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  1. You're right. I wouldn't be surprised honestly, especially with more markets coming into gaming. I keep finding myself thinking that the entire premise of "We Dare" is somehow hurting the game industry (and, wrongly so, I have no proof), but honestly, who the hell am I to say what a video game should or should not be? Yeah, this game doesn't necessarily appeal to me (or many of us on this forum) but with the new markets that the Wii and Kinect brought in to the gaming scene, this is just a natural extension of that. Whether we as traditional gamers like this game or not, I'm sure we all know people (or knew people) that would be into this kind of thing. I certainly do, and while they're not the type of people I like to associate with often, Ubisoft could be on to something for that kind of market. Who knows if it'll succeed. I'm more interested with how defensive everyone is getting over this game. And I'm guilty of it too. I don't understand it. Is it the pandering aspect? Or is it because we all feel like gaming we grew up with is changing (or threatened by this kind of stuff)?
  2. Wow!! 15 years?! Damn, I feel old. >_< I remember being in middle school and being super excited for Pokemon. Nintendo Power had all those little promotional Pokemon insert comics hyping up the release back in the day. I know the US got it some time after Japan, but still... time flies. One of these days I need to play one of the newer games. I stopped after Gold and Silver by the sheer overwhelming number of new Pokemon. *nostalgia*
  3. Ah, it's like being in high school all over again. Good times. Good times.
  4. I'm sorry but I'm not licking a Wii-mote that went down someone's ass crack. Sorry. *Purells*
  5. I hope someone purchases the rights to their intellectual property at least. Losing Killer Instinct, Battletoads, and Banjo would be a bad thing. Isn't it more likely they'd just transfer their IPs to Microsoft in the event that they were going belly up without a buyer since they were essentially purchased as a 2nd party by Microsoft? Or is it way more complicated than that?
  6. I miss PRC so much, I didn't know it was still going on! I used to enter it a few years ago, but somehow I stopped and ... I had no idea PRC's were still going on! >_< Totally would have entered in the last year or two had I known about it.
  7. Nario, I know I've just kind of lurked behind the scenes and never said anything, but I must tell you... I'm amazed by your abilities. Keep on keepin' on. I'm also rooting for you.
  8. I also fear this. That said, the trailer really did put the game on the radar when the genre is really starting to get crowded. If they're able to keep that kind of an emotional response in forward motion, they might have something. Damn good trailer though. I hope the gameplay is just as good.
  9. ... this is the most entertaining thing I've seen on these forums in quite some time. Awesome times!
  10. Awwwwwwww. This is super sad news. Not entirely unexpected, but super super super sad! Some of my best memories are on games Rare made (2001 and earlier admittedly). If this rumor is true, I'm a sad panda.
  11. I think its important that we all pass around REAL data sets to either verify or discount her claim. Hmm, what is this now? FBI crime indices? HMM! They seem moderately credible! They're from hardworking law enforcement personnel from the good old US of A! Let's have a look-see, HM? Well, hey look! DATA! http://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2009/data/table_01.html Well, well, well... Since 1990 everything has pretty much DROPPED SIGNIFICANTLY. Wow. All in hard numbers and in easy to read tables! Well, that's just silly. As games have become more graphically realistic SOMEHOW violence, rape, thefts, and robberies have all dropped. Egad! Since the creation of more realistic video games violence and rapes have dropped. Is there a correlation? Don't know, but its damn more statistics than she has. 20 years of it, no less. I would have LOVED if some news person showed her the hard data (see: facts) and then asked, "Well, how can you dispute 20 years of hard numbers?" *facepalm* For her to keep saying there are rising rape numbers... that's just plainly untrue. Please, pass around this data set and let everyone on the internet make her answer for her baseless claims. She's upset by visual, graphic depictions of violence. I can understand that. Don't watch stuff that makes you uncomfortable. If you have a theory, go get statistics, and evidence to prove it right... but puhhhleease don't sit on a soap box and try to lie to the lazy masses that believe your BS and are to lazy look up actual statistics. /end rant EDIT: Fact is, people that are inclined to cause violent crimes are also inclined to play and watch violent media. They'd commit crime regardless of media's presence or not because humanity has a history of rape and violence all throughout our existence. That doesn't mean the rest of the population are all murders and rapists though. I'm sure rapists and murders probably drive cars and brush their teeth too, maybe we should ban steering wheels and tooth paste while we're at it.
  12. Let me tell you a tale, when the Playstation 1 was still the bees knees! Probably around 1999. And a little button mashing dancing game called "Bust-A-Groove" was around. Character was named Strike, so I picked it. Along with the number "911" as in "call the Police" since the character was a criminal. And it stuck. And I kind of dislike it now but I don't want my email to change, or for the few people that know me to lose contact with me (or my website). >_< Still, I like how a lot of the names popping up in this thread are little time capsules from a decade ago.
  13. http://www.hulu.com/watch/63283/super-size-me I'm just going to leave this here. SuperSize Me. Free on Hulu. Really great movie/documentary for the minority of people that didn't see it. And yeah, I've poked a little fun at McDonalds (and fast food in general), but in moderation, I don't think having fast food can be too terrible for you. That said, I find my quality of living increases when I avoid the stuff, as obvious as that might sound. My energy levels, my moods don't swing, my ability to focus increases, sleeping is easier, get sick less often, I don't crave sugar or other fatty foods, and I just feel better in general. Fast food is just kind of a trap for me, because a lot of the time once I start eating the stuff, for me, I start wanting more of it later in the week. The stuff just wreaks havoc on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  14. Get a McRib. Get McDiarrhea. Mmmm!
  15. I'm scared of the McRib. Utterly terrified. Now please excuse me while I go and eat a pansy ass salad.
  16. Oh yeah, didn't most of the original Sonic Team staff leave the team? It's just Sonic Team only in name at this point, right?
  17. My sig? I'm a self glorifying whore that wants people to know what I'm working on. And my avatar is because Metal Gear is like omg my fave, omg, lolwut? foreelzy. What's probably more telling of my personality is what's going on below the sig (deep voice: oh my). I ALWAYS edit my posts because I'm an idea perfectionist that wants my points understood. Nary a post is made without some kind of modification... in some shape, form, or fashion. And the worst part is that I rarely include the EDIT: text, unless it's super obvious that I've edited something. Maybe that's even moooooore telling. /evil_and_maniacal_laughter EDIT: Naw but really, y'all oughta check out muh sig links. /self_glorfied_whoring
  18. Geez, those are a lot of games. Even if they're awful, Sega acknowledging this is the first step in the right direction in what- 8 or 9 years? Ha. ... unless they think too many Sonic titles are just over saturating the market. Yeah, there are too many Sonic titles, but even worse there are too many bad Sonic titles. I fondly remember the time when Sonic was in his heyday. Maybe this will lead to better Sonic games, and a return to what made the series great. Not holding my breath though. Sega should just let the series air out a little; maybe that's what they're doing.
  19. Damn, some of these really make my head spin.
  20. I second Advance Wars Days of Ruin. It's a good game. I know it's not a strategy RPG, but really you should try BANGAI-O. It's a puzzle based shooter. I've seen it at multiple storefronts (including GameStop) for 12 bucks, sometimes even less! It's a tough little puzzle-shooter, but once you get over the learning curve, it's the most fun I've had on my DS in a loooooong time. Plus it's by Treasure. And I say this as a fellow lover of tactical RPGs.
  21. Okay, I need your help. Particularly the help of people in the commercial world who are actually involved in selling music, promoting themselves or their products with multimedia formats that are patented(!) and/or dealing with that patent's royalties or avoiding them by using an open format. Case in point: MP3s, but this could also spill over into video formats, too. I've scoured the internet/google and I just cannot find a clear answer on many situations. The confusion stems from the fact that MP3's are patented, and to use them commercially you have to pay a fee/royalty. I'm working on an indie game that we want to sell at some point. We're doing everything legally, but when dealing with online promotion, most of the mainstream ways to get multimedia out (commercially) have fees and royalties associated with them. I want to post audio/video on our development website through an embedded player but I want to make sure we're doing everything legally. Are there any people with experience in doing this? What are the rates? Is there a limit on downloads or usage before you have to start paying? I think I found the website that handles the licensing stuff, but it information is scarce at best. I'm seriously considering using an open format like OGG or FLAC, but for now, I'm putting those on the back burner because I'm assuming the average internet surfer doesn't have the codecs necessary to listen to those types of files. The fact remains that the easiest way to get people to hear your stuff is if you have them available as MP3s or some other patented format. But this complicated by other issues. For instance, I can use SoundCloud's service, upload a .OGG to their server, but they stream 128-kbps MP3 files for streaming in their embedded player. Do I have to pay royalties if I'm using a service like SoundCloud, or does SoundCloud cover these costs? Another solution I've pondered is uploading a video to YouTube with the audio in it and then just make the video available on the site, but I fear this might also spill over to the world of video formats (although I'm unaware of what exactly they convert things to). I hear DailyMotion uses open video so that might be an option. My question is this: is anyone familiar with dealing with MP3 royalties, or any other file format royalties? If I use a service like Youtube or SoundCloud, do they cover these commercial use royalties in the event that they convert my original file to a patented format? I would love to hear any information or experience you've had in this regard. I'm really leaning towards just using an open format but I just need a little more information from people more in the know than I am. And while on the issue of open formats, are there any known and documented cases of open formats being too much of a hassle for the mainstream to use them? I mean, I know open formats are struggling in most situations, but if I were to choose to go with using OGG or FLAC, would I be shooting myself in the foot? Again, it's not like we're trying to sell music; I just want to use it as part of our development blog to let any viewers we might have see what we're cooking.
  22. doot doot doot, happy music, doot doot doot DAT BITCH HEAD DONE 'SPLODED! That was my reaction.
  23. Very cool little device. And while I love the Virtual Console stuff they've announced for GBA and GB games, I really want them to announce NES and SNES Virtual Console functionality as well (or hell, any VC title that the system can run), which reeeally isn't that far of a stretch to ask for. Cool stuff. I'm pretty excited!
  24. Ha! I came to OCR in 2002, got a remix up not long after, clung to the "OC ReMix Artist" badge like an ancient religious artifact, and haven't been bothered to submit anything for years for fear of rejection.
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