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  1. Fair enough. Though mind you that a lot of that money came from loyal gamers, and the issue of attracting non-gamers wasn't really an issue then. of course the market was just totally different back then anyway, as a whole. Is that comment aimed at me? Because I can entirely destroy your petty attack by saying I have been a loyal Nintendo follower since the SNES era. I was just expressing my views on the market and the non-gamer community. I have no problem with non-game games at all as long as the non-gaming people eventually also try out the more hardcore games, ensuring their support for a few more years and thus proving the Wii is not a fad like SOMEONE ELSE said. I don't know where you get the idea that I'm a PS3/Xbox owner/fanboy/whatever. But that's why I asked if your comment really was aimed at me... You guys are getting too worked up. I'm just trying to have a good discussion and so far, all I get is name calling and people trying to twist my words into something else. If you look at it through objective goggles you'll know there is some truth in my views.
  2. Again you take my words out of context. I occasionally still play Wii sports but there is just a point where it is not fulfilling anymore. My point was that if non-gaming people, who suddenly got hyped into buying a Wii (not a bad thing per se) don't tap into the "hardcore" library at some point, I'm sure they will get bored with these types of games. I just don't think it's worth all that money to only have a Wii with Wii Sports and maybe one or two other non-game games, and most certainly won't help Nintendo stay alive. I'm not trying to sound "educated", but I would also not slice on a topic I don't know anything about. (Believe me, OCRemix cured me of that for good) It's not even about my perception being the right one, but since I have something to compare to, I am to a certain extent proud of my perception. Anyway, it is simple facts that I stated. human nature and all, psychology and not to mention marketing, which by funny coincidence I actually do study. As for Wii Sports simplicity; I do think it is beautiful yes, but such a game alone would not be fullfilling to a non-gamer crowd. Especially not for the lifetime of a gaming generation and you know it. As for sounding like an ass or whatever; of course I know I'm being somewhat judgmental but I have my life experience to back up my views, it's what makes me an individual, and just because I view the majority of people the way I do, it doesn't mean I'm a horrible person, or hate everyone else. Again, it's just simple facts. Look at commercials, advertising: look at the way they treat "us" and talk to us like "we're" some kind of idiot. Look at how it's working too; how else could ridicilous ringtones be selling? Or toothbrushes with all the extra bullshit, or electric razors? But maybe you just feel offended or something I don't know. It's not like I said you're some moron for liking Wii Sports, or anyone really.
  3. I think I'm at that point now where I have enough info on the game, yet can't help but want to know more of the small things. We're getting real close to spoiler territory (if not there already)and I really don't want to know too much else regarding new characters and all. I just can't stop watching anyway ;_; The past updates have been really cool btw. Doesn't Yoshi also have these wings in the new Mario Strikers when he does his special thingy?
  4. There is much more to get out of life than what most people have. But if you don't know what more there is, you can be easily satisfied. What I'm saying is, these are simple people, simple people need to be entertained by simple things. Wasn't the whole problem that controllers were too complicated and scared non-gamers away? Things needed to be simplified so these people could also play. Why do companies care? Because the majority of people IS simple and thus makes one hell of a demographic. I'm sorry you felt the need to call me a retard. You clearly did not understand what I was saying. I hope the above made more sense to you. If not, then that is fine too. You could have figured out for yourself though that I wasn't saying 'things that are enjoyable = mediocre'. You know what? I'll give you a more concrete example: Wii Sports/Wii Play. Both enjoyable games; at least one of them being a best selling title for Mike knows how long. But compared to a lot of other things, they are mediocre at best: no real challenge, no reward, no lasting ability. If you don't know what else is out there, then you wouldn't know this, and thus you settle for less. Eventually, you will discover that this game is no longer fulfilling and you either A: wonder why the hell you ever got suckered into buying a Wii, or B: get out there and start looking for what else is out there. This of course applies to the before mentioned non-gamers. And that is what I'm saying.
  5. I think the Wii sold so well among the non-gamers because these people simply don't have high standards (yet). I say this because I see people who are even impressed by the graphics of games on their cellphones of all things T__T; Clearly they have not played a console game...ever. An overwhelming percentage of human beings is just...well mediocre and will settle for mediocre things. If you have nothing to compare to, you just take what you see and think it's the best. It is true that these people will not likely end up playing 'hardcore' games. In fact, I think after a while they'll just leave their Wii standing in the living room for drunken parties or whatever. Then there goes Nintendo's 75% income (not accuracte figures). I just hope these silly people will stick with it and develope some standards and expectations and seek out to play "our" games as well. I'm not too worried about the Wii's lifespan though. The GameCube managed to do just fine with the 'hardcore' supporters, and this time, Wii is actually getting more software support as well; not ALL games can be crap *knock on wood*
  6. Why steal a princess when he can BE a princess? Anyway: Diddy!!!! ;_; hey, only 4 screens though ;_; Usually they also show some moves right?
  7. Well they did say that when they can't fight, they turn back into trophies... I wonder how Metaknight fits in with all this. Since it is his ship the bad guys are on, you'd think they'd be buddies or something yet in the gameplay screenshots you can also see Metaknight himself being played. 0_0 I bet it'll be a story of friendship, love, and betrayal
  8. The final smash is probably a combination attack of the 3 pokemon a la the Pokemon cartoon.
  9. Whahahahaha. Hmmmm, well I thought it would be an assist trophy...which kind of doesn't make sense actually 0_0; Man so he's a full playable character??? I dunno about this one...*suspense*
  10. Sakurai himself seems a bit insecure about certain things. "You might imagine it to be a bit forced, but I think it sounds quite good." I would expect someone like this, on a site like this, for a game like this to really be behind everything 100%. It's interesting how his first thought is "well people may think it's forced...". That's the last thing on my mind had it not been for him saying it. I think he said simillar things on other topics as well. Kind of like, making a joke about yourself before anyone else does, as a self defense thing... Oh well. Sometimes I wonder if it really is him in the first place...
  11. It may not have an arc, but it is possible to charge it, and Sakurai did say something like "Try for a single-stroke finishing blow with his mighty blade!". Of course he could still be referring to Aether, but a single stroke finisher on up+B seems...unbalanced? Still, I think what you think about the eruption attack itself, increasing in size and all. It's a cool attack, but not very Ike-ish. 0_0
  12. But Ike couldn't use Aether if he wasn't in his Lord Class already I knew Aether wouldn't be his final smash, but now you have to wonder what will be 0_0; The only other thing his uber weapon could do is shoot out shockwaves, so maybe that. The eruption thing (most likely the same as roy's neutral seems out of place for Ike. Still, pretty awesome character and looking forward to trying him out.
  13. Ah yes, the ancient Ninja ways
  14. *single tear* That's just so beautiful I think this is the piece of information I was looking for all along. It looks sort of Jungle Beat-ish, which may not be too bad at all. Really great stuff Made my day! Monday's update: Peach
  15. I think that's just fantastic Great things seem to be happening for lots of OCR peeps lately. All well deserved I'm sure
  16. Heck yesh! I hope he'll have a different moveset from the other FE characters though. His description suggests he has a flare blade-ish move 0_0; but I'm hoping that he can also do the shockwaves, a la demon fang (ToS) Aether is great stuff too though Man, now I need to play FE again ;_; and I have so much other stuff to do first... *goes play anyway*
  17. Let's keep that as a last resort I'm not really into illegalness >_>
  18. ToS was a real gem, but did not get any advertising here at all 0_0 (of course Europe sucks). I remember seeing the trailer on IGN waaay back and I fell in love with the game right away. I imported that sucker as soon as it came out. It wouldn't hit Europe untill much, much later so I'm kind of worried if ToS2 will make it here at all. ;_;
  19. ZOMG! New Tales of Symphonia 2 screens...>_> at IGN. I have to say it looks even better than the first There's some old and new locations and everything looks super polished. Must...have...game
  20. I have to play this game with a certain friend now! For some reason, he'll always fall for his own traps, including proximity mines and the like. Hilarious
  21. DK's Final Smash inspired me to go play Jungle Beat again, ehehe. Off topic maybe, but Jungle Beat actually has a level in space which could very well have been the inspiration for Mario Galaxy (or vice versa). The same team was said to be working on Galaxy as well, so that wouldn't surprise me Looking forward to tomorrow's update.
  22. D'oh! Silly me, you're right x_x
  23. Since many crazy ideas suggested here were put in recently (coincidence or Japanese mind controling techniques) I expect your Tetris level in tomorrow's update It's brilliant and would make so much sense it doesn't even make sense.
  24. Right, I see what ya mean now. The actual jump on an airborne character would make them fall down... I was sort of confused because I was thinking one can't bounce off of something that is not grounded. It would indeed make for a (mini) meteor smash, rather than the extra high bounce. If they're going to include a homerun contest thing again then this technique would make it extra fun
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