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  1. :o a super-prize?! for me!? I must tune in now to know what this mystery reveal is!
  2. ...23 seconds? That's, like, not even good foreplay time.

  3. ...hello...Mirby...

  4. ...yeah, apparently 7 pages of comments. That gave me a little "wtf" moment, too! Well, if the party's over there, at least I have nachos and queso...and some wine.

    Edit: HEY! You have no right to talk. 57 friends? That beats me!

  5. "Hey man. Your music is awesome. However, I have come to notice that you use a lot of outdated hardware. Your music sounds like it is coming from, like, an old NES. Have you considered getting better samples?


    Some Ignorant Jerk"

  6. "I need you baaaby, something somethign something baby, something something purple pants"

  7. "Seems you found just the right cult classic to make fans come out of the woodwork at all levels! :smile:"

    ....I see vhat you did there! Nice work.

  8. "So (in my Opinion) make it more Heavier

    Fix the main theme

    and this remix need something else i dont know what"

    THOSE were the exact words.

    Also, h8 you. ::wink::

  9. "What an international affair! Surely this is better than all the sliced breads in all the lands."

    I fucking love you.

  10. *pokes with a stick*

  11. *sigh* yep, I fell off the bandwagon around PAXtime. Forgive us workshop mods, we are not numerous and have lots to do besides...you know, workshop modding. Trust me :P