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  1. wait.. So they were not making money from selling CD`s because they being stolen.. So they stopped playing live so they could not make money from that? I dont get it.
  2. do we need a 4th console ?
  3. Well I just went though the DKC2 album.
  4. Guess I dont know how to play the game..
  5. yeah, as long as the difficulty cure is not that of an asymptote... the gamecube version was easy, then got near impossible all the sudden.
  6. Wow I really like this. esp. from 3.25 to the finish. I must of just ran it 4 or 5 times over. Thanks for this
  7. linkspast

    Portal 2

    ... this was me about 2 hours ago, I just finished portal.
  8. man I love those trailers, I really hope you can play online cross game, as in TxSF can play SFxT
  9. Sonic looks way better when he uses his arms during his run animation.
  10. Thanks for serving I hope you never get tired of hearing that.
  11. eh, there are going to be more people pissed off than people who are happy. Not going to happen. There are way more gamers who play CoD than politicians.
  12. a google search brings this thread to the top 2.
  13. yes, Happy birthday to the both of you. Looking forward to whatever you put out this next year.
  14. sweet, I really like the 1st version you did. I actually still listen to it. but this could replace it. Sounds a lot better, even with youtube compression. please get this posted.
  15. DDR is way better. also maybe this will make the games cheaper so I can afford them.
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