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  1. I dig it. I reposted it (= The chip-style done it is spot on (=
  2. nice job kinda lengthy for me, i recommend breaking down into separate tracks, you could make an album from those sections if you can complete them all after the breakdown.
  3. nice sound vocals need to be a bit cleaner, but the guitar is solid. nice job
  4. pretty well-balanced and melodic. reposted xD
  5. I do it and I wuv it, but it really depends on your style. If you are a remixer or a DJ, then sampling goes perfect with it. However, if you are a person who likes to compose original stuff, then you prolly will stay as far away from sampling as possible because you want pure originality rather then just having it as an "original remix" I'm all for sampling. It brings added flava to the track, so long as the original artist is ok with you borrowing from their work.
  6. I don't like to throw money at any big-wig software, because they just make you spend more on the "package deals, membership, plug-ins, vsts, etc". Right now I try to stray from the big-wig software (FL Studio, Garageband, and various DJ kits) and just stick with limited resources and free trial versions of software... Sure they are limited, but using a variety of them really helps on my projects. I am no musician, but I love creating samples and beats. But yeah, I was intimidated for sure on the big-wig software, but if you find a software you like, then by all means, use it to its full potential. Back to your first post: My suggestion is start off with a baseline. (one beat to rule them all), then create sound loops (one beat that binds them), then layer them and see how they sound together. Starting with this will help immensely in your projects, because you will start experimenting with a lot more sounds creating a whole new effect.
  7. Wow inactive hours hate to say, (I play during mid-day, and usually do MvM). Hmm perhaps I have "has users playing" checked. Yup.. I have that checked maybe that's why. Weird I didn't have that address. Well I re-added it, it should have gone through because I joined it awhile ago *shrugs*
  8. lol I never know when this server is open... I joined once and there was server maintenance / restart going on, This was like a month ago though. I added this server to my favorites though, but I have password protected checked so idk if this server still shows up or changed there address or not lol. does this server do MVM? or is it just PvP?
  9. Wuv the artwork for all the volumes of this epic album. I missed the entire collection somehow, its good that they are organized. I am downloading the entire bit now, I will queue them in winamp when dl finishes. Awesome job ev1 on this =D
  10. Oh I will add that to my sig as well, i'm a bit out of it today lol. Re-edited my post to feature link
  11. Oh whoops sorry about that. I linked it now http://steamcommunity.com/id/auguro/ My IGN for TF2 is: Impstar Plus my profile links to my IGNs as well to this and other games.
  12. Added server to favs thanks guys =) Word of warning though, I am a player vs. bot type player. If I am on your team and it is not PVB (Player Vs. Bot), then try to have tons of patience with me I can follow orders though, so you won't have to worry too much lol.
  13. Is this server still open? I play Tf2, and my fav server list is extremely small and I am an easy going type player. If you need me to be aggressive and competitive, then it will take ALOT of convincing
  14. It is very hard to get the source material for MMORPGS that do not have ogg or mp3 files in their directory. But I enjoy Maple Story as well as this remix. I been on the NA Maple Story since it began, and am still on it on this day. The soundtrack made by Wizet is awesome. Hope more remixes come of this game and other MMO games as well. Kudos to Level 99 and Liquid Wind (Welcome to the OCR scene) for this relaxing remix.
  15. Giving it a listen now.. will for sure be scrobbling on last.fm and turntable thanks =D Big fan of your work, i'm sure its gonna pwn.
  16. I tried to listen to all of them, there might be some I missed (most likely from albums that are no longer available or tracks that got deleted), but I know that it is not impossible to listen to every ocr track, just got to do some digging and hunting
  17. Any chance this server or other servers related to this thread are located on classic multiplayer? I can't find this game in stores yet, so I'm stuck with classic multipayer. Fun game though, played it since Monday. =)
  18. I have 7 tracks by you and tons more from people you collaborated with, your music is really good. Your guitar work is amazing. I play your music in turntable too (don't know what that is? check my sig), and I will always have your music on last.fm Sad to see you go, but branching out and trying other things is good. Don't forget the OCR and people whom you've collaborated with, use the same inspiration and aspiration you once found in OCR and branch it out into your next thing of whatever it may be. Thanks for the tunes.
  19. I heard about this awhile ago, hope nintendo and valve doesn't get a hold of it because they will close it down instead of advance on it.
  20. Going to follow everyone =D My sound-cloud is in my sig. I am a big fan instrumental pieces, and video game music. I am new to the whole music composition but I'm hoping to do an album and finish it when i think it's good and ready. I make music for fun as music should be made. http://soundcloud.com/hypnotikid
  21. I happen to enjoy this album. I downloaded it, and gave it a listen =) I first heard about this from him on another website.
  22. I tried this game, reminds me good ol' Emulator / ROM days. I enjoy it but I fear it won't be around for long because of copyright issues with Nintendo.
  23. I am a hardcore gamer... but what is it to me? I call myself a hardcore gamer, and so do some of my friends and family. I believe the reason for that is that of more than one... Allow me to list them... 1) I have been gaming since 1986 when I got the NES. Since then I have been hooked on gaming. I currently own that NES, and several others. I own: NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy advance, NDS, Gamecube, Com 64 (no longer working and i lost all the games, my parents owned it and I found it in the attic lol), PS2, Sega Genesis (currently at my sisters' house), Vista PC which I use for most of my PC gaming, N64, and of course the Wii. 2) I have also enjoyed trying to make remixes from Video Games via the emulator and ROM era. I stopped because I had no musical knowledge what-so-ever of Music. I bought a Yamaha Keyboard, but had no way to hook it up to the PC lol. So that dream crashed, but that didn't mean that i downloaded and enjoyed remixes here from people who knew what good remixing was all about. 3) I also like to create games. To me, you are not a true hardcore gamer if you don't intend to try to create your own game. It can be a simple text-based only game, 2d game, or a more advanced 3d game. I still intend to pursue this dream of game creation, but I have a long way to go before this dream is met. To sum this all up, I believe your a hardcore gamer if: You have been gaming since you were at least 4 years of age, attempt to make your own collaboration of pre-existing video game tunes, and tried to create your own original game and don't intend to give up on gaming in the future. Game until you are physically unable to game any longer. Then game in your sleep, and you will be labeled a "True Hardcore Gamer" that's just my opinion though =)
  24. I like this remix... The vocals remind me of a mixture of Dethklok and Helmet. Repetitive drum beats seem to be the only flaw in this remix, but aside from that, it's one great remix. I like how GameOver put this together on the guitar, it kind of makes me not pay attention to the repetitive drum beats. It's no rock opera, and no Dream Theater, but still one rockin' tune. Great job on this one =)
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