. So maybe. The new patch and some of the stuff coming down the pipeline is slowly turning this game into XI-2. lol.
  11. Nintendo already said their basic "no" and suggested we play the wii games we have... Nintendo doesn't care about real gamers anymore, not when they can pound shovelware down our throats.
  12. Welcome to the modern age of video game self-entitlism. It's interesting how in just the past 5 or so years most video game/forum communities have gotten so much worse. (most, I love it here even though I mostly lurk) Witcher 2 looks fun though, I'll pick it up when i catch up with my backlog of games.
  13. 6 and 4 are two of my all time favorite games. 6 is amazing. The story's great, the characters are great, fabulous music, just filled to the brim with awesome all around.
  14. No, legend of the seeker creates its own story, no kind of here. First 3 episodes followed it a bit but.... after that it went way out there. I've yet to read the fire and ice books, but Im stoked for the series, looks awesome.
  15. kupernikus

    Sony PS3

    whoa, I didn't know PE was coming out on PSN.... my wife's going to be pissed at the credit card bills for gaming this month..... >.< oh well, we've got that whole hey, I spent money so you can spend the same amount thing going.... it's going to be expensive lol.
  16. haha, I post there, mainly to argue with the die hard fanboys though..... I still play on Selbina, low level still as I am on weekends at most for short periods of time.
  17. shut up meg. Wait, so... what else sounds like a midi? Screw that, you sound like redbook audio.
  18. I've only played the demo, and as yet Im somewhat unsure if I want to buy it. I think this would be far better on the 360/ps3 just because of in room multi player. The spells and creativity used is so fun though. It's a riot to be able to combine spells and their affects on enemies. Sadly single player some portions it seems like all I do Is Shield/stone AOE for a protective wall, and then lightning/arcane through the wall and destroy the enemies as they channel in....
  19. As opposed to being stuck with even lazier ports of lamer games and 1 dollar garbage ware?
  20. Hmmm I wonder if the blue 3ds is as good looking as my Blue DS lite (keep in mind, mine isn't the crappy blue and black the US got, but an all blue one from asia... awesome.
  21. well, my blue ds lite from hong kong's battery died... Does the 3ds play ds games? If so there's no reason for me to not pick one up...
  22. This x100. Amazon/ebay/craigslist/your local newspaper's website classifieds will bring in far, far more then Gamestop will.
  23. Been married a little over 4 years, got a 3 year old son and an unknown second child on the way.... lol.
  24. read around the thread, dozens of complaints about linearity. Also, Mass majority is still a retarded blanket statement people try and attach to add some sort of credibility or strength to their argument without actually doing anything. This. The game got decent scores, it sold loads but because of nostalgia for the good old days it's beat on on the internet. I mean, a product that sold well, was received well and got good critical scores, OMG HOW DARE THEY THINK A SEQUEL IS OK FOR A FAILURE LIKE THAT.
  25. Ever go swimming with blonde girls? I know lots.
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