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  1. I dislike the arrangement. You changed a lot of the chords, especially the progression in the 9 measures before the loop of the original song, which was my favorite part of the original by far. I also didn't like how you constantly volslided (volslid?) the melody in and out. That being said you got some wicked beats there.
  2. I did not know that. Organ Sample And I'm not developing this lol, there are dozens of mountain king mixes out there, I'm just doin this to learn FL, and took the sample off of my keyboard.
  3. Cool. I've now run into an interesting problem. Only some of the notes are holding full value. Take a look at the organ line. Notes in the treble hand in measure 2 and 4, and the entire bass hand except the last note aren't holding full value and I can't figure out why. Fruity Loops file How it should sound
  4. Is there a way to make the notes "snap" in piano roll? I'm getting the feeling that when I drag a note into its place it's the tiniest bit off. Also, is there an easy way to do triplets? I've basically just eyeballed it and click/drag to where it "sounds about right" but "about right" doesn't cut it. Also, when I import samples I've used before in trackers, it is only picking up the sustain loop points instead of all loop points, leading to a lot of samples not sounding right which sounded fine in trackers. Another easy one: When I import a MIDI, can I set each channel to use a sample from my HD instead of sending its signals to my midi controller?
  5. Very nice. I'm digging those organ licks. The guitar sound you've got during the Veldt theme and the the brass during Kefka sounds overly synthy, but still fits the mood. I agree that you could have done something cool with the Kefka theme second time around, like keeping the Veldt drums the whole way through and adding some other "Veldtness" to it at the end, to make it A B A+B instead of A B A. THe ending was also abrupt. This is going to my playlist.
  6. It's not my style, but I'm digging this mix. It's quite hardcore. I don't hear any clipping, and that one place where it faded out and came back made me blink, nice surprise there. Yeah, it's dirty and weird, but that's what The Veldt is all about. Nice job Beatdrop. EDIT: I take back the first sentence of my last post. This is DEFINITELY my style. Awesome mix Beatdrop.
  7. I can mirror 45MB worth of space if needed.
  8. "ZOLTAN!!!" Excellent mix. I had always thought the intro theme from M3 would sound awesome played by a small jazz ensemble. I'm saving this one to my playlist =)
  9. This is incredible. I really liked the Kingdom Trial and this piece kicks it up to a whole new level. This is my fav remix currently
  10. Eh mini?! I've got a mixed opinion about this one. I really liked Still More Fighting - it was one of my fav vg songs - but one of the reasons was that I really liked it's use of 6/8 time ... And I don't really like it in 4/4, though the supercool arpeggios are still there and you've captured the mood pretty well.
  11. I never imagined the prelude could give way to this! Good job.
  12. I liked the intro, and how it kicked back in at 2:10. I also liked your drum samples I also liked the way you used the strings around 3:00. What kind of message are you trying to send with this mix?
  13. Argh, you took out (or couldn't sequence/play?) the super cool descending arpeggios the original had :18 and :54 ... It's a cool song, but I don't think you did it justice. On top of all that, the guitar sounds badly out of tune.
  14. I loved this song from the original - it's really quality, and this mix does it well. The introduction samples seem obviously fake, but the guitar work is EXCELLENT, in and out of the solo. Is it real, or sampled? It's actually hard to tell at times, which really adds quality. It's very good that you stuck to the original chord progression. I HATE it when mixiers screw it up, but this mix does not disappoint the theorist! I liked the ABA form how you started and ended nice and soft, though the ending was very abrupt. It's an excellent mix. This is going into my playlist.
  15. It's a loud mp3 compared to most. The title is the same as in game but I liked the original as one of DKC's better tunes. I like the percussion instrumentation; it's very Donkey Kong. The beat seems a bit too looped, though. I would have added some fills. The melody sounds a LOT like the original, not too much was changed there. I like how you did the section at 2:00 though the background sustained countermelody could come out a little more, as it's getting covered with the drums. I really liked the panning at 2:45. The originally composed section at 3:30 fits well, but is a little too mechanical and looped, even for a "factory" tune. You could have really done more with the climaxes at 4:10 4:30 and 4:40, like a pianoforte then a crescendo and a crash cymbal. The ending is kinda sudden and caught me by surprise. It's a decent mix.
  16. I didn't like the original DKC song this was based on, but it's a good mix. I liked the arpeggios at 1:45. Overall it's nice and smooth .. What is that weird background sound panning at 2:20? Very realistic strings in the forground around 3:00 but the background strings sound fake and squeal a little. I likes the melody around 3:20 but the bass is overpowering the treble a little too much. I like how you subtlely worked a couple samples from the original. It's a well done inside reference. It's a decent mix.
  17. This is a well-done mix of Hyrule Castle, a song I really liked from back in the day .. The instrumtation is excellent, combining orchestra and techno, but not clashing styles at all. I didn't like how it faded back to just the rythm section around 3:00 and didn't really come back until 4:15. Is that a Casio Keyboard preset beat at 5:00? LOL, That's great, didn't see that coming! I really would have liked the brief Shakuhachi melody from the original to be included here with a similarly unique instrument instead of having that melody in saw waves and synth strings, that part really gave Hyrule Castle character. I really didn't like the fade-out, either. If the style would stick to 1:45 to 3:00 and 4:15 onward, this would be in my primary playlist. Good work.
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