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  1. As much as I hate doing this in real life, It be sweet if people could post information about them, so we have an Idea on what youd like. So for me. Im a college student. I like Starcraft (I have the HOTS preorder) I got a decent computer. I enjoy Outdoor type things. (guns knives lights.. etc) Im 6'2" with a decent build bout 180lbs. I am also getting in to the Deadpool comics as well as comics in general. I enjoy using my GoPro for messin around. ... Something like that. Last year my guy did not make a list and I was hesitant to order something that would not fit him/her.
  2. Hey anyone still play FF11? im going to start again.. (not like i Have a ton of time) But. I hear the Playonline music, and couldnt help it..
  3. I really like a lot of Hexage's games. Radiant is a really good old school style overhead shump, the visuals, music, and game play are all top notch. Radiant defense is a TD game set in the same galaxy and is pretty good, hard, as far as TD goes and EVAC, is pac-man but good. and with a story, and good music, and well its what pac-man might of been if it were made in the 90s
  4. This is so Awesome.. I tried FF14 but it missed the feel ff11 had.. This brings back so many memories, I will be downloading this day one. That Bastok theme made me proud to be one of them.
  5. I love the nostalgic feeling I get from the menu music from DDR, it takes me back.. also FF9
  6. Nice pictures and a pretty decent collection too.
  7. All of MGS4 was a major OD of nostalgia especially Shadow Moses. I got a bit teary eyed, and getting to pilot Metal Gear Rex. Awesome
  8. link please? I tried to you tube but only got some interview
  9. I was hopping that you posting to say he had new stuff out..
  10. Between Bandcamp and iTunes which supports you more.. I dont care which one I buy it from so I figured If one gets you more money or whatever ill get it from there. Just wondering. and does it profit you less if I get a physical copy?
  11. When it comes up I usually tell them about SSF2THDR, how the music is free and that there are people in the community who are getting public attention (outside of the internet) for their own work. And its Awesome.
  12. Awesome.. I wonder if the dancers were in control of their suits, when they were illuminated, or if it was remote. That was pretty sweet. Some good tracks too.
  13. Ipod, its UI is pretty good over all, I just have a few issues with it ( cant delete songs on the go.) But other than that 120gb is more than enough and Ive had mine for a long time, and It was used.
  14. So Ive gone through all my favorite tracks from the First three games, and now am working though a complete play thought of the album. But man this album is a testament to how hard OCR rocks.. One of the stand out new mixers to me is Dominic Ninmark I saw his name and didn't recognize it.. Sure enough this looks to be his first posted stuff.. Keep it up OCR.. Also Im seeding when I can .
  15. Im giving it a listen right now.. I always love your album art too..
  16. Without a game pad this game is rather difficult to play.
  17. linkspast

    On-Disc DLC

    Id be all for content like that if the game was cheaper at launch. say $50 rather than 60. If I dont get 2 items or what ever just so I can save 10 bucks Ill do it. Maybe I only have 50 I can spend on games right now and ill get the other chunk later.
  18. I like how he is impressed by the music and makes no notion of if its video game music or not. Its just music.
  19. which is pretty close to jamestown.. Kinda.. a bit.
  20. Just wondering what kind of a release are you looking for? I mean Are we going to see this just on Steam ( not that this would be bad) or is going to beable to get on PS3/xbox/ios? Id love to play this on my PS3.
  21. Games like this make me miss arcades. Looking good.
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