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  1. Totally hate zangief and abel when they're played by the CPU. Can't seem to get away from their special throws, specially when both of them have quick approach moves.
  2. I've been up against mostly akumas, actually. Managed to beat a couple with Dan. I am dedicating myself to maining him.
  3. FillYourHeart. Add me. Xbawks Liev.
  4. Um, Dan Hibiki is clearly the best.
  5. Rock Howard is one of the most satisfying characters to get a hang of. The shift can really throw people off. Also how can you not use maxi? He's like the button mash character!
  6. No love for Michelangelo? Come on! He's a PARTY DUDE!
  7. You do NOT hate on Dan fucking Hibiki. On a similar note, I wish I could play vega. I can never seem to get the charge moves right. Benimaru, too, in most of the SNK games, is a character I wish I was better with- I'm decent, but I can never really consistently chain that kick thing that you need to do. What else- Uh, OH Blue Mary. I really wanna get the hang of her throws and shit. that'd be baller.
  8. First of all, DC metro area drivers are the worst anywhere. Second of all, the reason jersey gets a bad rap is all that anyone ever sees of it is the part that I-95 passes through. That, granted, is a shithole. However, jersey itself, on the whole, is beautiful and clean. New yorkers just like ragging on them because it makes them feel superior.
  9. you guys forget that red gi man actually can't die. Also, he's completely silent until he kicks you in the face. Sure, he may not be the most glamorous ninja, but I think his hard work, dedication, natural skill, and an undying will is worth more than ryu's, rikkimaru's, and joe musashi's flashy conquests. Show respect for the underdog.
  10. either kung fu man from kung fu or red gi man from world martial arts championship
  11. man, I could really go for some punch right now
  12. You mother fuckers played rock band without me. Also, I had a great time as always. Highlights included: TAKES NOTHIN TO REALIZE YOUR KEN the impromptu mashup of dream on, wonderwall, and boulevard of broken dreams, as well as the 90s moody pop marathon prozax jacking off a glowstick starla as chun-li that toad girl STREET FIGHTER 4 OMG uh what else oh yeah the bands were pretty fucking awesome. What a great mag. I really enjoyed seeing you all again.
  13. hey man if you want a sanger for NiGHTS or like a guitarist or drummer or pennywhistle man, I'd love to help with anything. EDIT: if anyone wants me for anything, just BTW, I'm always happy to help out with arrangements. and performances.
  14. dude the winter is swim season. l2varsitysports
  15. Yo, come find me this year. I want in on that mess.
  16. I'm there like swimwear. You all get to look forward to me melting your faces and hearts with my silky sweet voice.
  17. man, if this isn't ths biggest bandwagon circlejerk public sacrifice of a forum member I've seen all month
  18. Haha, s'cool. I understand, and sorry for assuming you were stereotyping. As someone who used to write off rap that way, though, it's just a pet peeve of mine when people write it off similarly.
  19. ionno, it seems like you're judging the beatles from a song that is not at all indicative of their discography.
  20. way to take a song that defined and set the standard for 60s bubblegum pop before the term bubblegum pop even existed and call it 60s bubblegum pop. well done.
  21. Also, a band you all should get into- My Dear Disco. I think anyone who likes OCR's eclectic style owes it to themselves to check out this indietronic awesomeness.
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